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  1. Where did it actually say there is only going to be one set of goal/point posts ?? Never seen a half-oval ala half-court in b-ball. Bartlett’s article simply said there wouldn’t be a fence, just goal/point posts. Seems one poster has merely misinterpreted this. Happy to be proven wrong, but no point getting in a state over a half oval when that’s not the case. Yarra Park leaves Goschs for dead - bring on the facility/training ground (full size - 2 posts)
  2. http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/vfl-probes-clash-between-casey-demons-coach-justin-plapp-and-werribee-fan/news-story/81f5ebba346b112a4206583f1baf7c87 Anyone see this ? Pappy involved in a 'clash' with Ex-Werribee player...
  3. This is great. To be fair to Slobbo, he did emphasize that both Jordy and Hoges at least were front on with their hits yet the elbow and knee from Thompson was DIRTY. Frustrating that our players copped harsher reprimands when those cheapshots during North V Geee-long got next to nothing.
  4. I don't get stuck into Caro as much as most people, but her article states that Goody is the 28th Melbourne Coach when he's the 31st. Sloppy journalism.
  5. Can anyone who watched the game reveal if we were wearing the Scorps jumpers or was it the new Dees colours VFL jumper ?
  6. Amazing, exceeded everyone's expectations I'm sure. Is it wrong im still annoyed they didn't boot two more?
  7. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/womens-afl/daisy-pearce-melbourne-demons-womens-team-is-truly-a-part-of-the-club-20170316-guzcxb.html Ripper article by Dais
  8. Agree. It's highly unlikely, next to impossible. Which makes it all the more sweeter if it were to happen!!!!!!
  9. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/aflw/melbourne-star-karen-paxman-is-a-favourite-to-the-win-aflw-best-and-fairest-but-doesnt-watch-afl/news-story/89293c9679a55f77174a4e86a0886002 Great article on Karen Paxman “Definitely. I feel like if we had another chance against Brisbane (we would win),” Paxman says. “My opinion is, we’re the best team in the competition and I think we can definitely win. Hope Kazza doesn't have to eat her words, but I love the confidence.
  10. Saturday’s match kicks off at 4.35pm AEDT and will be broadcast live nationally on Fox Footy from 4.30pm. Melbourne AFLW team: round seven Backs: Jasmine Grierson, Mia-Rae Clifford, Katherine Smith Half Backs: Daisy Pearce, Laura Duryea, Richelle Cranston Centres: Harriet Cordner Half Forwards: Karen Paxman, Alyssa Mifsud, Lily Mithen Forwards: Sarah Lampard, Shelley Scott, Cat Phillips Followers: Lauren Pearce, Mel Hickey, Elise O’Dea Interchange: Emma Humphries, Maddie Boyd, Aliesha Newman, Ainslie Kemp, Brooke Patterson, Deanna Berry Emergencies: Pepa Randall, Jessica Anderson Unavailable/injured: Stephanie De Bortoli, Meg Downie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This could either be our last game of the season or the second last depending on how things go. For those who remember the Melbourne V Brisbane exhibition match at the MCG last year will also remember our score being 91-20 in our favour. Yes - it was an all-star Melbourne side against an extremely weak Lions outfit, but jeeez if we managed to repeat that score this weekend then we are a lock to make history and make the inaugural AFLW Grand Final (not to mention it will be the first granny this club has appeared in for 16/17 years). If we win by 70 points, this will boost our percentage over Adelaide's. If Adelaide win though, and by a large margin, then the boost won't really have an impact. As disgusting as it is, we have to hope that the filth beat the Crows next week. This will be the most likely scenario to see the Melbourne Football Club contend for the 2017 AFLW flag. We have Brooke Patterson coming back who has been quite a handy player and may provide some fresh legs for the side who pushed it to the absolute limit last week in Darwin. What's not in our favour is Freo coming off of a win and bringing that confidence in this week. Don't think they will be used to playing at Casey and also do not think they will match our confidence, team unity, etc. Adelaide would also be feeling the effects from the last round and on top of this they have to travel again to VIC to play the filth at their home ground. The scumbags have come off a large win last week and are on a run, and me thinks that their ego will want them to get a big scalp in Adelaide and end their season. Will be very disappointing and very Melbourne-like to throw in the towel and lose on Saturday, but I am confident that we are going to absolutely belt the living christ out of the Dockers and barge our way into the granny. Dees by 70 (or at least we win/crows lose).
  11. That was frightening yet amazing. We're still in it, just need Crows to lose again next week and we need to demolish Freo to boost %
  12. 2017 NAB AFL Women’s Competition – Round 6 Adelaide Crows v MelbourneTIO Stadium, DarwinSaturday 11 March, 5.40pm Gates Gates open 3.45pm CST Access and Ticketing This is a non-ticketed event. Entry is free from 3.45pm! TV Times The match will be broadcast live nationally on Channel 7 and Fox Footy from 7.00pm EDT. Social Media Keep up-to-date on game day with our live coverage of the game on Twitter (@melbournefc) and follow the hashtag #AFLWCrowsDeesGet a behind-the-scenes insight into the day by following us on Instagram (@melbournefc), liking us on Facebook (facebook.com/melbournefc) and adding us as a ‘friend’ on Snapchat (melbourne_fc). Melbourne AFLW team: round five Backs: Jasmine Grierson, Mia-Rae Clifford, Katherine Smith Half Backs: Daisy Pearce, Laura Duryea, Richelle Cranston Centres: Harriet Cordner Half Forwards: Karen Paxman, Alyssa Mifsud, Lily Mithen Forwards: Sarah Lampard, Shelley Scott, Cat Phillips Followers: Lauren Pearce, Mel Hickey, Elise O’Dea Interchange: Emma Humphries, Maddie Boyd, Aliesha Newman, Ainslie Kemp, Deanna Berry, Elise Strachan Emergences: Sarah Jolly, Jessican Anderson In: Scott, Strachan Out: Anderson, Jolly Unavailable/injured: Stephanie De Bortoli, Meg Downie, Brooke Patterson, Pepa Randall --------------------------------------------------- Was apprehensive about this week's preview after Round 5's loss to GWS, but it brings me great joy to say that Carlton lost against Freo. This is the first step in our last attempt at making the granny. If Adelaide lose in Round 7 and we win against freo then we will have made it to a Grand Final position. We MUST outshine our performances in Rounds 2, 3 and 4 and really bring it to Adelaide otherwise we are officially done for the season and next week's match against Fremantle won't count for much. Adelaide are a good team, we all know the hype surrounding Erin Phillips and Sarah Perkins. I've got the feeling though that with their backs against the wall, Daisy & Co will take it up a level and get the chocolates. Dais is much better than Erin and I hope to christ she puts this on display for the National TV audience on a Saturday night. Perkins is a good forward, so I'm not sure the best defensive approach for her. Expose her lack of fitness or put either a Duryea or Rocky on her and curb her impact? Must also watch out for Chelsea Randall, she's like their Karen Paxman. We don't play well in the wet, but this will be muggy conditions and I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the players wearing gloves. Shelly Scott is back in the team this week after she stuffed her shoulder, we really missed her last week. We're also going to play Elise Strachan, hope to see some of that brilliant kicking action. It's a big event for Adelaide in that a large number of their list actually live in Darwin and don't train week to week with the rest of the players in Adelaide. They will want to put on a show in their 2nd home town, but I think this is their biggest weakness. While Bec Goddard may have been coaching well up to this point, that group surely would not have the close, tight-knit bond that the Dees girls do and we might just have that added edge of wanting to play for each other just that bit extra. Melbourne to get the win over the Crows. Hopefully by a large amount to boost percentage. Go Dees - let's keep the premiership hopes alive. P.S. Great videos of Irish and Rocky this week on the website. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2017-03-10/breakthrough-stories-richelle-rocky-cranston http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2017-03-06/breakthrough-story-laura-duryea
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