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  1. Has to be Kozzie fills the biggest need we have come round 1
  2. for a guy who couldn't run for 6 months he looks fit...
  3. I just can't see how the afl can sign off on that trade. Really do need a please explain
  4. Can someone explain that Geelong-GC trade??!?!?! Does GC have so many first rounders they literally don't give a [censored] what they do with them knowing the gifts will just keep on coming in?!
  5. Hmmm a team with an absolute abundance of inside midfielders and utilities should have selected another inside midfielder and a utility who is out for 12 months? That makes perfect sense.
  6. He is literally the type of player we as supporters have been calling out for and now the pick we use is too high? Build a bridge, and go support another team if everything is going to be negative. Welcome Kozzie I dare say you will be a fan favourite very quickly and shut up some of these key board warriors pretty quickly.
  7. oh really, that's a strange rule... Each to their own then.
  8. I have no idea why Freo didn't come to us with picks 7 & 8 for 3 & 28... Yes we win the trade in terms of points equivalent to pick 50 however they get the keep their man in WA & build a replacement for Sandliands. We could then pick up three of.... Serong, Young, Kemp, Pickett, Ash, Flanders, Weightmen or Stephens.
  9. We clearly want him... He clearly won't be there at pick 28. Sometimes you just need to over pay to get what you want. I'm glad we aren't going for the same old vanilla footballers we have had for the past decade. Let's take a risk and let's hope it pays off... Jackson as well he could be amazing, so much raw potential there and will be hitting his prime as Maxy is hanging up the boots with his 3 flags, norm Smith & a Brownlow
  10. We cannot trade that pick as we dont have a first round next year
  11. Agreed. I really hope we don't split 10 again, I doubt we will be in a position to get 2 top picks in for quite some time this draft could really set us up of for a real flag tilt. Could Pickett slide to 28 or is that way to optimistic?
  12. Yep Stephens looks twice the player.
  13. Its actually Carlton's 4th...
  14. I'm not keen on this pick for a few reasons... 1. I think we have greater needs than recruiting another project ruckmen with a top 5 pick 2. We just got rid of Jesse and this go home [censored], brace yourself for years to come of this if the kid shows promise... However saying the guy isn't a talent is just plain stupid. You can see in the package he has the ability to tap, follow up, rove and also has a burst of speed to get past opposing mids. It also looks like he can use both sides of the body. No other players of that size have that ability bar Grundy. I am a bit concerned there was no highlights of him clunking a mark or two in the forward 50 and slotting some set shots though... Time will tell and we will see what will happen, I would have been happy with Young at 3 and Jackson at 8 however we might get lucky to get Young at 8.
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