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  1. I think I will throw up if i dare watch Goodwins post match interview
  2. This is a good good game to watch. Much better than the [censored] we dished up.
  3. Friggin saw that back in Feb. Told my mates but didn't do anything about it myself.Spewing.After following all the training reports I knew he would be in for a good year but I guess the Mfcss got me. Then that early practice game came along and he ripped it a big one and the odds dropped.
  4. Goody, he say to me, Richo is a little bit loose, but he likes.
  5. Theres a game on 7mate at the moment .Collingwood are winning and Dawes still cant mark.
  6. Keeping in mind the carbon footprint.
  7. Grab a snatch and hold it Billy
  8. Bill Mitchell had rooms in Ivanhoe in 1969. I was a 17 yo.Dad took me there.Bill took one look and said " here's a boy with a bad back, lay on the table,"and with one touch,I felt a movement and it was fixed.Turna out I had a twisted muscle.He couldn't charge because he wasn't registered or licenced or whatever but you were told the donation cost would be such and such.
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