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  1. What suburb do you live in? I want to avoid driving there knowing she could be behind the wheel!!!!
  2. Must have been, which is why this is my front runner for the laziest piece of AFL journalism of the trade season. Go home Bucky you're drunk A: Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver B+: Jack Viney, Tom McDonald B: Nil B-: Nathan Jones, Christian Salem, Angus Brayshaw, Michael Hibberd, Kade Kolodjashnij, Jake Melksham, Bayley Fritsch, Steven May C+: Christian Petracca, Jake Lever, Sam Frost, Aaron Vandenberg, Jayden Hunt, Alex Neale-Bullen, Marty Hore, Josh Wagner, Neville Jetta C: James Harmes, Billy Stretch, Mitch Hannan, Oscar McDonald, Joel Smith, Corey Wagner C-: Jay Kennedy-Harris, Braydon Preuss
  3. He gives 110%, which is great. and his core skill of being able to bolt out of the backline to clear it along with being a pretty good 1-on-1 defender adds to it. But those massive gallops often result in turnovers and once that happens and he's past the centre circle, the ball sails back and we're out-manned. Lever and May are much smarter players. They intercept, set up plays and generally hit targets. Much like Salem. Frost is better because of them, not in spite of them When ex-players like Roo-boy say Frost is better that just demonstrates that they don't watch enough of our games. Unfortunately that is nothing new, most commentators don't. With regards to our team I would wager all a lot do is look at a few stats their ghost-writers and support people give them and draw what they think is a well-informed opinion. It's no surprise that they will say Frost is the best player, to me that just highlights this process. Putting it out there, we are the best team to have ever finished 17th. We stopped going for finals before the bye, that seemed obvious to me, the rest of the year has been Goodwin putting on some diplomacy after a loss on camera all the while we're setting up for a full-on assault next year. The cleanouts in the coaching department and new appointments are all part of this. Keep the faith, next year will be good
  4. The same Gary Lyon that pushed the appointment of Mark Neeld and goaded his old mates like Connolly and Schwab to tank behind closed doors that led to the horror of the last 10 years? You were a great player Gary and you gave great service to our club, but you have no effin idea about how to coach or build a club/culture in the year 2019. Our injury list has been woeful, our pre-season was heavily compromised and we do not have enough forward line players with games of experience under their belt. The most is TMac and has spent 80% of his career as a full-back. It's just not our year hasn't been since before the bye
  5. Another column inches filler article.Poorly written and researched. Next.
  6. Haven't watched it in about 15 years, maybe more.
  7. Buy a lot of cheese, a couple of bottles of Red and have an impromptu team meeting/celebration in my area of the building on Monday
  8. I agree. If you've ever seen the horrible road back from recovery from an incident like this, and how badly it can affect someone both physically AND mentally then you would give this more than a second thought. Personally I'd charge the gutless bastard with assault.
  9. Hilarious For years we have lamented a chronic lack of mongrel and aggression in our team and now that we have it, many of us complain because people like Lewis give away 50's! That's the downside, the upside is Lewis is an incredibly good decision maker, has saved our butts time and time again and makes every other player think twice when he is on the field because of his unpredictable nature.
  10. Never rated Slobbo as a journalist. His alpha-male routine is tired, always was, but now he is just an embarrassing caricature of the schoolboy meathead type still trying to live off past glories when for just a brief fleeting moment in time as a teenager people thought he was cool. The reality is he is just there to make up the column inches and talk crap on Foxtel for most of the dead-head, pie-scoffing, beer slurping idiot masses that think MMM is the finest in footy radio and that we are either a nation of tradies or people who aspire to be. He appeals to that type because that is his schtick, his routine, his "value-proposition". Most of the time he just regurgitates what others are already saying but just re-wraps it and presents it as "hard-hitting" - whatever the hell that is meant to be in 2018 There are many reasons why I don't pay for the Hun or Foxtel but journalists like him are definitely one of them because, quite frankly, he insults my intelligence. Much like the James Brayshaws, Bill Brownless and Brian Taylors of this world - although at least Taylor actually was a successful sports person.... which is sad when you think that really is the best Channel 7 has to offer. His opinion is just another load of worthless dribble in the mighty AFL media machine because right now predictions and forecasts are just futile exercises in making up the numbers before the season starts. No-one has any real idea, and here is the case in point: who honestly would have predicted Richmond for the flag in 2017?
  11. Climbed to the top of Mt Sinai as the sun was going down in my Demons jumper in the vain hope this feat would bring good fortune for the team before nearly falling have way down the damn mountain in the dark That year was 2003 Clearly this was not something that the supreme beings approved of
  12. When he is fit he actually has a massive tank and can run non-stop. He was good on Monday, definitely silenced any prejudices of him I had of him from when I walked into the G at 15:00
  13. U18's then 19'S plus a few reserve games for Karingal in the MPNFL about 20 years ago
  14. I can't stand this station. Not so much for the presenters, well a lot of them I can't stand actually but Andrew Gaze is probably the worst. How someone can trade on this lovable goofball schtick that he constantly puts out is beyond me. Very irritating. But the real problem is the gambling advertising and innuendo. It is so pervasive that you don't realise how much they do it. If you are a gambling addict, recovering or on the precipice this station is very bad for your situation. Save nothing for the amount of ads in general but the gambling stuff is really bad. Which is a shame because during footy season it is a great source of information - I guess I'm glad for stereo controls on the steering wheel so I can mute it or switch back to 774 or PBS!
  15. Did my ankle in a marking contest as a teenager and it was nasty. The feeling of your entire foot giving way is something I've never forgotten. 20 years later and it is still not right - I'd take a broken bone over it any day.
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