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  1. Just after hearing the SEN interview as well, it’s actually more of a case of the coaches tinkering too much with the game plan (trying to add “fancy layers to it”) and not actually focusing on the core/foundations of the game plan. This resulted in something that now looks nothing like a clearly recognisable game plan or brand. Terry Wallace asked Goody “when did you have a feeling this was going to be a tough ship to turn around?” Goody said he had doubts as early as during the summer and then those doubts became real after round 3. Kane asked Goody if Max will be captain next year. Goody said the leadership will be reviewed over summer and they’ll make a decision. It also seemed to suggest he was happy with Jack and Nathan’s tenure, but it almost sounded like there was a finality to it. Goody also said Max is capable of being captain and said his leadership had grown “considerably”.
  2. Goody was on 3AW earlier and gave a very candid interview I thought. It’s very clear that he thinks him and the coaches really stuffed up the game plan over the off-season. Also hinted that the club did very little match simulation training (leading to poor fundamentals under pressure) and instead just focused on minor tweaks to last year’s game plan. https://www.3aw.com.au/simon-goodwin-not-hiding-away-from-horror-season/ If he doesn’t get it right over the off-season this time he’ll be gone early.
  3. 100% agree. Unlike some of the commentators on Fox, Dunstall often talks a lot of sense.
  4. Maybe my hypothesis is a bit simplistic, but is it just: - Goodwin had plan A in 2018 which obviously had a great effect and took the competition by storm. - Over the off season, teams worked out how to dismantle plan A and Goodwin and co didn’t further develop any plan B or add any layers to Plan A (perhaps just resting on their laurels.) and to change this during mid season it’s too difficult.
  5. I’m 33, which might be young to some supporters on this page, and started following us in 1996. This is without a doubt the worst season I’ve experienced. The disappointment after so much hype is just absolutely crushing. Something really stinks with this club. There’s something rotting and I really hope this internal review yields something.
  6. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a more impotent forward line. Really regretting the decision to come to the G tonight.
  7. Another plodder. Should look to trade at season’s end. Unfortunately for Jack, he wouldn’t be in the starting midfield for most clubs.
  8. @Supermercado - Stone Cold Jennings or actually something more to this?
  9. Nothing. I just want him to call for an external review so someone outside the club can point out the deficiencies with the FD.
  10. How could the club be happy when we still haven't won a premiership? Did Richmond have an external one at the end of 2016 or was it just internal?
  11. Why are we, as a club, so resistant to an external review? Is Pert worried about saving face? We're 17th on the ladder after the no.1 AFL statistics company ranked our list the best in the AFL. External reviews should be welcome as we clearly need some assistance.
  12. Let the clean out continue I say. Finishing 17th is a clear sign that wholesale changes are needed.
  13. I wonder if the reason Gawn wrote about it in the Herald Sun with the title "Goody made me do it" was that Gawn didn't actually agree with the move. In the article he talked about the sound reasoning, but it made me suspicious that Gawn stated that Goodwin said it had a positive influence in the second half of the match on QB and he should adopt it for all of Saturday's game. From my recollection, we got flogged after half time on QBD. Anyway. It just seems strange to bring attention to it and almost as an explanation/excuse as to why he played that way on Saturday I think Goody's experimenting with different tactics is admirable, but I feel it's just a scatter gun approach hoping that something hits. It's almost as if he's having a stab in the dark while all the other coaches have night vision goggles on.
  14. I have no doubt the Pies would have beaten us by >40pts if they had their full list on the park, but having said that, what they did have yesterday is still pretty formidable. We have no one near the class of Sidebottom, Pendlebury, Howe + a few others. They have a much more experienced side and even though this year has been a disaster, you still have to realise our list is just so young. Once you drop Jones and Lewis, the average age/games experience plummets.
  15. If we’re on page 300 by next year with this thread, the answer to the the title of this thread will be self-evident and a resounding “No”.
  16. I agree with most of this except for Lever. He’d be on double the money of Miocek, yet Miocek made him look like a VFL defender. If Lever doesn’t have an AA year next year, the early judgement will be that the Lever trade was a poor decision.
  17. If someone could invent a brain implant which makes you oblivious to footy until your team starts playing finals footy, I’d be the first to buy.
  18. It will be an indictment on this footy club if Jones or Viney are captain next year.
  19. Awesome is not the adjective I’d use.
  20. Another game of inept coaching. Showing no respect at all for Sidebottom. Goody is getting into Bolton territory
  21. Jake Lever should ask for a pay cut. Miocek is only on half his salary and giving him a bath.
  22. How to beat the Dees in 2019? 1. Put pressure on the Dees 2. Dees turn it over 3. You kick a goal Simples.
  23. We should actually trade Jack Viney. I have no idea what he offers us.
  24. This is actually hilarious. Not sure what sponsor/fan engagement PwC are looking for here. Perhaps insolvency cases for failed small businesses?
  25. I thought McCartney was quite pivotal under Roos and developed quite a few players. It was only when Goodwin took over that things started to turn sour. Perhaps this was because McCartney didn’t respect Goodwin’s tactics, and thought due to his lengthy experience, knew better hence leading to conflicts in the coaches box. Goodwin needs an experienced assistant coach who can be called upon by him when needed, but at the end of the day, someone who knows they’re still an assistant. We can’t have someone again who is stubborn and ungovernable. Malthouse would be the same as McCartney, Richardson might be the opposite.
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