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  1. I thought the new tactic was to just let us kick the ball, 90% chance we will miss the target and hand the ball over
  2. Maxy to smash then in the Ruck this week. Hopefully we can turn that into some scoring options
  3. Same here. In the postponed thread. On ipad here
  4. Hope they do televise it. Even the bit where the line along there shed wall and gawn and viney pick the teams
  5. It would be great if someone could record and play Go number 2 Kick it long Sounds of a cheese crackers snapping Polite hand clapping It will be just like the members
  6. I prefer to finish 9th by percentage and let that anger and disappointment drive my winning personality
  7. Loved how dangerous he looked at stoppages in the forward half. Imagine when big Gawn is there to Tap to advantage. My eye was drawn to him like Eddie or Cyril
  8. Winning preseason You shouldn't post at 1 in the morning
  9. If he has a little of his uncle in him then I would be very very happy Just a reminder
  10. If we do get him, imagine the learning curve with Neville Jetta wearing him like a sock at training for the next 3-5 years
  11. Been wanting to see something like this for a while. It would be good to see all these so called pundits be actually rated on their calls more often https://squiggle.com.au/rate-my-ladder/?experts=1 And no guesses who is last, Damien Barrett. It wont come as a surprise to many here, but this guy has no idea. I am amazed how he has a job. This guy opinion is worthless and here is the data to prove it. Love to see a grass roots movement to get him off the AFL site.
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