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  1. Goodwin explained that players like Kosi...Vanders & Hannan weren’t available & now they are he has to work harder to get a game. He isn’t the great white hope & after all the heartbreak he has had with his calves ...I’m happy to go with the fitness team & play him when he’s ready ...
  2. Didn’t Steele get picked up before 7.30 am by police...I’d suggest a bit more than a six pack of beer !!
  3. I took a bit of time & had a good look at the team & the experience out there Backline: S May - 2019 - 8 games .-2020- 3 Lever - 2019- 8 (not all played with May) 2020 3 Smith -2017.3 2018-9 2019-0 2020 -3 Rivers -3 Lockhart -2019 12 2020 - 2 J Harmes- playing in new position .... E Langdon & Tomlinson ...3 games M Hannan - 2019 6 games - 2020 1 J Melksham -2019 12 games 2020 3 Vandenberg -2019 -0 games 2020 - 1 Pickett - 2 So 11 players have played very little football or had a severely impacted 2019. So yes we had an excellent pre season & now have 40 fit players. However how can you possibly expect a team to run out & be slick & polished when they HAVE to build confidence in each other & under game day conditions. Anyone who says they didn’t have a crack must obviously have watched another game. The team is vastly different than 2018 but I believe it will be a lot better! The coaches have to find the best team ...no proper VFL games to trial players but they also have to get games into all these players who are either new or have been injured. So why don’t we cool our jets & get a bit positive because it will turn. I definitely thought May & Lever looked better & Tom McDonalds game was also a definite improvement. He also only played 15 games last year. We all know how life has affected us ... footballers are people too ! Lever
  4. Just projecting a theory ...if ESS does lose their back 7 players & plays their next 2 games with a severely compromised team with the likelihood of 2 wins & massive % booster for their opponents ...what does that mean for the MFC who have had their game postponed & then will possibly have to play later in the season off shorter breaks to very likely a full strength ESS team . If this happens then it is definitely a truly “compromised” season !
  5. You could have had 100 goal seasons in the past but that means nothing if you’re not kicking them in the present season. If anything it’s even more unacceptable for Cameron because of his past history!
  6. At the moment...Jeremy Cameron says hi 😒it is & will be a bizarre season ...let’s give the players a bit of leeway for a few weeks ...
  7. At last ...some measured comments!
  8. Actually i agree with that. Watch it this morning without the emotion live & they definitely lifted especially the last two to three minutes !
  9. Just remember our first game was so long ago that it is really like picking a team for the first game of the season . We would probably all be happy that we are seeing our draft picks play early ...I’m looking at it like that anyway !
  10. Apologies...it was not meant in reply to your post ....I inadvertently did that ...
  11. Every club is locked down so find it hard to believe “you heard it on the grapevine” from anyone, Several teams have flown interstate under the same conditions & no one has had any complaints. Even if true ...everyone out there is living with a degree of fear & uncertainty so “poor form” to post that !!
  12. Playing five games in 3 weeks could suit us though !
  13. Jarrod Cameron & Tom Cole won’t play Round 1...
  14. Never agreed with him. Amazing insight into the club ...absolutely loved it. Nothing to do with “pushing our barrow” quite simply just showing us what they are putting in. Cornes jumped the gun on this one !!!
  15. Just watched the second win for our Women’s team... fantastic win against the other inaugural women’s team ...the Bulldogs. Thought the standard had definitely improved last year but found this game very enjoyable to watch. Are the skills there ...not yet ...but intent & willingness...100%...What I love...the passion for the jumper...something exciting happening this season ...Go Dees !!
  16. There is a podcast “Silent Waves” narrated by his sister which gives an insight into his life & possibly explains a bit more about him ...
  17. Conspiracy theory!! We made no excuses for our season because of injuries & then it comes out after...Bombers who have been hammered for so many issues...decide to get on front foot early...who knows ...they have a larger membership than us & maybe won’t be impacted so much ?
  18. May trade ...shocker??? Interesting to hear why...hmmmm
  19. Anzac Day & QB’s are ours so didn’t have that financial bonus in 2019 ??
  20. If you honestly believe that ...you are stating that the club you support is both dishonest & morally corrupt...god help us if we don’t have a good 2020...I can’t even begin to think of the the vitriol that will be posted 😩
  21. Absolutely...I am confident of next year & regard my membership as just a way of supporting the club I choose to follow ...unfortunately in life sometimes things don’t go the way you wish but I could never support another club
  22. What it says to me is that our club is an attractive proposition to someone who could basically go anywhere. Please don’t say he’s coming because of $... you have to have passion & belief in the club you are coming to. He would have been made aware of what happened pre-season & must obviously see & understand what has actually happened with our playing list . Whether we like it or not ...we will never be privy to all that has gone on & I am fine with that but appointments like this tell me that the club is working very hard to give us credibility & stability for the future.
  23. Hannan spent half the season out...can’t believe that Garlett played worse than last year...Spargo hopefully second year blues...McDonald well documented & ANB a front runner...good when the team is good. No earth shattering news there.
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