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  1. We should try and get as much out of this year before even worrying about 2020 I think: no guarantees we wont have as many injuries/form issues next year.
  2. Would be an epic win with our giant list of unavailable players, I think we are too young and inexperienced tonight to get close in this one.
  3. Agree... no Preuss when he played well in the VFL, has looked good in his couple of AFL matches this year and we need Max in defence....weird selections again
  4. Jeepers its the midfield and a skeleton crew
  5. Only one problem: Tim Smith is 1/20th as good a footballer as Melk is
  6. Max will also need to push back at every opportunity to support the defence in the air and stand in the hole in front of their leading forwards. Need Preuss to come in to do the forward half ruckwork (as well as play as a marking target himself of course)
  7. Stopping Kennedy, Darling, Ryan, Cripps etc from kicking a cricket score is going to be a monumental effort with our outs
  8. We are in a world of pain with injuries to our best players. Luckily the midfield is mainly there but missing a lot of quality at both ends of the field - need to turn the game into the ugliest defensive slogfest of all time and pray we find a way to scrape over the line by a point again
  9. Can we actually assemble a full team for this weeks game??
  10. I would have thought any finals experience our team can get is better than none, and will benefit the team in future whether we can win the flag this season or not. Otherwise what's the point of even bothering with the rest of the year just put everyone in for surgery and phone it in.
  11. We should get the job done in a scrappy game by about 20 points. Similar to the Sydney game
  12. My Dad and I watched it in the 90s, he used to get a laugh out of the first 30 mins then fall asleep....it was entertaining back in the day but it's day was a long time ago
  13. Another week of hmmmm selections, ANB was far from our worst last week....Wagner or Lewis were more deserving of a run in the VFL
  14. Surely no reason to risk Viney if he is in any doubt whatsoever - we have plenty of contested ball winners to match it with whoever Gold Coast have, if Harmes, Brayshaw, Oliver, Jones etc can't get it done in midfield we're in big trouble anyway.
  15. The thing that concerns me the most is it's not just any footy parent criticizing the club, it's a former 100 game AFL player who would know a fair but about injury management considering his own career was plagued with injury. Is he still upset with Melbourne over how his own injuries including several concussions were managed? Will Joel still be at the club next season? A bit to play out here...
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