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  1. hey guys, any idea on what time training might actually start tomorrow morning at gosch's? planning on heading down to checkout the new draftees. cheers in advance!
  2. awkward face in that interview... can't say he looks stoked to be a dee. really hope that they've done the right thing here!
  3. i wonder if that means that the hawks have locked in that we are taking Pickett. and if we did trade 10 and 28 for a few picks in the teens that they'd take Pickett over Taylor..?
  4. take him at 2 in the rookie draft like snoop doggy dog suggested in his phantom long beach draft forecast..
  5. if that could get us trent bianco, jeremy sharp that would be worthwhile..
  6. oh jesse..... mate. just come back to the dees and play the link role. i''ll even go surfing with ya and you can have my old skateboard. carn
  7. I just can't see the club going for Jackson. I predict they'll bid for Tom Green, GWS will match and then we will go for Young. 10 - Pickett 28 - A medium-sized mid, with speed, like Hugh Ralphsmith If they do the above, I will be happy. I don't believe Jason Taylor would've been honest and upfront with the Road to the Draft guys and really doubt our interest in Jackson..
  8. his awareness and thinking ahead of where the ball is gonna drop is really good in this footage.. we can surely work on his natural gifts to get him more involved in games. pickett def seems to have traits that weightman/serong can only dream of.
  9. ok. all aboard. i'm keen. but please don't waste 3 on jackson! anyone else, its just DUMB. happy to take picket at 10, but prefer it if we could possible get another pick under 20 as well.. hopefully there's secret deals going on behind the scenes and the recruitment staff are smarter than they have been the past few years. don't waste assets/picks.
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