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  1. If we got a really decent first round pick for him,, & it frees up enough cash to get Coniglio as a FA then 100% yes I would trade Trac.
  2. dang it... I do too. I was meant to have Hore in
  3. FB. Wagner. Tmac. Hibberd HB. Salem. Frost. Hunt C. Stretch. Jones. Harmes. HF. Melk. Weid. Fritta FF. Trac. Pruess. Garlett Fol. Gawn. Oliver. Brayshaw Int. Viney. C Wagner. Lockhart hibberd
  4. So I ended up re watching the game .. I just don't understand why we continue to play the same [censored] game plan with no plan B and expect different results. Goodwin has been found out, yet refuses to try anything new. It's embarrassing to see us week in week out get outcoached out run and those forward entries are about as good as you will see in the under 12s. The season is done now IMO... It's just so sad what has happened to this team in 8 months... Goodwins presser was also beyond embarrassing. Literally said the same thing week in week out there hasn't been any changes. Viney saying we will need to look ahead is the same throw away comment which has been made by a senior player at the end of a [censored] performance. Why is no one getting mad? Show some [censored] care and passion. It'll be a wasted year.
  5. At a family Easter party... Just looked at the scores... Don't think I'll be watching the replay
  6. Team is slowly getting stronger...
  7. Well known we have been keen on getting him over for a few years.... Would be a great addition.
  8. Correct... unless he gets a Tom Boyd like deal then best wishes to the guy.
  9. GCDee


    This really depends on contract term, cost of trade (likely not much due to salary cap dump) and how much he takes in terms of salary cap & if this will effect retaining current players. I cannot see these all aligning so I doubt it will be worth it....
  10. Was about to post this.... I was going to head down and watch this game glad I decided against it, really poor skill level from both sides
  11. To be fair, I have been on the Pruess band wagon since RD 1...
  12. haha this is great... I was just about to head there myself, saved me the trouble.
  13. OMac has concussion... so I’d say he misses a week. Is May back next week??
  14. So I broke my phone when I saw Oscar got out marked by Reid in the 2nd quarter... Missed the rest of the game, I take it the game when in an upwards trajectory from the point of me breaking my phone...
  15. Sydney's highest score in 12 games is 93... we give up 34 [censored] points in a quarter. Hore and Fritta only two defenders that can hold their head high
  16. We got ANB out this week... mission drop Oscar begins now
  17. Dear Goody.. Pruessy is god. Never leave him out again
  18. My man pruessy love it!!
  19. Look I truly do commend you, I should have learnt my lesson I walked out on the Dees V Dogs game in 05 when White won us the game... Sadly I do turn the games off now I think part of me believes me watching is the problem and if I turn it off a miracle might happen....
  20. Hahaha. It's not like we are playing against one of the generations greatest ever Forwards tonight...
  21. HORE FROST WAGNER HIBBERD OMAC SALEM Oh dear.... this is concerning.
  22. With 666 it is imperative to be able to compete in the air and in the clearance, both of which Pruess will help us out with. Playing two rucks (& having the best tap ruck men in the league) we will win 70-80% of the taps which goes a long way to getting more clearances than your opponent. If our resting big man, plus Weid plus Tmac compete in the air (not all at once for the love of god) we wont get rebounded as easily Ala the Geelong game. I actually think the inclusion of Pruess will help out Weid and Tmac and allow them to play their natural games. Hunt seems to be working as a forward thus far and I have really liked the intensity and goal sense of the new boys in Lockhart and C Wagner. I am quite excited to see how this set up will go for us tonight. & as I said in a previous post I think Weid will play a blinder tonight, he can focus on his forward craft, jump at the ball, crash packs and do other Weid (v Geelong elimination final) things. I am actually shocked we didn't run with this combo in round 1, dare I say this might have changed that result... Best of luck big fella! Play your role and it will go a huge way in getting us the points.
  23. Watch Buddy & Reid kick 10 between them and Kennedy get 35.
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