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  1. Thanks Saty greatly appreciated, what is hampering the Weid?
  2. 6 - Oliver 5 - Salem 4 - Frost 3 - Jones 2 - TMac 1 - Hore
  3. That is a great win at Windy Hill, Thanks KC and D_J. Go Casey - Look forward to the EOG Wrap - Thanks.
  4. Wasn't it PM Gillard who threw $27M at the Bulldogs to tidy up the western Oval???????
  5. We are on our way to redeeming our Status in the football world, we just need some luck with injuries and getting our best team out on the park. Go Dee's...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Damn - Come on Casey............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS( drunken167 was that you in the middle of the Dee's players singing the song.........!!!!!, Dec was good on debut)
  7. 6- Harmes 5 - Max 4 - Salem 3 - Clarry 2 - Frost 1 - Lockhart
  8. We are going today so looking forward to Dec debuting for the Dee’s, we hope he has a good one drunken167 Go Dee’s...........!!!!!!!!
  9. Sounds like they had a red hot go, bad luck Casey. Thanks as always, KC & DJ, get well drunken167.
  10. Thanks DJ and KC - Come on Casey keep up the pressure................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks KC that is a great start.
  12. Thanks LG, after losing Hogan, Tyson, Kent & Bernie for no real gain to this point in the season has really effected our structures in a bad way, getting rid of one of the four Amigo's could possibly start a move away from our club and lower the morale of the playing group as much as this thread is likely to do.
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