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  1. There is a podcast “Silent Waves” narrated by his sister which gives an insight into his life & possibly explains a bit more about him ...
  2. Conspiracy theory!! We made no excuses for our season because of injuries & then it comes out after...Bombers who have been hammered for so many issues...decide to get on front foot early...who knows ...they have a larger membership than us & maybe won’t be impacted so much ?
  3. May trade ...shocker??? Interesting to hear why...hmmmm
  4. Anzac Day & QB’s are ours so didn’t have that financial bonus in 2019 ??
  5. If you honestly believe that ...you are stating that the club you support is both dishonest & morally corrupt...god help us if we don’t have a good 2020...I can’t even begin to think of the the vitriol that will be posted 😩
  6. Absolutely...I am confident of next year & regard my membership as just a way of supporting the club I choose to follow ...unfortunately in life sometimes things don’t go the way you wish but I could never support another club
  7. What it says to me is that our club is an attractive proposition to someone who could basically go anywhere. Please don’t say he’s coming because of $... you have to have passion & belief in the club you are coming to. He would have been made aware of what happened pre-season & must obviously see & understand what has actually happened with our playing list . Whether we like it or not ...we will never be privy to all that has gone on & I am fine with that but appointments like this tell me that the club is working very hard to give us credibility & stability for the future.
  8. Hannan spent half the season out...can’t believe that Garlett played worse than last year...Spargo hopefully second year blues...McDonald well documented & ANB a front runner...good when the team is good. No earth shattering news there.
  9. Venders has basically had his heel rebuilt...can’t pin this on Misson ...no one can predict how any injury will stand up to the rigours of AFL football. Vanders literally doesn’t walk a step more than what he is told to. Because of the nature of the injury I worry we won’t see him again which will be a tragedy not only for Vanders but also for the MFC. Clubs take punts on players because if they come off ...it’s a big win. Right now you have Hogan with his foot ...done, Kent with a quad...done, Tyson with a calf & other injuries...Ben Reid ...gone again ...& there’s plenty more. I for one don’t regret re-signing Vanders & hope we see him at some stage in the red & the blue !
  10. What an amazingly insensitive post...no wonder Sam went to some dark places if he was reading this type of thing !!
  11. Sigh...such predictable negativity...I would imagine they would completely understand the vagaries of Business ...matters that are sometimes just out of your control no matter how smart you are or how much talent you have ...I’m sure they can see the bigger picture ...to quote an oldie but a goodie ...”Rome wasn’t built in a day “ !
  12. In a prelim final...i saw in person our team get thrashed and humiliated. Tonight on the couch I saw a very young team who pretty much had travelled from the Gold Coast with a stop over in Melb to pick up a few players head onto Perth and play 6 days later. With most predictions of thrashing’s and mental scarring ...we got a team that played three and a half quarters, but inexperience and lack of class just showed in the end. We were by far the better team and I was pretty happy with Petty and Baker ...the continued form of Lockhart and Hore, def Max’s best game and also thought Brayshaw, Oliver, Hunt, Harmes and T McDonald continued to also improve. Frost and O McDonald were def not disgraced and others that are probably not best 22 but because of injury are in the team....were probably the difference between winning and losing. If we hadn’t had such a bad start to the season we would have probably been quite happy with the result. There were some appalling umpiring decisions and some appalling shots on goals but whilst i am extremely disappointed I am also extremely excited. ou
  13. Possibly still recovering from preseason major ankle surgery & problems with knee ? Like many of our players he is having his preseason in the season
  14. I spent over $2000 to watch the prelim final ...get over your self ...I don’t regret a cent ...first game ...always going to be up against after our preseason...21 more games to go !!!
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