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  1. Lesson of the season for Goodwin, if you have a forward, play them forward. Fritch has been wasted in other positions.
  2. Is the modern game. Look hard and most sides are the same. Up down from week to week. The days of toughness are gone. Now ut is how fat is my wallet and coaches who want a friendly caring relationship with their players.
  3. perhaps we are but seriously you have to wonder about cliche commentators. Does dermie actually have any ability to think for himself or just real of the usual bland statements echoed by other media personalities. What is the point of parroting others. Any good media personality would show some originality. Maybe dermie is just a downhill skier in the media, a media lightweight.
  4. Wouldnt be quick to rush weid back... needs to do more at vfl level before being played at senior level. Petty is younger had showed more desire.
  5. Seriously drop petty 3 goals for someone who has scored three goals in one half of the season. For me Weid shouldnt be back until he shows serious form at Casey.
  6. Wtf does this have to do with football?
  7. Give Jones the boot... you cannot have two captains. Jack is an e extractor... needs skilled players around him to deliver the ball.
  8. Also need a rebuild in the coaches box. They are too slow to try new things.
  9. We dont need a rebuild just a tinker. Where Melbourne has been bad is seeing the future. One should know where there list is three years in advance... they should have players developing in key positions before they are needed.
  10. I would be looking at a mid size forward like Flanders
  11. Would hate it at melbourne. Wouldnt get those cheap frees.
  12. I reckon Sam Flanders is someone we should consider... a strong mid forward that can mark. Then we need speed in the midfield. Some tough decisions need to be made.
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