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  1. I'd like to play again! RedBlueandTrue / BlueLightning Thank you so much!!
  2. Really? with all the insta stories from the club and the players I honestly feel like I was there with them lol
  3. Paying extra cash is what non-destination clubs do to be competitive with destination clubs
  4. I know the situations are a bit different with the personal struggles Jesse has had to go through, but far out Tex Walker should be taking notes on how Jonesy handled that question.
  5. Source? Agree he would be a great pick up but have yet to hear about us being involved to any meaningful degree. Hawks, Carlton and to a lesser extent Saints and Essendon is the read I’ve gotten so far.
  6. Our defence has been fierce, the pressure has been good, not at the level of last week but we can get there. We need mids to go up a gear like a few 3rd quarter responses we’ve had this year.
  7. Tbf I thought this was an absolute joke of a deal at the time haha, was driving me insane listening to the ‘experts’ saying “yeah that seems about right doesn’t it” when he was such a sure thing. I suppose it’s also how much you trust your recruiters - we know what Taylor can do with a pick 4 (although I suppose everyone trusts in the moment). Maybe our pre-Taylor drafting glory years have affected my opinion slightly but I just feel a proven top 5 list player is always better than going to the lottery - I’d trade Neale in for pick 1 (would be doing everything I could if I was Carlton to get a player of similar quality to Neale for their selection).
  8. Wow some people place so much value on picks - If I was Brissy i’d do this in a heartbeat! Pick 4 could easily be a busy and he’s a ready made A-grader (perhaps not A+). He’ll be an older head they will need when they are ready to challenge.
  9. not to mention his first two years he didn't necessarily have 2-3 defenders going up with him to every contest! They know they have to put their best on him now.
  10. This is only if our + gold coast's losing margin is less than ~50, very unlikely you would think given geelong and gc's form lines
  11. FB Lewis, Omac, Nev HB Hunt, Jakey, Hib C Jones, Clarry, Trac HF ANB, Hoges, Iceman FF Jeffy, Tmac, Créme F F Gawn, Vines, Tyson int. Hannan, Kent, Gus, Stretch (with confidence, fingers crossed)
  12. Classic Jetta, criminally overrated by those outside of the dees!!
  13. Cheers DV. Ill be back again, was Blue Lightning last year, Bluelighting (without the n, i liked the idea of a blue lamp) this time round.
  14. yessss we get to be the first to crush dangerwoodblett
  15. While on the face I can see how it could appear to be overs, i'm very happy with this deal. Living by the philosophy Goody talked about in his bnf speech - this is us loosing sight of the shore.
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