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  1. Well played LN, I'm happy to throw in a few expletives just to get the crowd on the edge. Unfortunately I will be signing out of here for a while now while footy is off limits. I have too much going on in my personal life that's taking a real toll on me, and i need to now focus on my young family and extended who are battling right at this minute. Let's all try and be kind to each other, the world is in pain right now and we need to do the right thing and take care of our love ones. To many who I have had heated exchange over the journey, i do apologise, especially you @Satyriconhome you crazy old ba stard 😉 don't take it personally, we're all passionate about the greatest team ever. Much love demonland family, see you all when the footy starts!
  2. Could have easily kicked 4 indeed. Only one up forward who looked threatening.
  3. Sorry Pickett but clarry was disgraceful. I watched 3 WC players casually stroll out of our defence while he just casually jogged towards them. Lazy and poor all day. His attitude needs a huge ego check. He carries on like a spoilt brat and he's been carrying that from his bushies days. This is the time for Gawm to earn his points and pull him back into line.
  4. Pickett, Viney, Lockhart and Bedford were the positives.. Where was our leaders? McDonald, Jetta, Melksham? Hibberd is finished, see ya. And im afraid to say, but Jetta is just about cooked. ANB and Spargo are dead set suburban footballers.
  5. When Bedford is already bettee player then Spargo and ANB.
  6. Wow.. I have stuck up for Spargo all these years but he'sdone it for me now.
  7. Fumble fumble fumble fumble.. we seriously live for that [censored]
  8. Say what u want about the guy, but Naitanui is a bloody good ruckman.
  9. Jesus Brayshaw is a massive disappointment. Id easily be happy if we used him as a trade option come end of year.
  10. Hibberd is the Brent Moloney of the backline. Just booooommbbs away every single kick.
  11. That was biggest [censored] weak of a chase by Oliver
  12. Im sorry but the Harmes down back experiment simply does not work. Get him in the [censored] midfield Goodwin
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