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  1. If he has a little of his uncle in him then I would be very very happy Just a reminder
  2. If we do get him, imagine the learning curve with Neville Jetta wearing him like a sock at training for the next 3-5 years
  3. Been wanting to see something like this for a while. It would be good to see all these so called pundits be actually rated on their calls more often https://squiggle.com.au/rate-my-ladder/?experts=1 And no guesses who is last, Damien Barrett. It wont come as a surprise to many here, but this guy has no idea. I am amazed how he has a job. This guy opinion is worthless and here is the data to prove it. Love to see a grass roots movement to get him off the AFL site.
  4. Can some one help me out, If Jack martin goes and they get a compo pick (say round 10) then the suns would have what? 1,2,10,21? All these kid to feed back into Hawks, Pies and Tigers over the next 8 years.
  5. Can richo bring across a milkshake or hibbard esque trade for us? Second or third rounder for a 80-100 game player Has this been covered? Got tired of the bickering
  6. good luck kid, Get a little taste of the big time, get a feel for the speed and hardness of AFL and then work your nuts of over the summer. Pull that red and blue jumper on, feel the pride and honor in doing so and enjoy your first game.
  7. Maybe if we could hit a target, but foot or hand, I’m not that fussy.
  8. One gain this year is we have won 3 out of 4 close games (less than a kick) a few years ago we were unable to do the right things in the minutes to seal the deal. Maybe the competition was not great (blues, Suns and Hawks) and faltering badly to the crows. But we took those points Got my rose tinted on.
  9. Think you might find worsfold at number 11 got a couple of flags in the bank
  10. Maybe a problem with Goody is he is moonlighting fronting King Parrot If you hate traffic cops this clip is for you
  11. Anyonecan tell me how many secong half touches for hyphen
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