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  1. if we picked up these guys and a top 5 pick without losing anyone of substance, i'd be reasonably happy. potentially 3 runners (at least two, three if nakia gets fit) and a top level kid who'll hopefully be almost ready to go. get rid of some more dead wood and pick up a sam day/cheap forward for depth and we could build again.
  2. i reckon we might be better off trading for talls.. bit harder to confirm their ability based on previous drafts. i like the idea of picking up a small fwd with our second pick though.. there’ll be a few about them by the looks.
  3. which hole to plug first for the dees... looks like we're gonna end up with pick 3 now,maybe even 2 if blues can swing an upset? against the saints..
  4. i wonder where he’ll play and what position? take baker’s spot i guess?
  5. i should’ve been more specific.. i wonder if we’ll go best available or for need.. cos i’m not sure a halfback is need atm. but if he and young can play mid too 👌
  6. wonder what the likelihood of us drafting him would be..should we end up with a pick between 3-6/7?.. he could replace salem and christian could move up the ground to supply the forwards?
  7. + players with foot skills
  8. not sure where a ready made forward that’s gettable will come from.. not many about atm. and where would that leave t-mac & weid? still rather a skilful top tier mid.
  9. is it just me or does his voice sound a bit shaky/nervous at times?
  10. there was never hype
  11. not a fan of oscar in any way, but that's a ridiculous comment
  12. this is all way too depressing.. might just check out until draft time. now our culture is being put into question?.. jeezus.
  13. i feel the need...the need for speed/mitch o'neill.
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