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  1. Gus injury.. https://www.afl.com.au/news/367738
  2. Ha.... Even an injured Bennell is 3 times the player that soft [censored] Martin ever will be.
  3. I can see people's point in thinking Hannan being overrated. Personally for me he's best is when he is fully fit, and that hasn't happened since his first year back in 2017. Even in 2018 there were times where he made a big impact in some games. His round 22 against the eagles, he should have easily kicked 4 that day. Missed one from 25m out on an angle. My issue with him is that he goes missing far too often. I'd like the club to utilize him more as a wingman because he does have good speed and clean kicking skills. Here is he's 2017 highlights. He was very impressive that year.
  4. I'd still give him a 1 year contract.
  5. Worst call I have ever seen. Looking back its actually quite amazing how Vandenberg jumped straight back up arguing with the umpire while the WC was on the ground in pain.
  6. You could not get a perfect example of a perfect tackling technique right here. Both arms wrapped fully around and locked on. This is why Vanders is like an enforcer in our side. His physicality and brute power was sorely missed throughout 2019. Watch the first half of his 2018 game against West Coast in round 23 when he set the tone with his tackling.
  7. I'd still be chasing him if he is a chance. But thats just me personally..
  8. Some of the best photos you'll see on demonland! Amazing. What sort of camera do you use @Six6Six if you dont mind me asking?
  9. I believe this was signed under the Connelly/Schwab era? They were very big on growing Casey as a whole. Chris Connelly was very hands on with this project...
  10. That's as fluff as an article it can get.
  11. Wrong guy. In saying that I would rather Corey in the side then ANB. Corey is depth for now. His brother on the other hand shouldn't even be on our list.
  12. KK isn't much suited to a wing. In fact, he plays his best football when at half back. First game against Geelong this year he played the whole game on the wing for a terrible return of 5 disposals for the game. Next week against Essendon he was just as poor. Tomlinson is miles ahead of KK in terms of playing that suitable wing role.
  13. During my time supporting the club, Neita has been the one that has stood out for me. I started supporting in 1998 and never saw the likes of Garry Lyon lead this club. From what I have heard though, a fierce leader who was highly respected within the club and AFL community was Lyon.
  14. Represented SA back in the day and was close to being looked at by Australian selections I believe.
  15. On a different note, does Simon Goodwin still play local cricket in the off season? I believe he was having a hit somewhere around Northcote area maybe last year or the year before??
  16. That's great to hear mate! Must be doing something right! How did he find the experience training with boys last week?
  17. What an amazing raw insight into how it's all done. The big thing I took out of that was our interest in Mitch Geogiages. Well done to the Melbourne media team.
  18. I have the same opinion as you. He looked way off and that was always meant to happen. I dont expect him to debut at all as he is still incredibly raw and light.
  19. Yeah right.. Well I am intrigued now. Did you blokes manage to get full name?
  20. Well hang on I must have a different academy person in mind?
  21. His name is Deakyn Smith. He is 179cm tall and weighs about 76kg. He's definitely one to watch next year. Played sorta around half back wing and is quite clean with his skills and ball use but also shows a bit of dash. Played 8 games for Dandenong Stingrays and averaged 10.8 disposals per game. Hope he can improve on that.
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