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  1. [censored] hell.. potentially up there to be worse then the Joel Smith debacle.
  2. What an interesting take. McCartney would see the frustration first hand as he would see our list similar to Geelong back in that golden period between 07 to 2011. Knows exactly how hard we need to work before we reach Mt Everest.
  3. Such an overkill of a statement mate. Can you back this bizarre statement up with some form of proof? If Mahoney was so disgruntled about not getting the top gig then i highly doubt he would have stuck around.
  4. The biggest line I have taken out of this is the players feedback around this issue. Changes have been made based on feedback from staff and players. And the big one to come out of that was McCartney now won't be involved with match day commitments on a full time basis but instead will be at Casey working on development on players and coaches. Am I the only who sees this as players not wanting much of McCartney come game day? Apparently Rawlings is highly respected amongst the playing hence why now he has been given a full time role on match day.
  5. Sorry @Demonland I didn't see your thread and went and started my own. Feel free to merge mine in here.
  6. What's happened to Daniel Cross? I thought he was our rehab coach?
  7. https://amp.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-revamp-coaching-structure-mid-season-in-radical-move-20190618-p51ytz.html?__twitter_impression=true
  8. Oh ffs... of course this happens week after we play them ..
  9. Paul Roos wanted the Dom Tyson trade more then Taylor. He identified Tyson as a "future star" from watching him in his NEAFL days when he worked at the Sydney Swans Academy. The Toumpas instead of Wines was Todd Viney who was our recruiting manager for 12 months while we used that time to scout Jason Taylor. If we had kept Pick 2 we would have recruited Jack Billings who did his AIS program with us and thats where the interest started.
  10. Sorry but don't think we'll be seeing Koby in the red and blue in the near future.
  11. Stop it.. you are making far too much sense in this post 👏 Omac will be lucky to get another game this year if May and Lever put in those solid performance each week. They'll only get better with more match fitness too.
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