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  1. Think it's a style thing that's developed over time, "+" looks better than "&" to the young-ins
  2. From Steven May’s insta story
  3. Where did it actually say there is only going to be one set of goal/point posts ?? Never seen a half-oval ala half-court in b-ball. Bartlett’s article simply said there wouldn’t be a fence, just goal/point posts. Seems one poster has merely misinterpreted this. Happy to be proven wrong, but no point getting in a state over a half oval when that’s not the case. Yarra Park leaves Goschs for dead - bring on the facility/training ground (full size - 2 posts)
  4. http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/vfl-probes-clash-between-casey-demons-coach-justin-plapp-and-werribee-fan/news-story/81f5ebba346b112a4206583f1baf7c87 Anyone see this ? Pappy involved in a 'clash' with Ex-Werribee player...
  5. This is great. To be fair to Slobbo, he did emphasize that both Jordy and Hoges at least were front on with their hits yet the elbow and knee from Thompson was DIRTY. Frustrating that our players copped harsher reprimands when those cheapshots during North V Geee-long got next to nothing.
  6. I don't get stuck into Caro as much as most people, but her article states that Goody is the 28th Melbourne Coach when he's the 31st. Sloppy journalism.
  7. Can anyone who watched the game reveal if we were wearing the Scorps jumpers or was it the new Dees colours VFL jumper ?
  8. Amazing, exceeded everyone's expectations I'm sure. Is it wrong im still annoyed they didn't boot two more?
  9. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/womens-afl/daisy-pearce-melbourne-demons-womens-team-is-truly-a-part-of-the-club-20170316-guzcxb.html Ripper article by Dais
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