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  1. To be fair, he was pretty good against the Hawks in the last Marsh series game. Sadly though, the intensity went up another level and he wasn't able to cope.
  2. Goodwin never evened up the numbers when we were going forward. He has some part to blame.
  3. About to post the same thing. Has no opponent.
  4. But on the flip side it also undermines all the work we’ve done this off season on our fitness and over running teams which we demonstrated in the Marsh series...
  5. I was very pleased with Spargo’s efforts tonight. I’ve been a big critic of his, but I think he really put on a lot of forward pressure and did a heap of smart things. I hope he gets selected round 1. Lockhart was also very good, and definitely is worthy of a round 1 spot. I’m a bit worried about Tmac’s form, but I suppose his second half against Adelaide was decent.
  6. A pertinent question I think is: Does Viney deserve to be VC? If he’s that far back in the votes amongst his peers, then he shouldn’t just be a walk up start for VC. I honestly think it’s great that the administration has given the power to the players to decide, and if Viney isn’t no.2 then he shouldn’t be VC.
  7. Really enjoyed the second video. Who was the club official putting the hard word on Bennell not drinking? I didn't recognise him. Loved Gawny's rev up before the 3km time trial.
  8. I think a golf score on a Par 3 hole is the best way I can rate this: Bogey: 9th again - Goodwin probably keeps his job Par: Finals - first or second round exit Birdie: Finals - 2 wins and a Prelim appearance again Eagle - Premiership.
  9. I wonder if David King had thought he was about to get his old job back... To be fair Roo is probably the best of them left. They could have taken a big risk and get Hird back. At least he has, albeit completely tarnished, coaching experience.
  10. Players get demoted all the time from the leadership group, so I don't think it's overly shocking. My opinion is that Viney shouldn't be captain as he needs to focus on his form first and foremost. Also, the co-captain model is no longer in vogue, which is also evident with the most recent premiership winners. Gawn as (C) Viney as (VC)
  11. Felt sorry for Billy Stretch being at the rev up from Goody and Burgess and then goes and gets delisted...
  12. I suppose that’s a good sign as most club doctors can normally get a sense if it’s an ACL or not. It’s why most suspected ACLs always become ACLs because the scan often just confirms what the medical team already know.
  13. I’m not going to take much notice of this story until I hear it straight from the club/Burgess. I wouldn’t be surprised if this has been sensationalised by the HS.
  14. I honestly think Jones finishing 3rd is a bit of an indictment on the rest of our young midfield group coming through. Tremendous effort by him though...
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