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  1. You know it’s a big celebration in the coaches box when “stone cold” Craig Jennings loses his [censored] ...
  2. Let’s hope this is why pert has been noticeably silent during all of this , he should be already orchestrating this behind the scenes
  3. If we win tonight and next week against the saints then we are back where we were after round 5 last year , but still would then require a run of wins . lose tonight and then it’s a bridge too far I’m afraid , start preparing for 2020 If we need 14 wins to comfortably make the eight , then from here we can only afford to drop 5 more games (after round 3) for the rest of the season , when you look at it that way , it’s a pretty daunting task and we’d need to truly be a top 4 form like team from rounds 4-22 to maintain that sort of consistency. Also remembering we still have to play WC, pies and Richmond all twice !!! And then we would only scrape into the 8 so would need form and a lot of luck with the draw to do any damage in September I feel like I’m getting deja vu from the Daniher years
  4. Let’s face it , Franklin is a poor man’s Shaun McKernan ... right ? I shudder to think what might happen if we are stuck with unleashing omac and frost against the likes of darling and Kennedy
  5. Whilst we are playing well below par at the moment , if we somehow manage to scrap the next two wins against the swans and saints we are still in the same 2-3 position we were last year So all is not completely lost yet, but it’s hard to see how we can dig ourselves out right at the moment, particularly given the defensive structure issues and lever and may still weeks away from fixing that
  6. Not slobbo , meant Russell Robertson, but I see your point though
  7. Maybe instead of a flying eagle , we could get Robbo to paraglide off the southern stand?
  8. Pyrotechnics and fireworks ... are we copying Carlton now Gill would love it
  9. Sorry , but where is Melbourne actually blaming anyone else for being 0-2 ? Click bait article 101 ✔️
  10. 1.Richmond 2.adelaide 3. Melbourne 4. West Coast 5. Collingwood 6. Essendon 7. Brisbane 8. GWS 9. Geelong 10. North 11. Port 12. hawthorn 13. Fremantle 14. Sydney 15. Western bulldogs 16. Carlton 17. St.Kilda 18 . Gold Coast
  11. Gill and marvel will be happy , increased sponsor exposure . Wouldn’t be surprised if the afl eventually have a superhero round ... whorethorn can bring back their power ranger top that Thor guersey is right up there with the west coast spew job circa 2000
  12. Well ... you actually can if your club is owned by the afl ... heck you can even roundhouse that Muppet for good measure and it’ll only cost you $1500
  13. If you ever needed a reminder for why you should hate hawthorn .... thankfully we still beat those [censored] that day !
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