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  1. Sounds like he could be a player. Love to see him get a long crack at it.
  2. Man buns look terrible... would have to chop it off.
  3. Some of the selections might be considered Petty.
  4. we could be bottom in two weeks? Bit hard
  5. Seemed to be a lot of fumbles on both sides but conditions may have played a part. Hunts pressure at then end was amazing. Lots to work on but so many players still to come back...
  6. To be fair... tracs has been playing ok the last two games... been a bit more pressure in his game. I get the feeling that trac has taken over from Watts.
  7. He is a norther tasmania boy. Often Tasmanian kids play against men in the seniors. Might make them tougher.
  8. I would Play Petty... he has played enough good games. Only worry about Smith is that he is a good VFL player but not an AFL player.
  9. We play fine in 39 but wasnt so great in 78.
  10. Great win - good work Tmac. Didnt panic.
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