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  1. However Jennings has a history of not showing much emotion in the box Same sort of vision when we beat west coast in 2017 , tmac bicycle kick game , so not sure if this is an isolated incident . Also look at the vision when we beat Gold Coast earlier this year, they don’t call him stone cold Craig Jennings for nothing
  2. As well as his stone cold demeanour in the box even during our best victories last year ...keeping Goodwin in check from over celebrating ( e.g tmac winner at west coast a few years ago , and nibblers sealer against the crows last year in Adelaide )
  3. Maybe time to start the 2020 thread ! 2019 is history
  4. Can they run the ladder on an Ex cats and dogs , $1 Stkilda membership package basis) - and i’d think we do even better ! relative to the statistics for memberships to supporters ratio ( we only have around 200k) supporters vs Swans who have something like 1.2million IIRC we would have to be the most die hard , rusted on fans in the AFL , given the amount of [censored] we have had to put up with for years (if not decades) also factoring in the high MCC member proportion of MFC supporters. They can say what they like about our lack of success , but when people like Caro have a crack for only 38k turning up on Saturday night, I find the fairweather supporters tag really unjustified to a very resilient group of fans , I mean just look at the hawks attendence levels this year compared to their membership numbers
  5. Gee wizz if that’s retro then I must now be getting old , I was at three of those matches !
  6. Reverse of Rd 23 , 2017 ??? Could we actually put a dent in their finals aspirations
  7. I don’t think Goodwin now deserves the benefit of the doubt for 2019 anymore . are we willing to waste another year next year continuing with this ? this game plan just doesn’t stack up, I mean honestly how does OMac get a call up to dish up that , infuriating that we persist , where is the getting games reward for effort there , which Goodwin preaches so much !! not one for getting hysterical , I but I genuinely think the club now needs to ask itself a few hard questions over the next month
  8. I think Malthouse harbours some sort of long standing grudge against the MFC that pre dates most of us here, same as Sheedy and Matthews , never has anyone of them had a positive word to say about the MFC and love to sink the boot in ( or raise an elbow like the later always did)
  9. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/richmond/afl-richmond-fan-mario-from-doncaster-has-sen-hosts-in-stitches/news-story/2f4d820a12a7f4ca144cdf7d07a195b2 Rd 23 2016 - Richmond thrashed by 20 goals - Mario from Doncaster hysterics comes to mind - 12 months later Richmond were premiers Rd 22 2017 - Pies fans fuming that buckley was exonerated from the clubs internal review and had contract extended after 5 years not playing finals - 12 months later get within a bees [censored] of a flag Neither teams were expected to challenge the following year and under huge pressure - but hey it’s different we’re Melbourne, it’s not like we would ever be capable of a yo-yo season on season ! BTW I hope no one has spewed up on their Melbourne top yet 😆
  10. The heat hasn’t really come on goodwin and co until only the last few weeks and even then the media have given him somewhat of a free pass for this year , given the fact that he ain’t going to be sacked this year off back of a prelim, so there is no blood in the water. Also we are not getting thrashed when we lose and appear to be our own worst enemies with injuries and form etc . You’re right in that we are effectively irrelevant to 2019 given we’re not in the mix for finals, there is no sacking possible and we are not loosing by 15 goals like a typical bottom 2 side. This season is just a write off
  11. The irrelevant comment is simply an unnecessary dig at the club in general probably born out from pre conceived views of the club built up from a long time ago (ala Sheedy , Malthouse , Matthews etc etc) , it’s the typical headline grabbing type comments used by ex player wannabe football commentators which is more like pub banter, and lacks any sort of real insight , analysis or reasoning as to why we have dropped off so badly and what we would have to do to right the ship. I guess what irks me is these guys get paid $$ for spouting the same sort of footy banter crap that I don’t even need to leave my workstation to hear each Monday morning .... yeah I get it we’re [censored] this year !!!
  12. Not sure exactly ... but possibly the Richmond side coached by Frawley towards the end might come close ???
  13. Is this the same spud Frawley that said in mid 2017 that whoever faces the tigers in the finals will be licking their lips as they’re mentally soft club and can’t win a final ...
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