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  1. Making a prelim doesn’t excuse anything. Grant Thomas got sacked after making the finals. Ratten took the Blues to the finals the previous 3 years and got sacked (which in hindsight was bad). Goodwin’s Record will be below 50% after this season ends. If we fail to make finals next year I can’t see him surviving.
  2. If you had to rate all 18 coaches this year from best to worst, Goodwin would comfortably sit last. Apart from the sacked coaches, I can’t think of anyone having a worse year than him.
  3. Objectively speaking, Dees are the wooden spooners this year. You can’t really count the GC Suns with all their club issues.
  4. It’s well known that the poorer umpires get the least popular time slots (such as Sunday). Get used to it, because we’ll get a heap of Sunday games next year and we’ll be lucky to get one Friday night.
  5. The way Mahoney talked about the significance of a new fitness coach seems to suggest, that internally, the whole club knows Misson has dropped the ball this year and a new one is badly needed. Misson is so far behind his peers.
  6. Laughable that some on here questioned the FD’s decision not to pick him earlier this season. The least fittest bloke on our list by a mile. Todd Viney would have beaten him in the 3km time trial.
  7. 40pt loss I think today. JK to break his form slump and kick 5.
  8. I honestly feel the club is putting more external pressure on itself by using the injuries/pre-season as an excuse. If we get a proper preseason next year and a clean run on injuries but still serve up this garbage, then the whole AFL media/sponsors/supporters will be on our back. The build up of pressure could force an early exit for Goodwin.
  9. We have been the unluckiest team all year when it comes to playing teams and their form going into the game. Essendon (turned it around against us and won 3 straight) Saints (world beaters at the time) Richmond (before most of their injuries) Collingwood (before their form drop off) Dogs (turned it around a couple of weeks before us) Even our wins against Freo, Carlton and the Suns we came up against them in good form. The only team I can think of we were lucky with is Sydney.
  10. I lost it when he was running straight at goal 30m out and did a checkside and missed. Seriously, if you can’t hit a 30m drop punt running in, you just can’t be playing AFL (or probably VFL for that matter).
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