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  1. I'd love Caldwell too, but he is very highly rated at the Giants and I just cannot see them trading him away after 1 year.
  2. Jesus fair old holiday you've been on Ox!
  3. Just like they were having a go at Wingard also during the game. You're seriously kidding yourself if you think those hawks leaders haven't had robust discussion behind closed doors and during games. Oh and May has captain an AFL club. Regardless whether they were putrid or not, hes obviously shown high qualitie leadership skills to be put into that position to captain a club.
  4. Us being terrible years ago is irrelevant to the current GC situation. Gill will make sure his love child token club will get fairly compensated unfortunately.
  5. Let's get some facts corrected here. You explaing what they did at QTR time huddle with Wingard is exactly what May did with Frost during the 3QTR time break. Whats the difference there?
  6. Add Pick 3 whether that's Hayden Young, Sam Flanders or Lachie Ash and it's a huge trade period for us! Glad we are chasing after Elliot.
  7. I found this interesting from Goody. “From a personal development perspective, that’s certainly something I’m going to be looking at in my off-season; about how I can cope with that situation better as a coach,” he said. “I’m really clear now on a pathway forward personally, for how I’m going to attack my coaching from here on in, but I’m always really clear on the pathway forward as a club.
  8. Just read the article. It really is a bit of a nothing article. Just mention that hawks havent even met up with him and dees yet to put in a formal offer.
  9. Tom Brown cops a fair stick but he called this weeks ago before anyone.
  10. Some of his best moments on triple M. This was the Saturday rub at its best.. Garry, JB, Spud and Purple was just the perfect team. Use to love tuning in at 12pm every saturday in the car on my way to playing footy. Rip Spud
  11. This is my exact thought. If we do split our pick into the teens then i think we will definitely consider Weightman. For pick 3 i would be looking at either Hayden Young or Sam Flanders. I had Lachie Ash alongside Young, but have changed as i still feel he needs a good body of work if he is to push up to a midfield role. Have a feeling he will drop a couple of spots. Flanders is pushing himself really hard into top 5 contention. Keep an eye on him.
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