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  1. [censored] off Goodwin. You've sucked the absolute life out of this football. Take Plapp, Chaplin, Lever, May with you as well.
  2. We are [censored]. Plain and simple. Lever just 1 disposal. Full right off back to Adelaide. Gawn is being schooled and not showing any ticket. Goodwin can fuxk right off as well.
  3. Shut the [censored] up Hamish! Just said they hope they don't overule. Absolute [censored]
  4. Well done Hannan. One bloke who just needs game time and continuity. Petracca is seriously a gun.
  5. Our midfielder already showing what a shambles they are. Viney is rubbish
  6. Where was the game played at Luther?
  7. Hopefully weed has kick 10 of those goals. Though I don't think that'll be enough to break into our strong forward line.
  8. Well I've gotta say something positive.. certain individuals on here will find a way to have a crack at me for being far too negative and that I should just trust 'Goody'.. In saying all that, I agree with everything that you have noted above. Right at this stage we stand for absolutely nothing.
  9. Dees by 3 goals. If we want to stay relevant, and then today we make a statement and win. Go dees.
  10. A part of me wants to be at ease that Luke Jackson can be our Ben King..
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