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  1. Yep , all we need now is a Democratic landslide, another gulf of Tonkin incident , a re-release of Goldfinger and The Bettles back topping the charts and I’ll be convinced that the Norm Smith curse will finally be lifted in 2020 !
  2. Great read , quite a balanced and factual view of last year vs 2018 if anyone has access to the full article where does the author have us on a predicted ladder finish ? Although I’m liking the fact that most of the footy media so far seem to be writing us off making the 8 next year
  3. “to hell and back ... for more !” I actually thought it was the 2020 membership slogan
  4. We are the only club sponsored by NB , the main global clubs sponsored by NB are Liverpool and I think Celtic Across the afl however most common apparel sponsor is ISC - Meth coke , crows , swans and essenscum are all sponsored by them Carltank have Nike , Dawks adidas and tigers have Puma Your right I think having a Nike or addidas gives much more direct exposure , I like the NBA model where all teams have the same apparel sponsor Nike and then there is a consistent level of offering of apparel wear just with the different club designs ( only exception in Charlotte which has the air Jordan brand )
  5. As long as Robert walls tips us for the spoon, everything will be fine !!!
  6. I love the smell of microwaved Richmond memberships in the morning , smells like victory
  7. I miss the days when we could just laugh at Richmond
  8. True... interesting to see how GWS back up after a gruelling slog in the wet last week . Whitfield and Greene are handy inclusions though. I also think the Tiges too had to dig deep after staring down the barrel at HT last week , they were pretty average in the 1st half.
  9. They’ve won 6 flags I think since 1965 , now going for a 7th . 7 flags since they interloped into the MCG
  10. If Melbourne can’t win the premiership this year , then frankly I prefer if no one wins it. Therefore GWS winning would be the closest thing to no one winning it IMO. in all honesty though I think the giants are a sneaky chance this week, they are playing with momentum and have gone through playing on the road and missing key players tigers played their grand final last week will be very interesting
  11. I wonder if Gus has an invite this year ?
  12. I’d love to see this sort of thread on a Collingwood fan forum For me , ”brand” and “craft” are seriously cringeworthy. These are empty buzzwords when there is no actual substance to a point someone is making. Our former coach uses these regularly.
  13. Colliwobbles out ... my Saturday night just got a whole lot better!
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