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  1. as long as he ends up as good a player as what we think he can be
  2. Not sure how anyone could possibly be saying he's going to be a fail if we go for him at pick 3 when he hasn't even entered the AFL system! Just as likely the opposite occurs and the guy we get at 3 instead is a nice solid footballer and Jackson goes on to become a game breaking superstar
  3. Wouldn't completely disregard Brown as a backup for 1 season at ether end, considering our key position players are quite injury prone...Walker would have been better but is going to North
  4. Agree have to bid on him if he’s a good as everyone is saying. No matter how many inside mids we have if he ended up a Cripps level dominant force you’d happily have him.
  5. Spotting a new Jag on the road is a fairly rare event At that price point most people buy a BMW
  6. Please let his calves hold together over pre-season....we've had such bad luck with injuries over the last 10 years, but getting a player of Harley's calibre fit and firing would be a big turnaround and amazing for our side
  7. I remember being at that game in 2012 he tore us a new one...back in the dark Mark Neeld era and we copped a pasting from the Suns at home EDIT - actually might have been a different game according to records we won that one!
  8. I assume we could just sign him as a delisted FA
  9. If he passes the medical we definitely should take the risk: ridiculously talented player
  10. Its nearly worth taking him just to give Carlton the s**ts.....Collingwood or Richmond wouldn't hesitate, why are we so damn nice??
  11. Perhaps we just don't want to pay him $700k+ PA...makes sense to me
  12. Martin for free would be a dream result, but you can bet Carlscum will do some salary\contract manipulation to scare us off
  13. Fair enough, but in that case for you games at the G are interstate
  14. How could any MELBOURNE supporter actually want us to play home games interstate....??
  15. Yes, now I can go to even more footy and escape my children! (who should be coming with me really) Great news
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