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  1. On that topic your reliable source is incorrect about the leak, for a start.
  2. Not in the PJ camp, but I was a fan. I know some of the details you’ve mentioned above but you have them wrong. Likewise no anti-Pert bias; I gave him time and the results have been atrocious. I only blame him for what he has done in his time in the position, not what he was left with.
  3. I know that PJ had certain concerns when he moved on, and I think they are a key contributor. I also think we’d be in better shape with Mahoney in charge, and the key areas where Pert supposedly excelled over Mahoney have failed so far to bear any fruit whatsoever. Frankly, I’m curious at to what the hell he has been doing other than stroking his own ego. A lot of staff have been moved on or left of their own accord, but they have largely been the ones we should have worked to keep. I can foresee how some of these issues are going to hurt us long term but those in a position of influence seem to be oblivious.
  4. Bomba had a fair old crack at my housemate after he’d shacked up with Kingsley’s missus, but it was one of the few times she decided she had standards. He was a menace.
  5. Sadly, I’m aware of examples of all of the above. I’m not sure what I can do personally but I’m certain that it begins at the top.
  6. Generally exacerbated under Pert. Multitude of issues however.
  7. I’m not happy with the entirety of the club off-field, and they definitely don’t deserve praise. There needs to be a lot of change for us to have any real success, and some are downright derelict in their duty or negligent. I’m not willing to say more at this time other than to call for much more scrutiny.
  8. So your solution would be..? Observe something concerning, observe something even more worrying, then another, then another... say nothing? Head in the sand? Don’t be so naive as to think that because you’re not aware means it hasn’t happened. Otherwise, what exactly do you think the motive is for “grenade throwing”?
  9. To be fair, and credit where it is due, Pert himself did foresee 2019, albeit not in such severity. This is not so much about the footy side, but the overall culture and inner workings. My biggest concerns are that we’ll squander our time in the sun like the Bulldogs, or that we’ll condemn ourselves to missing those opportunities altogether through our own ineptitude.
  10. You’re interpreting my words slightly incorrectly but I think that’s moreso due to a shallow understanding of some of the concepts involved. I’m not going to reveal details because I don’t want to reveal sources or identities. But they definitely are NOT doing a good job and I’m concerned about how much damage will be done if things are left to continue. I wish I were in a position to do and say more myself, but for now all I can do is say more scrutiny is required.
  11. I’m not going to state it outright. More scrutiny is required though.
  12. It is my strong opinion that it is fact. However an intangible like culture can never be proven as fact. But certain events and attitudes are fact. Maybe a difficult concept for some? Either way, you should be concerned about the direction of our club.
  13. Not willing to, no need to. You can try to bait me into it but won’t work. It’s all opinion anyway regardless of the basis.
  14. Is that a bad joke? The double calf surgery is fact.
  15. Carry on then mate, up to you.
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