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  1. We didn't lose this game in the last 40 seconds we lost it playing that stupid defensive no scoring game our players are being taught . Don't take the game on and try and win learn to create stoppages slow the game down don't spread handball instead of kicking forward and the saints out played and out coached us like most other sides do. We are two years behind them at least . But with some on field leadership we could have fallen over the line . We also have at least five non AFL standard players in our line up.
  2. This makes interesting read but can show a comparison of the other teams from say bottom 12 this would indicate where we are at this stage compared to other lists including the two new sides eg GWS and Gold Coast
  3. So much for we have improved ,we are being fed total garbage.this team is a repeat of every Melbourne side since 2006 . We have not heart no desire no pride in the club . When a first year player shows the way tries with no support says it all . They are a bunch of overpaid pre madonnas and I can see the demise of this club if this goes on. Roos was outcoached as well. The game plan is years old and will not get us any where
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