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  1. I think so. They have a good haul there already in case Green makes it past pick 6. If they trade 6 for more picks, they’ll have an excess.
  2. My prediction: GWS don’t offer enough to trade pick 3. We bid on Green. GWS choose to match, but trade pick 6 to Geelong for later picks but more points. GWS then try to work a trade with Freo for their leftover picks, to use on Henry, getting pick 10.
  3. I think its value lies in getting to pick 8, other teams being able to assess the talent still available, and then make their bids based on the knowledge we’re happy to put it up for grabs. Based on the evenness of talent at that stage of the draft this year, it’s highly likely a player will be left who a team really likes, and we can capitalise on that. Much like Adelaide did last season (or should have) when Stocker was still available & the blues had him rated at 6. Alternatively, we might find one of the players we’re really into is still there & that no bids are appealing enough to pass the kid up.
  4. Is there anything wrong with a sociopath or psychopath on the playing list? If they play their role on & off. You’d be trying to identify those who crumble or throw their toys out of the cot at the minutiae.
  5. What an incredibly banal hill you’ve chosen to die on. Anyway, you’ve demonstrated that recruiters wouldn’t even need to ask you one of these questions to put a line through you. Irrespective of talent you’ve shown a tendency to throw the toys out the cot at the mere prospect a minor inconvenience. Bravo.
  6. You’re still not paying attention. It’s about engaging the left side of the brain and getting more honest answers to the subsequent questions. The weird questions themselves and their answers are irrelevant. What’s the harm?
  7. Great to see the AFL making rules on the run, and allowing trading of picks to make up the points after a bid has been placed. Wonders never cease. https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-11-07/get-set-for-draft-night-drama-why-clubs-are-holding-fire-on-pick-swaps
  8. That’s why it would be a great deal. I don’t see it happening, and we’ll only trade pick 3 if we come out on top, naturally. I also don’t buy the idea that Freo will be fixated on certain players simply because they’re from WA. But like you said, it’s predicated upon Freo really really liking a player they need pick 3 to get.
  9. Mate, it’s not rocket science. The draftees enter the interview process armed with carefully crafted and rehearsed answers to the standard lineup of questions. The “weird” questions are purely designed to “throw” the kids off their game, make them think laterally and begin to reveal their true personalities. It’s all about getting honest answers to the later questions. The immediate answers to the weird questions are not taken into account one iota.
  10. 3 for 7 & 10 would be a great result. Not sure any other options seem quite good enough. Geelong’s picks don’t really excite me. Having 7, 8 & 10 does.
  11. Is this what passes for comedy these days? Lightweights...
  12. I’m really warming to the idea of Jackson. Losing Tim Smith and Frost, we’re down a couple of talls. I know we picked up Tomlinson, but I’ve also written off Pruess. Just makes sense for list balance. Bradtke will take time, but also looks more likely to end up a forward. Gawn won’t be around forever. And if not, it’s just another nudge to GWS to give us a proper return for pick 3.
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