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  1. Theres a game on 7mate at the moment .Collingwood are winning and Dawes still cant mark.
  2. Keeping in mind the carbon footprint.
  3. Grab a snatch and hold it Billy
  4. Bill Mitchell had rooms in Ivanhoe in 1969. I was a 17 yo.Dad took me there.Bill took one look and said " here's a boy with a bad back, lay on the table,"and with one touch,I felt a movement and it was fixed.Turna out I had a twisted muscle.He couldn't charge because he wasn't registered or licenced or whatever but you were told the donation cost would be such and such.
  5. What about this picture, is that Viney on the left of screen pleading to Vanders, NOOOOO!.Be careful!
  6. Forgive me Bbo, I thought you had ordered a chamber pot to swill from seeing you haven't got a trough.
  7. How many litres of wine does your chamber pot hold? I would have thought a nice new large goblet would have been sufficient. No wonder there is a drought on.You should be ashamed.
  8. win the first 2 games to set our season up.
  9. I can vaguely remember (I am thinking Barassi at north but maybe wrong) tried to ban players having sex the night before a game with the notion it drained energy from them.
  10. A melee is when Steven May looks at a player who has just dropped one of our guys,and it is called a scuffle if you are a protected player and start pushing and shoving.
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