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  1. Think the emotion more about the return to Moorabbin. As a baysider I remember spending a couple of great nights at the social club there as a youngster. Was rocking! Not sure anyone actually went to moorabbin for the actual footy.
  2. Really enjoyed watching last night. Dees girls hard at it and skills superior in slippery conditions. looking good this year
  3. That is highly offensive ...... to dead cats chook.
  4. A few answers to questions of my training post. - No draftees sadly. I also didn’t see KK out there come to think of it. - Bedford has some good pace, got involved, disposal a bit ‘loopy’ with handballs I thought at times. Reckon he is playing more like he belongs this year. With Pickett coming to the club I reckon he will fight hard to earn a round 1 small forward spot. - chandler and Jordan to be honest I didn’t notice much in the match sim (and they are not as recognisable to me as I have barely seen them play before) but i was distracted at times with work calls/emails so that could explain it (how dare work gets in the way of my maiden training report I know!). - oh yes tommy Mac looks back on town as well. Moving extremely well and marking everything in sight up front. If he can stay fit will bounce back this year. - and finally there was a drone over the players. I’m assuming it was the Melbourne technician and not an opposition spy
  5. Ok, so I went for a look. I can rarely make training (maybe twice a Year) so not sure how much value my observations are. Some quick observations: - seemed to be far more fluent in moving the ball from end to end than I observed last year. They had an end-to-end match simulation with two sides. I didn’t see much of this contested type work previously. While they were not bringing blokes to ground they were hard at it - a few shoves/niggles here and there/good to see. Footies our all the time, no running sessions like I had seen previously. - most blokes in full training. A couple (weid, bradtke) participated in all bar match sim. VDB, petty restricted duties. Tomlinson there but didn’t see him do anything. Sorry might be others on limited duties that I’ve forgotten. - they do look in very good nick I must say. Petracca noticeably leaner, weideman bigger. - the usuals suspects oliver, Jones, Harmes, Brayshaw in everything. May and lever combining well in passages (would not want to be a forward with may on me - powerful, quick and aggressive). Fritsch sublime conversion up front. To all the Oscar critics, he might surprise this year, looked more composed with ball in hand. - some younger guys that I had not seen much before, looked pretty good. Sparrow as hard as, doesn’t care who it is - still needs a bit of polish with his disposal but looks to be improving. - probably the downsides I noticed were Langdon turning it over twice in a row. Down on himself and he then got involved in some better passages. Lockhart also a couple of turnovers but willing. Ask me if you want any comments on specific players.
  6. I'm sorry but how did Tom mac not get a free kick then. I am at game and could not believe it. Collingwood ferals were laughing at just how bad it was!
  7. Both my kids at the g were lucky enough to get the Koori tshirts at the g yesterday. One from Jeff Garlett (signed by Jeff and nev Jetta) and the other from jake melksham. Some older kid in a north Melb jumper tried to snatch it off my daughter and jake said no chance and made sure she got it. anyway they look fantastic and I'm also going to get one!
  8. Not sure if serious. Drop Hunt? Come on man.....you're better than that.
  9. Tommy a rare beast in that his set shots more accurate than field kicks. most players the other way around. i would play forward for the same reason as jack watts. They won't need a large number of kicks to be effective goal kickers...
  10. Agree. I know I will get shot down in demonland for this but I would add pedo to the list. Don't think he is in the game enough at the moment. Those five to be replaced by Viney, jones, watts, Salem and Tyson pre September. im comfortable with this.
  11. Kent was awful today and don't need pedo next week. Out: Kent, pedo in: watts & Tyson. ps has Damien Barrett seen Tyson play yet by the way?
  12. Jetta what? Did you watch the game joeboy? Jetta - saved our bacon
  13. Yep. Not all but a number like to feel sorry and patronise us when we are losing. They sure don't like it now we are winning and unwilling to take a backward step these days!!
  14. Yep, reckon he will indeed prove you wrong.
  15. Vickery really is a spud of the highest order. I actually didn't realise just how ordinary a player he is.
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