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  1. Mathew Rowell or Noah Anderson??
  2. What game were you watching? Fritsch was bloody horrible. Hence why Goody had to take him out of our backline in the last qtr because he was plain shithouse.
  3. I saw play against Box Hill and he was very ordinary. Ever since he has come back into the side hes almost been our best defender along with Frost and Salem. Cant wait to see how he develops.
  4. Did anyone see ANB crumb a front and center contest and had Tim Smith running past him into an open goal only to then hold onto the ball and get tackle.... 🤦‍♂️ That was funny
  5. He's in a terrible rut. Dont think dropping him is the answer. We wont play finals. Lets just bite the bullet and get games into him. He needs to forget about putting a price on his and focus on his own game first before demanding big dollara
  6. Mate no one is blaming commentators for this loss.....
  7. Time to leave Stretch on a wing for the rest of the year. Tonight he showed glimpse, so i would just get as much games and experience into him.
  8. He is exposed one on one because he is physically not strong enough. Panicked with 2 direct handballs to Richmond player which resulted in goals. Time to leave him up forward as a Jack Gunstan forward.
  9. We've completely lost our mojo. We were the highest dcoring team under Rooke. Its not him. Something isn't right internally. The only one who looked like who gave a [censored] and tried to create options was Tim Smith
  10. Stretch, Hore, Melksham, Smith and McDonald (actually defended well against Lynch) all hold your head up high. Weideman can take his 650k and [censored] right off. In all seriousness, he is severely out of form. Fritsch just absolutely panicks down back. Leave him up forward Goody ffs!
  11. I am amazed how we as a club can just hand the footy back at such ease.
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