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  1. Fair to say Lyon has been a spectacular failure at freo.... game plan is more outdated than Goodwins
  2. Some people are born captains, others have captaincy thrusted upon them.
  3. Should have been someone on the goal line
  4. To me it looks like poor leadership at all levels. A coach who has no idea, captains who are captains based on name rather than leadership. But i blame Goodwin because it is his job and he is useless at it. Obvious he has lost the players.
  5. Wish Oliver would tell Simon Goodwin where to go.
  6. Not tNking just a voud of talent or form.
  7. Good list of players just not playing good smart football. I think fritch and T McDonald if fitter can provide a reasonable forwardline. Need a small forward, medium marking forward and some outside speed.
  8. Jones is finished. Wouldnt e en make the gold coasts team yet we keep playing him. Is a joke.
  9. Our football department is a depressing mess.
  10. so we robbed peter to pay paul when infact peter is a more dire need than paul. I see where i went wrong. Quite silly to raise such a question. I will stick to my crossword puzzles.
  11. Think how hard it it is to develop a forward.... you wouldnt give one away lightly. Hang on we did...
  12. Too much [censored] ups on the injury front. The whole football department needs a review.
  13. I would be cutting Tmac some slack. I doubt he was fully fit all season which may have contributed to his form.
  14. Still asking myself why Fritch has only just gone forward when the season is dead?
  15. Why would they trade their best forward. This thread should be closed.
  16. Jones has always been a bad user of the ball... old age has made it harder for him to get away with it.
  17. Roos is apart of the problem... his decisions are now what is holding us back. He recruited slow inside mids.
  18. Next year will be different... change of luck, some players hopefully bavk from long term injuries and some new youth... hardly wrist slashing time. I preduct we will move back up again quite qjickly.
  19. I think if we can get a full season out of May and Leaver, our defence will be solid. Just need some outside midfield class, a strong marking forward like hogan was and a dangerous small. Might take a few drafts. I think that goodwin fell into the trap of giving away too many early draft picks too early in our rebuild... now we have very little comming through and other players who have done little so far but being well payed.
  20. More to footy than being a good kick and that was Watts problem.
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