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  1. Thanks for those great photo's Demonland, the boys look fit and happy and what a great presence Jake Lever has, how lucky are we that we were able to lure him to our club, I cannot wait for the real stuff to start. Go Dee's...!!!
  2. What a Game what an absolute Star. 😀😎!!!!!!!!
  3. Once again love them both but Neita has to be in our all time top 10...!!!!!
  4. I loved them both but Todd is one of our all time greats.........!!
  5. I would have liked that interview to go for another 10 minutes or so, to short by far.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I loved both these players, both Stars in their own right......................!!
  7. Loved them both but Stinga by a nose for mine................!!!!!!!!! Hardest so far.
  8. They all played their guts out in the second half, I enjoyed that game at the time and I really enjoyed every second of that second half this time around..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Very impressed with Angus 5 minutes on Onions, very dry and what a great BBQ set up he has, very jealous. !!!!!
  10. I cannot ever remember MFC having Zero injuries, can that be right or mind games. 😳😳
  11. That was fair dinkum unbelievable - I loved every second of it, well done MFC, it made me feel emotional......!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Great game report but it is Angus not Andrew??
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