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  1. strange player.. not too much said about him really. considering he's been thought to go top ten all year, not many talk him up.
  2. and who might the next 'brodie grundy' be? look, i don't think there is a small forward worth taking really.. at least in the first round. so, we would be better off going young at 3 and dylan stephens at 8 (if avail.). not jackson.
  3. if there was a jack higgins type, i'd take him for pick 8.. a kid with passion, speed and dare would be awesome
  4. manic. love it. we might still end up with him just cos we need a small forward in his mould so desperately (whether thats with 8, or 8 split into a few other picks)
  5. a bit like that man-child, kieran collins, that the dogs drafted in 2014/5? i think they delisted him this year.. he looked like an adult against kids in his highlights packages.. but just couldn't cut it in the afl.
  6. i like young at 3, and kemp, stephens or weightman at 8. although young seems a bit vanilla, he’s class. hard to ignore. kemp and stephens highlights look salivating. for some reason i feel like weightman would be a good fit.. driven, aggressive and quick between the ears.
  7. needs more bastard in him. just not a scrapper. like, for instance, jetta is.....and dare i say it, frost.
  8. i'd just like to remind everyone that although we have traded away our picks for next year... we will also be most probably trading out players that no longer fit into our structure moving forward (whether that be a petracca, brayshaw, hunt, salem, etc..). we will find picks next year, don't worry.
  9. ugh! i thought this was all confirmed prior to the trade period. so freaking confusing. ok whatever. what a messed up system. just keep it simple afl! way to alienate the fans.. surely the rule is to reduce the examples of clubs not having an up and coming players (like us currently), by insisting that clubs must utilise first round picks.. 2015 was a lifetime ago!
  10. for anyone saying pick 3 for king... we need to use a first rounder this year. gahhhh
  11. about time for a poll isn't it mods? to split, or not to split....that is the question.
  12. so if the structure is set, does that mean that we already have our 'assistant' to goodwin? or, that they have decided on the structure and that there still might be new staff? confusing language..
  13. this is the jamie elliott thread yeah?
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