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  1. We should. We’ve played one finals series in 13 seasons and finished bottom 4 god knows how many times.
  2. It’s hard to believe it’s the same side that played dynamic attacking football last year when you look at the dross we are serving up now. Hesitant, non-skilled barely watchable garbage. Players can’t execute basic kicks and handballs it’s like a bunch of park footballers out there
  3. I’m still nervous about playing Lever at ACL Stadium...
  4. Imagine how much money they’d need to pay Clarrie to go play for that disaster of a club in front of 7000 fans every week....be an Ablett size deal at least
  5. Nobody who has supported Melbourne for more than 5 years believes this sorry
  6. its a quandary for sure...Preuss looks like he could be a decent no 1 ruckman but obviously he isn't going to play that role for us unless Max is injured. But if we trade him we have no one else in the event that Max is injured...can they both play in the same side? Seeing as finals are long gone now is surely the time to find out.
  7. Not sure if I’d play Lever this week: Marvel is cursed it’s ACL central...
  8. Utterly meaningless game today....but decided to go along anyway despite being hospitalised with a fairly serious issue 2 weeks ago (after the win over Freo funnily enough)....what else have I got to do with my Sunday eh? Looking forward to see Kyle debut if nothing else!
  9. For his lightening pace and ability to keep his feet in the contest
  10. Lewis...yep this will end well...
  11. I’m always happy if we win: we’ve never been good enough in my near 40 years of supporting to take a win for granted
  12. Because of a complete lack of awareness. He came back after a year out with practically no match conditioning, which would no doubt have seriously affected his feel for the game. To expect him to be switched on in the seniors in his return game defied common sense with the lack of prep he had. It was a desperate decision from a coach equally desperate for a win. It should not have happened. THIS Yep exactly we have been panicked time and again by absurd and ill advised selections over and over again. There is NO system to our selections at all. Max should not play Sunday with Ankle issues Jones should not play Sunday with Calf issues Lever should be put into cotton wool maybe for the rest of the year. I thought Baker was OK and being our future should get an extended run in the ones In spite of all the negative opinions of JKH he has been our best player in the twos for two weeks, surely you must reward form? Both Wagners are not up to standard and it is laughable Oscar even gets named. I would just like to know the inner workings of selection because to an outsider it appears all to be the stuff of Ouija boards and random guesswork! I've given up trying to understand selection, generally it defies all logic, its almost as if they are trying to do everything possible to ensure we don't win games of football. I'd half expect Max to be out this week and Preuss to also not get a game just because....that's the sort of thing we would do
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