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  1. Went along as it was close to home. Ground undergoing significant development but pleasingly there's a lot of seating that isn't up in the stand...just seats built into the terraces. Works well. Sausage was burnt, pie was good. Didn't try the lager on top but regularly buy Coburg lager from the local IGA. Its good stuff. Of the MFC boys: -Lewis. Played mostly well, it's either that the team has been told to play through him or he just gets himself open in the right spots, so got a ton of the pill. Either way, his kicking i50 was a highlight. Had a poor final quarter though, began to get caught in traffic and started lining blokes up as he is prone to do. In quite a few situations went for a headhigh bump instead of tackle and was lucky not to connect. Also squibbed a couple of high balls. A good game, not a promotion earning game, but we know his output can be good on his day. -Wagner. Always looks good at this level where he uses his speed and footskills to create. Looks like he knows his better than this and would love to see him bring this confidence to the 1s. However, his best position is definitely as a centre man and I think he's just too slight to ever be damaging at AFL level. Even in VFL, if he gets tackled he pretty much gets pinned for HTB 80% of the time. -Maynard. Opposite to CWag, holds his ground and frame very strongly in the contest and as a result is a key inside distributor at this level. You can tell he's been trained in a good inside midfield AFL setup. Also went forward and pleasingly took a number of good marks where his size stood out. However, for the most part his kicking and decision making lets him down in either finding a teammate or having a shot. But this isn't new news. Is good depth and good to have around a VFL team because he's a good player at this level. Wouldn't be surprised if Casey sign him upon MFC delisting like old mate mitch white. -Dunkley. I watched his VFL debut against Werribee and missed his day out against Collingwood...fair to say he's gotten used to the level from Werribee when he looked off the pace. For a 19 year old he has good size and the confidence to take on tacklers with a decent little sidestep. Is a long kicking player who fits a part time HF / midfield role quite well. There's something to like here no doubt, he seems to have good game sense and spatial awareness and a good inside/outside mix. Will get a game for the Ds at some point this year. He is a natural VDB replacement at a good age without the sheer pace and power, but a bit more craft. Doesn't have Hannans X factor so can't really replace Mitch in the 1s just yet. Saw he kicked a goal in the stats, must have been Casey's first as I did arrive late. Was pleased to see him blocking intelligently for Wagner at a number of stoppages to try and get Corey loose. -Chandler. Is a busy little player who seems to have a thirst for it and good ball skills, but I worry he's just not quick enough to have the weapons required at the top level at his size. A handy player at this level. May have gotten injured as I didn't see him after half time. -Bedford. With a year or two I think this kid might be playing in the 1s. Has some stuff to learn and isn't as skilled as I would like on the run on the outside, but you can see he knows how and when to use his natural pace, but in an unusual kind burst at the contest kind of way. Wins more than his fair share of contests and 1%s for a kid his size and is a willing tackler. Has some spunk and was very happy with his final qtr goal after getting a bit of stick from the very game Coburg crowd. -Bradtke. Is extremely raw in every sense and is out of most contests until the ball is in the air. Is half as thin as those defending him but reads the ball very well mid flight and takes or almost takes most things that come his way. Got the MFC boys in the stand very excited when he nearly took a mark in the goal square before kicking it over his head for a goal. Popular amongst the group it seems. -Keilty. Again, a very good player at this level and is a real leader in this team. Important all day around the ground with his marking/spoiling and tackling. Had one particularly outstanding smother on the half forward flank when Coburg were coming. Has a lot of attributes and with luck will be a Pedersen style journeyman, though his versatility may cost him like it did with Cam. Not brilliant at anything, but good to very good at lots. -Preuss. Absolutely dominated the ruck all day, a number of handy hitouts as well as a strong marking performance particularly in the 1st half. Despite this, I can see why he isn't getting a game beyond structural issues. A number of times at opposition kick outs he would sprint toward the wrong flank and the opposition would just go the other direction to avoid him. Because he only really has one burst in him he then very slowly works his way back across the ground, letting his Coburg man run off him in the process. The lack of tank is an issue they need to fix, and combine that with a bit of game knowledge. Nonetheless, a big strong player who makes the opposition worried. We are lucky to have him as depth. Whilst I don't think he deserves a call up necessarily, old Oscar Mc for Brisbane of Casey of old took a bunch of contested marks against the saints with Stefan Martin playing ruck 1, so this may be a week for Brayden to come in. -KK. Is very slowly getting back into footy. With time and space you can see he has the class and seems to have good running patterns that result in him receiving a lot of ball in threatening overlap positions. However, constantly misweights his kicks and misses targets. Conditions difficult yes, but a stark contrast to Lewis who hits most targets with a quick hand to ball drop. Isn't particularly great in the contest considering his stock but I he was steak knives for a reason. Has a way to go, I hope he doesn't get an MFC game anytime soon. For his sake, needs to have a good run of consistency at this level and hit the targets he should have the skill to hit. -Spargo. Charlie had a bit of a tough day. We know he's a good tackler for his size but when he gets it, seems to want to put a few steps on defenders with misdirection but invariably gets tackled and HTB. Happened several times. Has a bit too much instruction flowing through his head which is natural for a stint of 2nd year blues. Was called out at 3qtr time as someone who needed to give a bigger effort and he responding by Grassing a sitter in the goal square when Casey needed a goal after a well weighted pass from Maynard. Having an ordinary year. -JKH. Thought he was clearly in the top 3 on ground, was kicking with purpose and is noticeable he has better stamina at this level than most. Halved a number of contests he had no right to and generally ran hard and linked up all day, hit a lot of targets. May get a call up if a mystery injury to a mid/HFF happens. At this stage, I probably prefer him to ANB to be honest. -Jordon. Was very young when we drafted him and they've thrown him to the wolves by playing him in the guts for a number of weeks now. Gives his all against bigger bodies and is tougher than I thought he would be. The flipside is his kicking isn't what it is renowned for. Nonetheless, needs a couple of years down here and may be a player one day. Appears very coachable and compliant. Think that's everyone. The MFC boys were there in good numbers with no noticeable limps (I checked Viney as he pulled up in the last few minutes on Saturday). Frost very generous with his time to a number of passer-bys. Jetta part of defensive huddles. Baker seems in with the cool group of Oliver/harmes/petracca ....can only be mostly good for him to feel apart of that midfield. Lever there I think for the dual purpose of seeing the team and watching I think his brother Tyson no.7 for Coburg? Tyson seemed popular win the local Coburg supporters but wasn't overly impressive as an undersized left footed key back I thought.
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    In the corresponding game last year,if I recall correctly watts kicked 4, petracca kicked 3 or 4, Garlett 3 and hannan 2. Only one of those guys is playing today. Concerned about our ability to kick a big enough score today
  3. This place is bizarre. We have one semi encouraging win against one of the favourites for the bottom 4 and all of a sudden 9/10 on here tip a huge win. The hawks are a serious step up in on field and in box quality and form wise, have had probably the best start to the season (maybe other than port). I'm hopeful we can win but think it will be close. Worried about their speed off the wing (Smith impey) and in the forward line (breust puopolo) whilst our smaller defenders seem in poor form (no hunt hurts in this one). Think they will beat us by 3 goals.
  4. I have been saying for some time (not on here necessarily) that if we are on a premiership journey, this will be 'the year we had to have', ala Richmond 2016 or St Kilda 2017. Not saying St Kilda will win the flag this year but I expect them to be in the 6. Save for inaccurate kicking they would have been in the 8 last year, I have no idea why the media has joined our wagon instead of theirs. The football public and media has extremely short memories. As to why this won't be our year (I predict a finish of 11th-13th) I can't entirely put my finger on it. Too much expectation, not enough proven. I think so long as our weapons and best players week in week out have less than 100 or 50 games (Trac, Gawn, Oliver, Hogan), its simply not going to happen. Definitely not in a finals series if we do indeed get there. These players will remain inconsistent and can't be relied upon to win games. I expect Hunt to regress significantly, Lever to have a very difficult year, Hannan and Jeffy to regress, ANB to regress,as well as a gradual decline in the value of Vince and Lewis and to a lesser extent Hibberd who after a year off will struggle physically with the cumulative effect of 2 seasons plus the pre season. I see continued improvement from Harmes, Oscar, Brayshaw, Frost and not particularly many others. Viney if he can get on the park. Add Goodwins second year blues and continued emotional education on how to handle his players, plus improvement across a number of other teams like Freo, perhaps Port,Hawthorn, Essendon and St Kilda as mentioned and I see a 7-8 win season as most likely. Tom McDonald will also leave at the end of the year as a FA. Despite the above, I think next year will more likely be the one we make a leap, though the key players I mentioned will still be too inexperienced. We are told continually progress is not linear yet that is exactly what we are expecting - linear growth. Some will say this is very negative and I hope I'm wrong on all fronts except the players improving. Just the way I see it.
  5. You must be some negotiator mate - anyone who disagrees with you is told to sit down and shut up. Nice. You're clearly running with your own narrative on this, aligning it with previous failures of the club, and I doubt I could convince you of anything otherwise, so good luck finding peace with the decision. I know I have very quickly. We have put Jack on the table and to those who have asked why, been upfront that for a senior player of his experience, his inconsistency is unacceptable. How this equates to dragging him through the mud or 'dismissing' him, I have no idea. And yes, in the recent past we have kept inconsistent senior players, and have not used their inconsistency as a catalyst or excuse to trade. That recent past has also been extremely unsuccessful. I don't think that's a coincidence so I for one am pleased the club is taking a harsher stance. But hey, my opinion isnt as valid as yours is it?
  6. I don't post here very often but this appalling post has motivated me to do so. I don't think any of us here know the full extent of this story so for you to come out and attack Mahoney's and Goodwin's character in defence of Watts, using his apparent 'loyalty' as an excuse - is really poor. He has been a well paid employee over this time and appears to be (see how I don't portray this as fact?) the type of character who was happy to go along for the ride, or do the easy thing. You have no idea if Jack has always had the best interests of the MFC at heart. Zero idea. If he did, he certainly had a strange way of showing it by in my view picking and choosing when to perform. The one thing we have been told is that after 9 years and 150 games, his inconsistency cannot be tolerated any longer. Given we failed as a club this year due to inconsistency (was not rd23's fault, not Adelaide's fault, but the losses to NM x2,freo,haw that stood between us and top 4 - let alone finals), i think that whether they are right or wrong on Jack it is clear they are trying to address why we came up short. That is their role and they should not be attacked for it or have their motives questioned. Personally, I had held some hope he would stay and turn it around, but his little video he has released eroded that hope and replaced it with anger. Lovely for him to respond to a young concerned supporter yes, but to use that as a chance to overlay a swipe at the club and go on to essentially pisstake the club (my interpretation, others may differ) left me furious. How many other 26/27 year old 150 game players would release that when moving clubs? Compare to Jarman Impey's message to PA supporters - classy and gracious. Jack's approach to me is childish and immature. Perhaps that is why he is so well loved, perhaps it is also why he's always been inconsistent. There have been a few other indicators of this over the journey. Do keep in mind Paul Roos was in a highly fortuitous position during his tenure. He was to be judged only a little on wins, moreso observed cultural change. He needed to build mateship and unity - I have little doubt Jack is top notch in these areas. We are through that stage and now need to break the ceiling. Evidently the FD think Jack, who appears to have developed so poorly and slowly on field and arguably (per video) off it, is not the best exponent of the breakthrough year. Whether we make top 4 next year will have nothing to do with Jack, and him thriving elsewhere will not mean this was a bad decision.
  7. May be nothing, but flying home at 930 last night and Hunt was on the flight. Looked to have quite the swollen right cheek/jaw area. Not a lot of bruising but certainly looked odd. Who knows, could have been chewing gum but the way he flew alone sunday night made me wonder if he spent Saturday night in hospital with a cheekbone injury. Ben Brown was also on the flight sitting with the common folk. Dresses like a bum! Good player though.
  8. What are those outcomes out of interest? Its sunday and I'm feeling lazy.
  9. Talk of trading Frost is both wrong and highly disrespectful. He is a key reason we are doing as well as we are. There is no other KPD in the comp like him, he's unique and he's ours.
  10. Has stepped up when needed. Great respect 

  11. I love him but this is a bit much. Daniher is still young and if he can sort his kicking will absolutely be a great. Far more weapons than jesse too and a much more difficult match up. Lynch is already the closest thing to Carey we've seen for a while. Wills his team all the way and does it all. Special player.
  12. Smith may be named as we will need HBFs once lewis and or vince go in the guts.
  13. Bizarre. The overrating of our list on this board is absurd... I post about the opposition's 10 best players and you think I am overrating them? Like us, their issue is their bottom 6 and their depth. Ours has managed to play reasonably well this year, fitting in to a good attacking gamestyle. Their bottom 6 is average (see N Graham) and they play a heavily defensive gamestyle which won't win them many games but is keeping them in the hunt. All I am saying is it would be foolish to underestimate them. You can bet Goodwin and the club view it the same way I do. Consider that your reaction to my listing of their top 10 is how every non dees supporter reacted to David King's article about us.
  14. I hate this attitude. Yes they are their 3 best players. But consider: -kreuzer beats gawn at the best of times. If max stinks it up like he did on Friday, this will go a long way to winning them the game. -the trio of weitering plowman marchbank is a good young hungry backline. Whoever plays forward out of tom mac watts hogan if fit is going to be double and triple teamed by these 3 given our lack of firepower -kade simpson is a jet -sam docherty will be the dual AA hbf at the end of the year. If he was ours we'd be putting him in brownlow contention. -charlie curnow is going places -matthew wright is always good for 2 or 3, even with jetta on him -casboult can now kick in addition to being the best mark in the league. I could go on. Carlton are 2 years away from being a serious serious threat if they can keep gibbs. They are doing great things under Bolton.
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