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  1. I’ll never forget that goal he kicked against west coast either ... wish him all the best , except when he plays the dees
  2. So two out of our 3 games so far have been compromised by covid 19 - this season is losing its relevance and credibility
  3. An Essendon player testing positive .... who would have thought !!!
  4. I’ve always wondered how the economics of the NBA having a single apparel sponsor for all of its teams works (in Nike or previously Addidas) the team usually have there own apparel sponsor for training, but the match day kits and tops are all Nike ( or Jordan for Charlotte) obviously NB wouldn’t pay as much to us if they didn’t get their brand on the match day kit , but wondering if all the clubs sharing a collective apparel sponsorship that the AFL could market and negotiate would generate more $$$ - and yes I know it’s more control in the AFLs hand , but potentially more $ to share by a larger scale, especially for the small clubs ??
  5. Rd 2-5 is a pretty fair draw cats at the G - amazing !!!!
  6. Hopefully it was Robert Walls again who predicted that !!!
  7. Where did it all go wrong Jim ? We went downtown after ‘64 and stayed there !
  8. Basically cost us a top 3 finish in 2018
  9. Apparently Freo have loaned us Jesse Hogan back for the 4th quarter only , hopefully he has an impact 🤞
  10. best demonland thread of the off season! My hatred of meth coke and it’s supporters has been constant for 25+ years - that mid 80s established franchise is as fake and cheap as a coolabah goon bag wine cask. Any success they’ve had in the past 30 years is clouded by drug scandals and funded by deep pockets. As a generalisation, their supporters are imbecilic theatregoers who honestly don’t know why they boo. Dishonourable mentions to essendrug and Geelong
  11. Am looking forward to many references to “that’s not our brand” and “craft”, it might even top the record amount of F bombs in Goodfellas
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