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  1. Thanks Martian. I did visit, but not yet sick enough. See how we go
  2. Hey Pates! I saw you recently mention London as being home. I'm in Notting Hill - also had a high infection rate here, though haven't checked in a while. That's an incredibly kind offer, we have plenty of supplies currently and no shortage of alcohol, thankfully! The government responses do seem a mess, though even in hindsight I couldn't say how it should've been handled. Seems like a global experiment that we wont see results for another month or few. I'm not usually much for symbolic public displays, but the clapping and cheering last night was moving. The health care workers are in real danger. Hope you stay healthy. At least you have some quality time to setup your new home. Be well.
  3. Thanks La Dee. My symptoms are mild thankfully, the breathing and tiredness is a different experience. Interesting to see how the players cope, without wishing them to be infected. My name was a moment of failed creativity. However, given Boris is now also infected I could claim solidarity. It was the current 10, Gus that caught my eye as the type of player I admire. He's not as flashy as Oliver or Trac, but highly skilled. He's hard but more composed than Jones. He's witty and well spoken without the big personality of Max. He's the glue of a team. I love all these players, but Gus feels like the reliable constant. That I appreciate. Thanks La Dee
  4. I’m in London. I almost certainly have a mild case of the virus. For me it’s not been dramatic, I’m 40 and in solid health. They currently only test here if you’re admitted. The first week was like a light flu. But the past three days it’s like someone standing on my chest (a very light person). I notice the work to breathe. I can fully appreciate the need for ventilators and the seriousness it could cause in others. I’m completely fine and confident I’ll recover without any need for a hospital visit. Regarding AFL! I was firmly of the belief they’d play a few rounds and then be halted by a surge of cases. Then infections would peak over a couple of months. At some stage, games could resume as Australia moved past the mass infection-at-once threat. But it seems Australia is trying for full containment. That appears different to the northern hemisphere, (which might be sensible, I’m not a doctor) I wonder what this will mean for the rest of the season? I had optimism, but not so sure now. Note- I know many people have far more concerning issues than if we’ll see football again in 2020. For those, I wish you the best and hope for the best.
  5. This technology has progressed in the past few years, integrating computer game drivers. It involves large LED screens - so the players would also see the (strange) simulated crowds. Incidentally, an Australian DP has been doing some impressive work with this technology on the Star Wars projects.
  6. Fortunately your opinion seems to be counter to those that run AFL. Can’t wait for Sunday... Go Dees!
  7. Think your basic options are off base Green. option 1. Government fine with current containment rules. AFL will start games tomorrow. option 2. Government implement stricter rules. AFL doesn’t start. I hope for option 1. The rest is all guessing and politics.
  8. I agree, playing games with all the monitoring and control is a resonable and sensible way forward. It seems the players and AFL agree. Of course option 1 would be nice, but that seems the most unlikely. It’s either start playing and see how it goes or fold 2020
  9. Well done if they get games started. Will be impressive leadership if they make it 4 or 5 rounds without major disruption. I hope this plan goes ahead and I hope they succeed. I hope it's broadcast globally that the AFL is playing football. It's this kind of effort that Australian's expect and take pride in the resilience.
  10. It's a graph that makes plenty of sense. Would be interesting though to see an economic line included somehow, there are also heavy consequences to the balance (as you mentioned in an earlier post) But I can't understand why a sport that's more made for televised watching than any other (F1) wouldn't run without crowds?
  11. Maybe they'll have more than 1 TV in the studio. If not, they can hire me for this and other genius broadcast future ideas
  12. Viney version of Selwood. It’s a very good point.
  13. Jack can be a game winner, made for finals, it’s crazy people here question his value. I’ve no doubt Gawn will make an incredible captain, but I hope Goodwin etal are smart on managing how he leads on field. There were (far too many) games last year where Gawn fought hopelessly to the end. As captain he could likely go too far, be too proud and be injured. Selwood and Hodge are surely the captains everyone looks at. Both know when to step into the game. Gawn has been playing at 100% and as captain could go 110%. The burden of captain is real, too many of our brightest players have been damaged recently. Only Jones was improved by the role, Roos knew how to assign the role.
  14. Right - so only trading up can give them two top 20 picks. Top 5 in fact. I agree there’s a solid reason trading to 8. Seems more likely p3 will trade... and for some reason I can’t get that excited about Young.
  15. Let’s say Kemp at 8 could be an option. But what happens if we bid on Green at 3? GWS have 6. What are the rules for them to do this trade to Geelong: p6 for 14&17. I understand they get Green with 14 and later picks, then still have 17. They’re not going to do nothing and waste 6 if they can do the split. Or am I misunderstanding the system?
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