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  1. Is it a competition as to who has suffered the most? Surely not.
  2. Gary Lyon when his back was cooked? I remember people saying it would be worthwhile him taking to the field in a wheelchair, such was his immense impact on the team ... I recall him hobbling around the forward line like an old man.
  3. Hi. While our relationship is distant, Mike is a cousin of mine. And I can confirm our extended family are and have been Demon supporters forever. Mike has fallen in line with the family tradition- passionate Melbourne. I have fond fond memories of going as a teenager (in the 1980s),with my aunt, Mike's mum (and three of her mates), to many suburban grounds to follow the Dees. The soups these older ladies brought in their thermoses were always comforting, often in the face of defeat. Until that amazing run in 1987 ...
  4. A player who may need "serious convincing" to play a role for the team if necessary ... I'd prefer players who do what is asked of them wholeheartedly. Brings to mind Jesse's body language which I reckon has been questionable at times. That said, I'm not denying Jesse's many positive footballing characteristics.
  5. 887 kbps! Thanks for response. As a result, something in me rigged and I've switched off the WiFi and watching on mobile via 4g. What a lousy NBN service. I'm happy now though- will be able to watch once the entertainment filler finishes
  6. I trying to watch via the stream- veey frustrating. Breaking up very frequently- get a sentence or sentence and a half, then lose it for thirty seconds. Can anyone answer this? - I assume it's an internet speed problem (have experienced same issue on two different devices).
  7. (I know it's not over yet.) HOW GOOD WAS THAT? Game felt in the balance and we kicked three goals to none to close out the quarter!!
  8. From our defensive 50 that quarter most times we kicked it out back to them. Need to run it out with handball or kick to a one on one, not an outnumber. Classic clash of game styles.
  9. I'm on the train from Castlemaine- occasional other Dees supporters here. I'm sitting with the strange feeling of anticipation that comes with the knowledge of win and anything is possible, lose and it's over for this season. I vaguely remember that sense from many years ago. As the day has gone on, I've been feeling my father's presence more and more (he died in 2015).
  10. For me, two essential things. One- deliver well into forward 50- no bombing it long in hope, unless it's for a goal. Two we need to kick straight. Do these things we win.
  11. Ha ha. My six year old says "the cheer squad has to work hard today"!!
  12. I've decided I'm going to enjoy the commentary on Flagpies this week. It's still clear that Richmond are the best team, and- on our day if all goes really well- I believe we can beat them. Dees- if we can just get to the bottom half of top four- we may be blessed with finals in Victoria. Long way to go yet- 8 more home and away games. IT IS SO LOVELY TO BE EXPERIENCING SOME HOPE!! GO DEES
  13. Playing on Friday night makes the break between games seem soooo much longer. I found myself wondering who'd been selected last night. ... awe won't know until Friday- STILL two days away ...
  14. Hilarious!! Thank you for the laugh.
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