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  1. Yeah, nah, not sure. I doubt that the player you’d get for a downgrade from early first round to late first round, would really compensate you sufficiently to justify losing the ability to choose from a wider range of available players. You might get a role player, but I don’t think you’d get a lot unless one team is head over heels for a kid.
  2. Petty can take intercept marks, but I wouldn’t put him in the category of “interceptor” (and it is becoming less common with the advent of 6-6-6) and I think he’ll develop into much much more. I’m happy when Frost has been pushed out of the side again. His athleticism is an asset, but he makes so many mistakes with the footy in hand that it catches the opposition off-guard when he selects a good option and executes.
  3. As I said, we were a basket case! Do you recall who was in charge at that time?
  4. I’d see Frost go before Oscar. Key tall defenders will be May, Lever, Petty with Oscar as depth.
  5. Mach5


    Cooked. Nice guy, but has no place our list.
  6. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with a lack of being ruthless or a lack of trying; it’s the fact these other clubs didn’t grow out the MCG so have their own existing grounds to develop. Bulldogs have Whitten Oval, Richmond have Punt Rd, Carlton, Hawthorn, Geelong, etc... Even StKilda have Moorabbin, although they detoured to Seaford for a while. We’re looking at a completely Greenfields acquisition in an area where land comes at a premium. It’s simply not that easy and it’s something no other club has had to face in recent times. Collingwood came to the MOPT precinct but at a time where we were a basket case (although should have been doing the same) and Eddie had placed himself in positions of influence to take advantage of the opportunity (Vic Aths, etc).
  7. I think this is the only real option we’ll be left with in the end, and I’ve havent heard of any realistic alternatives. I’ve noticed the area under the overpass just before the bridge is currently a fenced off area storage area for heavy machinery and temp fence, etc. Not sure what works it is in relation to. A difficult and expensive build next to the Yarra with a deep basement required, although a riverside bar does appeal. Yarra council are a bloody nightmare to deal with, trade waste and waterproofing costs will go through the roof. Could be a very expensive money pit, but we’re running out of options. Sending Collingwood back to Vic Park would be the best in my opinion, but it’s dependent on them and we could be waiting a while.
  8. Not entirely sure that loss of parkland was that great, but it was a solution that was sure to draw some intense opposition because it sounds like it would take up a lot of area. Trees being relocated is a common occurrence there and the footprint was never going to be that great. It’s more a case of people being opposed to change in general (because they’d prefer it to be a Saturday carpark/mudbath?)
  9. My understanding is that Pert has spent his time on little else since starting. No stone unturned, although I think the Andrews govt used us a pawn at one stage. East Melbourne society or whatever they are called can GAGF.
  10. I think he may have a similar trajectory to one we did miss in Papley (although he’s no mental giant going by his election day interview). However we’ve done quite well in this department of late. The dogs & pies would be asking why they missed out on Hannan & Hore, while we still managed to get Fritsch & Lockhart.
  11. Startling data analysis! Would hope for something a little more insightful than that.
  12. I understand there would have been internal politics at play, with Shad Forsyth taking over his position.
  13. Seriously? Wilshere for one was injured his entire career and out on loan then left permanently during Burgess’ time at Arsenal. I think you should also understand what caused the injuries to Wellback, Ramsey & others before making such an ill-informed comment. Just embarrassing.
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