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  1. ahhh I see... So we could trade Pick 3 for a player + pick 18 and take that to the draft?
  2. Forgive me if I am wrong... But I don't believe we are allowed to under the AFL's rules due to the fact we haven't drafted in the first round since 2015.
  3. I got my brother coming up from Melbourne today so I'm not watching but I like going to the sports bar at the Southport sharks. I hear the new sports bar at the star is pretty decent too.
  4. Short memory... Viney at is best is an absolute beast of a midfielder.... He is one of our captains, who 25, had an injury plagued 2-3 years and was performing at an elite level in last years finals series only 12 games ago... Get his body right, with some continuity in training and playing and we will see him lift very quickly back to the player we know he can be.
  5. Would fit in well with the rehab group
  6. how on earth are we $21 to make the 8?! should be $501
  7. I think 12 wins will have you a game clear in the 8 this year with 8th spot being on 11 wins. Due to our % we will need to be on 12 wins minimum which means 9 out of the last 10. Won't happen unfortunately
  8. thats when you know you've made it 😎
  9. I have been really impressed with all debutants at AFL level bar Keilty... However Keilty has seemed to play some really impressive footy at VFL level so he would defiantly be worth persisting with.... Can't judge a key position player on what he could provide in 3 games at AFL level. Assuming he is ticking all the boxes internally then I'd say he sticks around on a 1 year deal.
  10. Not setting the world on fire.... Rarely in the best however rarely goes a game without kicking a goal.
  11. I have never been more relieved to have a bye this week.... Don't really care who comes out, looks like Viney and Tmac are not fit... But I think we need to get some games into KK & Pruess both of which could fill a need. I would give the wing roles to KK & Baker for the year and see what they can do in the last 10 games. Give Pruess & Max 10 games to work on playing together, see if we can make it work. Keep May & Lever in to build chemistry. Let Jetta, Melksham, Smith, VDB recover for the rest of the year and get them right for day 1 of the pre season. IF Garlett and Lewis are not in the plans for 2020 then thank them for their services and not play them again. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more games into Petty & Keilty. Persist with Spargo because he CAN be creative he is just completely devoid of confidence... Play Jones as a half forward and keep him there. I still think we will likly win another 4 games minimum for the year and probably net us pick 3-5.... Lets prey we nail that pick, GET CONIGLIO and start pre-season the fittest team in the comp.
  12. agreed... we seem to be bombing the ball on his head, he is not the big strong pack mark... he is either not working hard enough to find space, doesn't have confidence in his mids to deliver the ball to him, or his fellow forwards arent helping out with blocks for him to find room. Tmac is a great forward, just needs to be used properly.
  13. It's so sad what has happened to our forward structures.... Clearly we are 6 months behind the rest of the comp when it comes to how to set up and move the ball with the new rules.
  14. Take 10 best 22 players out of any team and they will "fall apart" how much was BT banging on about how the tigers had 7 players out tonight. Geelong has been kissed on the [censored] in terms of injury so far and have met most top teams at their weakest. I actually think our last 6 weeks have been good (bar the GWS game) we have lacked composure and class to finish off games but that will happen given or lack of team cohesion and inexperience we have been forced to field.
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