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  1. The club is only as strong as its supporters.
  2. Weiderman wins the coleman medal and boots 11 goals on Queens Birthday.
  3. I'd have Hore atleast on the interchange. How is Pickett in the best 22 already.
  4. I gave up going to games when people kept getting upset because i was too vocal. That was tridents. Then i used end up in the bar area which was more lively.
  5. Weid has started later due to surgery.... will watch how he progresses. He will play a role this year and confidence will come.
  6. Nope if you read the fine print, training times and locations are subject to change without notice.
  7. unless weid shows something preseason.... wouldn't be in best 22.
  8. Will be the next wizzard. Looks like he will add a higher level of work rate to the team.
  9. Don't need to be expert to know Goodwind didn't have a clue. Was pretty much outcoached all season.
  10. "We were not ready" excuse means i didn't bother to analyse how the new rules worked and revise a game plan to adapt. Secondly such excuse is a way of saying i am stubbon and don't think i should listen to others.
  11. This year we will know if he can coach... another dismal performance and the football department will be outed.
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