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  1. No no no.... They had 4 number 1 picks run out tonight! They have 9 first round picks playing tonight (if you include Martin) Most of those picks are top 10 as well....
  2. Surely these [censored] bags lose the opening game of the season? Every year I stop watching at quarter time because it just feels like an AFL team beating up on a VFL team in the preseason.
  3. Lol crazy question. A win with an asterix [censored] all over adding another year to our drought.
  4. Yes lets cancel the first two rounds so we can split the points against WCE & GWS. I think beginning the season round 3 against the dockers at the G sounds fantastic. In all seriousness everyone's health should be the number one concern and if that means we miss games or cannot attend then so be it.
  5. Yep pretty good showing in the marsh cup looking forward to round 1!
  6. Honestly I just can't wait for AVB to run through and flatten a pack of Collingwood filth for HB to pounce on the loose ball and slot one from 50 out on the boundary in front of the members on queen's birthday.
  7. Completely random... I was playing a game of blackout tonight (online PS4 game) and I was put into a random lobby with Jay Lockhart on my team. Really nice guy, super excited for the year ahead and was vocal about how pumped he was about Maxy being captain.
  8. Seriously even at a scratch match???
  9. Great news!!! Awesome work tracc
  10. Wow that one was by far the best of the lot....
  11. If true really interested to see how Viney reacts and how much he applies himself I hope he finds the hunger for the man and contest he had 3 season ago.
  12. Favourite line... *Richo looking at a picture of Bennell in a Dee's jumper* "Geeze he looks good doesn't he"
  13. Has to be Kozzie fills the biggest need we have come round 1
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