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  1. I honestly think Jones finishing 3rd is a bit of an indictment on the rest of our young midfield group coming through. Tremendous effort by him though...
  2. Here I was thinking it’s been ages since we played the Eagles at the G. I actually think if we win this and go on to have a good season, it’ll be like lifting the curse that was placed upon us at this venue during a Saturday afternoon in September 2018.
  3. I expect the Saints will get the most Friday night games of the bottom 6. My tip is round 1 is an away game against Freo.
  4. Think he’ll be playing a lot at Casey next year. How he got to 14 games this year is still a bit surprising. Can’t recall a game this year that he was listed in the “best on”.
  5. The most baffling results since Terlich finished in the top 5.
  6. I was tempted to bet on Sportsbet option of J Viney to poll a single vote but didn’t have the confidence. My doubts were warranted I guess. No votes for Petracca either which was surprising.
  7. Angus Brayshaw: 2018 - 3rd in the Brownlow 2019 - 0 votes yet played all 22 games. Mirrors Melbourne in 2019
  8. Considering the players who have also received that honour, I’d doubt it. He led them very well through Phil Walsh’s death and was v.good for most of 2017. It was the club’s undoing with stupid camps that caused their undoing and Tex has been a scapegoat. Melbourne hasn’t had a natural leader since Neitz. One great example was his statement in 2004 after the football world was calling us soft when he ran through Luke McCabe. I sincerely hope this changes when Gawn is made captain.
  9. Probably an unpopular opinion on here but Tex was twice the captain Jones was. Tex is a 2x AFLPA captain of the year. Jones has never been in the top 5. He’ll no doubt announce his decision over the summer to step down or it’ll be stripped from him anyway.
  10. 100% agree. Rawlings was the one I wanted to keep. Rooke, Chaplin and Matthews are our Achilles heel.
  11. Not sure if anyone else watched Open Mike last night, but they had Ray McLean on who founded leading teams. Interestingly, Geelong went through a big shake up at the end of 2006 facilitated by leading teams which led to their stellar 2007 season. Some of their work with Sydney, Hawthorn and Geelong speaks volumes considering they’ve been the 3 most successful clubs over the last 15 years. I know Roosy had them doing work for us as late as 2016 (his final year as coach) but I can’t see if there’s been any more involvement since Goody took over.
  12. Big deal. His tenure as captain is over anyway.
  13. I’m a Viney detractor, but I would like to see him have a go after a full preseason. Apparently he’s never really had one.
  14. Max was running laps of New York 2 years ago during his break which led to his amazing 2018. Him cycling around Europe might do equally as good.
  15. The Crows getting Dunstall in to do an external review is a great idea. I forgot that it was Dunstall who did the overhaul at Hawthorn and he appointed Clarko. The Dees could do no harm bringing him in to do something for us if things don’t improve next year.
  16. Just imagine if he hadn’t of done his hammy in 2017? He could have had 4 AA on the trot.
  17. Could become one of our most decorated players.
  18. I feel there are too many mids who may squeeze him out.
  19. Wow, who’d of thought that Goody’s idea of just keeping players with a killer instinct wasn’t so good after all when he found out they can’t execute the fundamentals of the game of AFL? (E.g AnB) Anyway, even though I think Watts may finally have his head screwed on straight after the exposure of his less than saintly personal life, there’s no way he’ll be traded back. Sincerely hope he has a ripper season for 🍐 next year.
  20. That’s what happens when you have the best coach over the last 50 years or so.
  21. I hope he took full responsibility for that horrible kick in the last 2 minutes. On replay it was even worse as Gawn was in the right position a long the boundary calling for it.
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