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  1. What about this picture, is that Viney on the left of screen pleading to Vanders, NOOOOO!.Be careful!
  2. Forgive me Bbo, I thought you had ordered a chamber pot to swill from seeing you haven't got a trough.
  3. How many litres of wine does your chamber pot hold? I would have thought a nice new large goblet would have been sufficient. No wonder there is a drought on.You should be ashamed.
  4. win the first 2 games to set our season up.
  5. I can vaguely remember (I am thinking Barassi at north but maybe wrong) tried to ban players having sex the night before a game with the notion it drained energy from them.
  6. A melee is when Steven May looks at a player who has just dropped one of our guys,and it is called a scuffle if you are a protected player and start pushing and shoving.
  7. Most likely get a job in acting. Best theatrical knee buckler ever.
  8. Yeah, should have traded him out. Pathetic player as well,wouldn't get a game in another team. Has no guts, last season was all his fault blah blah blah
  9. For me it's when the Prime ministers are younger than myself. Life is a roll of toilet paper. Runs out quicker towards the end.
  10. Many years ago my wife rolled her car on to its side going up a straight suburban hill, at about 40km an hour. How you ask? Left front tyre burst, pulling the steering wheel to the left, and being an inexperienced driver she hit the brakes hard and whoops she do. Not hurt. Another time I came home from work to find her car smashed into the rear boundary fence.What the? Story goes she was moving her car down the driveway, only a couple of meters to put it in the shade with our 2 yo son on her lap. He has managed to somehow slip down onto the floor between her feet and onto the gas pedal.Down the driveway she goes,hitting the side fence, bouncing off that and into the side of the house, off that, across the the back lawn and into the fence.Again no one hurt except her bank balance.
  11. Think he did the same thing last year. Remember thinking it would affect his tackling.
  12. Best thing of all he knows most of the current players weaknesses having been in the action with them, and will now have more clout to be able to advise them how they can improve
  13. We need a Barrasi now. A captain courageous.Someone to tear shreds off others that others that don't give 110%. Someone to drive pride in the club there playing for. Where he got his guts from. Your a footballer first,you are part of a team, you don't let your mates down,you give it all you've got and then some more. But I know now that wouldn't cut it with today's generation. Times have changed. Ah I miss the old times when things were simple.
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