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  1. Think he did the same thing last year. Remember thinking it would affect his tackling.
  2. Best thing of all he knows most of the current players weaknesses having been in the action with them, and will now have more clout to be able to advise them how they can improve
  3. We need a Barrasi now. A captain courageous.Someone to tear shreds off others that others that don't give 110%. Someone to drive pride in the club there playing for. Where he got his guts from. Your a footballer first,you are part of a team, you don't let your mates down,you give it all you've got and then some more. But I know now that wouldn't cut it with today's generation. Times have changed. Ah I miss the old times when things were simple.
  4. Even Charlie Teo couldn't fix me!
  5. Coming from the building industry, the word specky ( short for speculation ) means in the hope of gain, but with the risk of loss and could be validly assigned to Frosty when he charges out of the backline.
  6. Toby Green would have to have the most punchable head in the AFL.
  7. Reality check to self. I was a boy in primary school in 64 I am an old man in retirement in 19 I will be worm excrement before we win our next premiership.
  8. Age Reporting. Hope he tells them to shove it where the sun don't shine.
  9. Nah, wouldn't be on that page, and wouldn't be any good trying to sue the allegator either, but you might be able to try it on with an alligator.😜
  10. Your speaking a load of crock demonstone. Go look it up.
  11. Only takes about that long for an opposing coach to see what adjustments are necessary to counter any momentum held by the MFC. And then if course we had Mr stubborn in charge of us who in turn wouldn't make any counter changes (till very late in the season)
  12. Great if he's on song, better depth than anyone else.
  13. He ain't no Chunk anymore, he's a Chook. Can always be found at the bottom of the pack laying on the ball.
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