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  1. Thanks for all the hard work guys.
  2. If anything this season has taught us is that the team is greater than the individual. If you're going to replace someone in the team, with a replacement that's not significantly better (i.e. Viney) then there's we're going backwards. no change!
  3. Gutted but we played a good hard game. Hawkins was possessed and the difference.
  4. Great article on vanders and mckenna. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-07-14/how-injury-helped-turn-demons-into-best-mates Amazing to come back of so long and still be in good touch.
  5. vans

    Mr Jones

    His game was ok not terrible, but the team plays taller around him. He mentors oliver and brayshaw having him in there for another season or two is critical. Come september he is the base these kids will build on.
  6. jebus that was a great game by tom mac v wc. Bring on 2018!
  7. Arrived late but stayed till the end to watch Gawn put in an extra 20 mins of marking / running, after which Gawn then stayed and signed jumpers for another 30 mins. The bloke is a legend and can't wait to see him back out there. There was merch / coffee and a great vibe for the morning, this for me shows how far the club has come in recent years even more so than our on-field progress.
  8. I havn't seen a melbourne team have a crack like that for a long time. Pitty about the result would have been handy to have pedo in the team in hindsight.
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