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  1. Why ? Why should Jed be allowed to pick which club he goes to after 10 games of senior footy ? If you're going to act all uppity and condescending, at least give me a reason why ? [censored] off Demonland. You're a group a socially deformed jerks.
  2. Like I said, do you think the other 12 clubs won't sit down with Hawthorn this week during the routine discussions and enquire about Anderson ?? What none of us know is where a player of Anderson's ilk would fit into the salary cap. Or what he's worth on the free market. Don't forget we've had to pay way overs to reach the 92.5% minimum. There's VFL-standard scrubbers earning a tidy salary on our list. Media speculation equivalent of throwing mud on a wall and seeing what sticks. Be the smarter man, yeah ??
  3. Also, I bet 17 clubs will sit down with Hawthorn during the daily routine roundtable discussions this week and "show interest" in Anderson. The real question has no answer - if an agreeable trade can be done for both parties.
  4. He should take whichever damn club will give him 22 games a year provided he works his butt off. Otherwise he's another spoiled, entitled GenY brat, and I don't want him.
  5. A fringe player from the Hawthorn system looking for more game time pricks my ears but I think we have enough on our plate for now.
  6. You're also acting a bit irrational. We don't want every player that's on the market. We have holes to fill, and we have a tight budget that must be managed. We also happen to have potentially the best player in the league for the next decade we're trying to lock down on a long-term contract.
  7. Voice of reason. We run a watertight ship. Saints clearly have too many overzealous people high up. Doesn't mean we're on the attack here. Does mean we could be elsewhere.
  8. Trap Dawes. The article writes itself. Because there's no way out for either player or club. He should take up photography lessons next year from my man Mitch.
  9. Roos talked about the new interchange cap bringing shut-down players back to prominence again on 360 last night. It's no surprise we're heavily linked to this guy. Put Hannebery and Boak to the sword late in the season. Hardly inspiring but at least we're nibbling away.
  10. Col didn't want to change. In the end he was a lazy footballer at Melbourne and Freo saw right through him. At least with Harley he's continued to play constant elite footy despite off-field grievances - just look at his Brownlow votes - so you could say he mixes work with pleasure but still shows up.
  11. Agree - very strange, and looks bad they didn't have the team captain in sight. Richmond are going nowhere, fast. Just so wishy-washy.
  12. Wait, what ? I couldn't care less about dominating. How about he gets a regular game first ? As for the second point, we beat that deeper midfield during the year, so I'm not really wowed by it. Melksham looks pretty good against this guy.
  13. Which side of the argument are you on again ? A decent VFL player - great, can't wait. In all seriousness I'm not against picking this kid up but hopefully he comes in the form of a free agent on cheap coin. Or BA simply got his Kennedys mixed up.
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