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  1. Poor poor puddy cats. Had to leave their cosy home and and travel long way and play footy at someone else's house.Puddy cats didn't like dat.
  2. Rawlings influence? I hope so. Only had a week on the track with the boys.Still nothing much to work with by the line up,but i hope he can extract something in the coming weeks.
  3. Wasn't at the game, only had radio, but Tmac must have had one hell of a second half going on the calls for him to P off,spud etc. in the 1st half.
  4. Ive got the answer!!!! Send Bitters down to training with his cat o' nine tails and give Goodwin a jolly good.
  5. Come on Rawlings now youve seen it, take the reins and DO SOMETHING.
  6. Goodwin staring into the camera "it will turn,we are not far off'
  7. Ok so he missed 2 weeks which makes 3 weeks of healing of a broken bone.Obviously it wasn't enough because he's injured it again. Now they are going to try to fix it and reckon he will be back next week. I say what's the point. Let it heal and come back next year fully fit and strong.
  8. I don't know why they don't give Lever and Hibbert the rest of the year off.Why push it, the seasons shot. Break a collarbone and play the next week, what a joke. These are human beings with flesh and bone, no different than you and me.Levers had a hit out,unfortunately had a whack on his knee, pulled up sore, don't risk it, it's not a grand final.
  9. Jack Watts fault again. Breaks his leg so doesn't have to play against Hogan.
  10. Wasnt going to drink today but it is calling.
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