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  1. But Lewis didn't tell him to pull their heads in mate. It was more so around what to expect and to remain composed and low key as possible and not to change anything different. It was all new for them. They wouldn't have known what to expect if Lewis wasn't at the club. This year's results? Yep go your hardest, I have no issues with that. But potting the blokes leading into the finals is just pathetic.
  2. You are seriously finding excuses now to pot the players. He sent an email to all the players leading up to the finals to keep everything in check and not get over excited. This was after the West Coast game last year. They needed to be told because no one bar Nathan Jones and Lewis have not experience finals expectation before and it was a whole new territory for them. They needed an experience campaigner like Lewis to share his wealth of knowledge and experience on dealing with expectation. Without Lewis at the club, I reckon there would have been a fair chance Geelong would have knocked us out first final. Easy to pot these blokes when every single player was experiencing something they have never done before.
  3. In all saying that, it's a no from me in regards to Lyon
  4. So this so called division spoken from some random guy from an internet is now the results of having 2 co-captain?? C'mon mate, I'm not a fan of the co-captains system, but surely you are not making assumption based on the fact we have "2 captains". If this what you actually base this from, then whats your opinion on it when Sydney won premiership flag back in 2012 and 2005 when they had co captains system in place..
  5. Jordan has accepted a role at Fox Footy for next year.
  6. But it was his call. He even said in the press conference that the thought of playing on definitely crossed his mind, but then the thought of going through a whole pre season was just too much for him mentally.
  7. Did you just quote yourself to argue a point... to your self?? 🤔
  8. Gus aint going anywhere. Looking forward to watching the 2018 form of Gus back to his best again next year.
  9. He'll go to St Kilda.. That's how it works right?
  10. We are putting all of our energy into Ed Langdon and yet the likes of Zak Jones, Tom Papley Congilio will all just waltz straight past us to either So Kilda or Carlton.
  11. https://coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/afl/afl-2019-melbourne-registers-its-interest-in-jarryd-roughead-following-st-kilda-and-gold-coast/news-story/5c93fe639a99a64063fd32fae96dbf12?__twitter_impression=true
  12. Michael Warner just said saints heavily into Ben King.
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