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  1. A player throwing it on his boot after a blind turn, supposedly not a worse option than feeding to a teammate facing the correct direction in which the ball needed to be delivered? And with Fritsch facing the correct way to be able to ascertain that Oliver was not under immediate pressure, flat footed or not. Ok!
  2. I have only heard good things, and from people that matter. He may or may not have made some wrong decisions in the past, but that is not such an issue for me; what matters are his behaviours and his actions, and they have spoken and continue to speak volumes.
  3. Can you really not see that he WAS in a better position?
  4. To be fair, responses from both of us have been deleted and probably due to the healthy amount of member measuring involved? Maybe we should suck it up & move on?
  5. You just gotta laugh sometimes. The concept of a “clique” consisting of Mahoney, Goodwin & Viney is absurd - imagine criticising a footy dept for maintaining a close relationship and supporting one another! Secondly, name another president that doesn’t have a healthy ego. And finally, the exact opposite is largely the case. Previously past greats of the club have felt disconnected, and while it’s far from perfect, bridges are someway down the path to being mended.
  6. Kind of similarly placed to where we were last year, but unsurprisingly for a team that young/inexperienced, it’s simply not sustainable.
  7. I get it mate, you just want someone to blame regardless of the reality. Understood.
  8. How on earth is that [censored] covering? Your attempt at logic beggars belief.
  9. He’s hardly sitting pat; he’s making bulk moves and didn’t even wait until the season was over to begin restructuring. No time wasted.
  10. Clutching at straws fellas.
  11. Mach5

    Gary Pert?

    It’s his job to oversee all depts, but you still clearly have no clue.
  12. Mach5

    Gary Pert?

    Mate, you don’t have a damn clue. Marketing would have nothing to do with attracting & signing sponsors. This is the purview of the Commerical Dept.
  13. Does nobody see here that Fritsch in all likelihood ignored a team rule by not giving it off to Oliver, and that is why he was on the receiving end of a bake? Fritsch ignore the first option of Oliver, who had been facing the correct way and had the advantage of being able to survey and assess the options further ahead before he should have received the footy. Fritsch gave a fend off, ignored a teammate in a better position, did a u-turn and after a quarter-second assessment kicked forward, luckily finding a teammate. Fritsch has ability, but deserved a dressing down. If players aren’t willing to dogmatically stick to team rules, it’s no wonder we’re in the position we are. He’ll learn, and so will Clarry, who I believe did similar later in the match.
  14. How is that? This master of strategy has devised one that has been consistently picked apart this season. I think he’s a fraud if anything.
  15. Great backyard body language analysis, thanks for the laughs.
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