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  1. Embarrassing....Richmond ended up with half a side and we still cant do anything
  2. Have we sacked Goodwin yet? Horrific team to watch whatever we had in 2018 is long gone and we are getting worse under him
  3. We've been unwatchable for too long now, something has to change
  4. After least after last week we should be fresh to run it out hard in the second half
  5. I remember being in tears over this and prepared to quit footy forever as a young bloke if the merger went through....in time we probably would have got used to it to some extent but despite the fact we've been pretty horrific for most of the decades since Im glad it didnt happen
  6. Yes but we better win another win that we can all attend!
  7. So weird I won't be gearing up the go watch the Mighty Demons in 2 weeks making the journey to my second home at the MCG....barely missed a game in 25+ years like a lot of us on here...its only just sunk in this morning....
  8. This season's just about done and dusted before it even begins, might be earliest ever we've all said bring on next year
  9. sisso


    Be nice to know what hes actually done to his foot this time
  10. sisso


    Any word from the club yet on this "precautionary" foot bruising injury...?
  11. sisso


    Every year he plays in pre-season and breaks down again...says on the AFL website it could be 6-8....
  12. sisso


    Doesn’t sound promising given his history....
  13. For whatever reason a win over Collingwood always feels the sweetest and a loss hurts even more....but I hate em all
  14. Who else apart from Weed and Vanders?
  15. Some perspective we’ve beaten Hawthorn, Adelaide and North in pre season none of whom look like they are going to be any good this year. Hawks in particular could be rubbish you can’t avoid the draft and top up with ready mades forever eventually you have to invest in the best kids....
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