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  1. I was there yesterday, my 2c, Jackson is FAST....glides across the ground he looks something special, small for a ruckman at this stage at least though....presents more like a big midfielder.
  2. Hopefully not out for 4-cyst
  3. These fluff pieces dont worry me what are they gonna say “yep we’re going to dish up much the same rubbish as we have for the last 15 seasons...”
  4. I’d have finally beating North for the first time in about 13 seasons in there somewhere
  5. It’s a fail if we don’t make the 8. I think we will unless we end up with the same injury run as last year.
  6. Promising reports, at least we have a MUCH fitter squad than the same time last pre-season, just need to injury gods to be kind as we get closer to the proper stuff...
  7. No issue with Jackson at #3 as a player, go home factor is the concern.
  8. May and Lever as our 2 main defenders gasp....can we possibly expect them to get though a decent chunk of the season uninjured....?
  9. Not sure i’ll be able to sleep until I know that Clarry’s ok
  10. Why did Essendon not give him another year anyway, seems a solid player. Considering how injury prone all our talls have been lately I think it’s a smart move.
  11. as long as he ends up as good a player as what we think he can be
  12. Not sure how anyone could possibly be saying he's going to be a fail if we go for him at pick 3 when he hasn't even entered the AFL system! Just as likely the opposite occurs and the guy we get at 3 instead is a nice solid footballer and Jackson goes on to become a game breaking superstar
  13. Wouldn't completely disregard Brown as a backup for 1 season at ether end, considering our key position players are quite injury prone...Walker would have been better but is going to North
  14. Agree have to bid on him if he’s a good as everyone is saying. No matter how many inside mids we have if he ended up a Cripps level dominant force you’d happily have him.
  15. Spotting a new Jag on the road is a fairly rare event At that price point most people buy a BMW
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