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  1. I’d say that it will be informally written off as not a real flag, but for key rights stakeholders it will need to officially remain a premiership season for reasons mostly financial.
  2. Mate, all you’d have to do is talk to Vanders himself and he would say almost as much. You’d say you had seen him around Elwood where he lives & his response was was along the lines of a sombre “oh yeah, you saw me limping around like a cripple?” He’s a hard marker, but did nothing to inspire confidence in a comeback.
  3. Staff found out today, you’d be hard pressed to find out before they did.
  4. What’s that saying? A lion doesn’t waste his time worrying about the opinions of idiots or something? Yes, great little doco series. I’d be more impressed if I hadn’t been calling for exactly that for about 5 years now. Not a groundbreaking concept, and they’ve been making the videos for years for the foundation heroes, but it’s great to see the club do something of merit. Is this what Pert has been spending all his time working on?
  5. You’re right mate, everything is fine, we’re completely on track.
  6. You’re wrong - it’s not available to read or watch, as it simply doesn’t exist. It’s great that’s you volunteer your time & energy to the club (alongside myself at one point, funnily enough although you won’t remember), but you’re too keen to be a club apologist. We have opportunities staring us in the face, but we’re putting them in the “too-much-effort basket” or even failing to recognise them at all, and in the same instance giving other clubs a free hit to capitalise where we could be evening the ledger.
  7. Sadly, there simply isn’t anything beyond what has been communicated to supporters. To say it is disheartening is an understatement, but I’ll keep making noise as I can in the (vain) hope that they pull their heads out their [censored] and put some steps in place to achieve their goals. Right now there’s nothing and it’s soul-destroying. So many opportunities that are going begging because they’re not valued by fools who are happy to go through the motions. Pert has ambition, but has no idea how to get it done.
  8. Out of touch with the common supporter; out of touch with the people on the ground; out of touch with reality... Growth and sustained success don’t just happen as a byproduct of winning matches. You need to invest time and resources ahead of time so that you can capitalise on the on-field successes. There is a startling gap in the club’s thinking where there should be detailed strategies and tactics to convert success to increased membership and revenue.
  9. If only they captured and uploaded the entirety of Pert’s speech, instead of half of it.
  10. The problem is that it’s fine to set lofty targets, but you need some a clear strategy to achieve them beyond simply “winning games”. Clubs like Richmond have been encroaching on our AFL-allocated territory for years under our very noses and we’ve done little to stop it. Their success is no accident - they have a sophisticated plan and are executing it. Pert is clueless as to how to build the club and membership base, and has only had moderate success at Collingwood where it has already existed. The rest of our executive are less than impressive. It hurts to see the way the club is operating and know how much better it could all be done, but not have the time to do so yourself.
  11. I definitely received an email promoting the event and intended to go but life got in the way. Glad I didn’t waste my time on such meaningless fluff. Pert is so out of touch, and seems to only be interested in the opinions of rusted on coterie members in their 60s+. I am certain we might do well on-field, but the club will only go backwards while he’s at the helm.
  12. I’d love some detail on how the club plans to achieve these lofty targets. At the moment I have no confidence in them getting even close, based on what I know they think will get them there. Just more fluff sadly.
  13. Eade would be a good one. For entertainment value only I’d give Grant Thomas or Malthouse a go, but then you might as well go the whole hog and drag in Ricky Nixon.
  14. On that topic your reliable source is incorrect about the leak, for a start.
  15. Not in the PJ camp, but I was a fan. I know some of the details you’ve mentioned above but you have them wrong. Likewise no anti-Pert bias; I gave him time and the results have been atrocious. I only blame him for what he has done in his time in the position, not what he was left with.
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