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  1. Not sure, haven’t read the article, just going off what I know.
  2. I think you’ll find it was originally pushed by the clubs dietician/nutriotionist for the whole playing group, and then Viney decided he had noticed the benefits to the point that he continued doing it off his own bat, with their consultation. Any concerns would be coming from a position of ignorance.
  3. Precautionary due to concussion-like symptoms.
  4. I see their performances much differently to you. It’s like Frost has 2 little brothers. I don’t expect superstars, but if either of them is in the side, we’re not traveling very well at all.
  5. Preuss looks like a bust, but Tyson is playing regularly... interesting. Big Preussy did alright tonight, while Tyson has been dropped from another 0-3 side.
  6. Wow. I can’t wait for both of them to be out of the side. We won’t beat a top-10 side while they’re in ours.
  7. Closer bar to Southern Cross Station surely.
  8. RE: McDonald, I have been a little concerned about the 666 limiting his main strength, which is his ability to cover the ground, end to end running and wearing opponents down, running them off their feet and getting loose/advantageous positioning. Beyond that, I’m not sure what his great attributes are. Long straight kicking & sticky hands? Bare essentials for a tall forward. I think in time he’ll figure out how to use his running ability in this new system, but yesterday it didn’t work for him.
  9. I think it’ll take about 6 rounds for everyone to figure what the hell we’re dealing with, with these new rules. Playing lists have been set up and gamplans have been drilled into players, based on certain acts and playing styles giving an advantage - the goalposts have shifted and everyone is now trying to establish what is most valuable and the most efficient game style for this new game we’re stuck with. Granted, we haven’t been fantastic, and we desperately need some true crumbers, but don’t underestimate the impact of the rule changes, with the slightly different stagnation and the coaches tinkering with how to combat that, but not being able to make too many changes in-game to see what works.
  10. Interesting. Not heard anything about this, but I guess it could be correct...
  11. Not sure about that, I'd say we still get a fair bit of content, but it just comes in different formats now, e.g. instagram stories. I used to find the majority of content lame, boring, and either a regurgitation of what had been done better by the mainstream media, or sugar-coated club propaganda - either way nothing of real interest. We sorely needed a fresh approach. I prefer articles and interviews to come from independent sources. Having said that, more could be done, and will. I understand we did have some unforeseen issues with an appointment that would have impacted this space.
  12. Why do you think Bell publicly announced Hogan’s mental illness issue late yesterday? Out of the interests of transparency? They knew this was coming and wanted to beat the media outlets to the punch. Now, rightly or wrongly, no one can question his actions or decisions without looking like an insensitive uneducated pr*ck. Freo knew some minor details, but weren’t aware of the whole picture. Bell was posturing for a better deal. He took it beyond the point of no return, then pretended to opt out. Little did he know he was being played. Mahoney made the early announcement because we weren’t going to settle for this deal not getting over the line, and he didn’t want others to interfere and tempt May elsewhere. We dominated the trade period.
  13. Sadly, Freo are just getting on the front foot here, openly discussing mental health issues as a protective measure against what is yet to be fully revealed... Theres already videos circulating & there will be more. We knew what we were doing.
  14. Really touching on the big issues here.
  15. “Monkey see, monkey do” is a phrase I use sometimes and I’m in my early thirties. I don’t think it’s that rare. When I saw it, I immediately understood it to mean that the AFLX players were just copying what they have seen elsewhere in American sports (with disdain), and kept looking for another comment that could be seen as more directly offensive. I admit it that on reflection it was likely intended to elicit such a response, but hardly conclusive. It’s not cut & dried. Having said that, I’d expect a coward to hide behind such an ambiguity.
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