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  1. VDB was my standout at training.. before I left after an hour. He still needs to work on building up his calf muscles but he looked clean, crisp and extremely fit and strong as he was fully involved with all training exercises. Kickett will be a crowd favourite with his sublime skills which were on regular show despite the difficulties brought by the strong wind. Lever and Brown look like porn stars with the hair growth on the upper lips TMac seems to be a few kgs lighter whilst his brother seems slightly more robust. Petracca definitely wins the body of the day award.. he looked ripped beyond comparison with anyone else at the club.
  2. I was invited to partake in a pre season with Prahran in the early 70’s.. does that count as a Melbourne /Prahran connection?
  3. Shakespeare; ’as flies to wanton boys are we to the Gods, they kill us for their sport’
  4. There seem to be a lot of excellent decisions going on behind the scenes.
  5. At least we’re appearing to be players
  6. Everyone suggests that Gawn is our only logical leader, however how will the new responsibility impinge on the performance of our ONLY quality player? Getting rid of Jones and Viney as leaders to be replaced by Max may cause more problems if this year’s leaders get their noses out of joint and Max can’t handle the extra burdens of leadership
  7. No more nepotism, and possibly junior Viney is being shopped around 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. I met him in a cafe yesterday and asked him about his and the club’s future. He distinctly said he had another year of contract ahead🤷🏼‍♂️ I asked him if he had any explanation for our abysmal year and he put it down to the horrendous preseason . He said he’d heard nothing about any player unrest, though obviously he wouldn’t have admitted anything to me
  9. We had an opportunity to pick up Darling in the draft but hesitated because of his ‘extracurricular activities’ at the time.
  10. Baker - showed some signs Brayshaw - a downward spiral Chandler - not enough evidence Dunkley - needs significant development Fritsch - a classy forward Frost - consistent and passionate Garlett - didn’t seem interested Gawn - our singular champion Hannan - cruelled by injury Harmes - success as tagger Hibberd - seemingly rarely fit Hore - courageous and promising Hunt - rarely beat opponent Jetta - never got going Jones - time has elapsed Keilty - didn’t show out Kennedy-Harris - probably exhausted chances Kolodjashnij - ruined by injury Lever - will be better Lewis - professional until end Lockhart - a bit player May - will be important O.McDonald - rarely surprised supporters T.McDonald - our biggest disappointment Melksham - best rarely seen Neal-Bullen - rarely justified selection Oliver - prolific, rarely outstanding Petracca - exciting in bursts Petty - showed some promise Preuss - rarely justified selection Salem - disappointing second half T.Smith - tried but deficient Spargo - just a schoolboy Stretch - has exhausted chances Viney - never got going C.Wagner - only Casey standard J. Wagner - like his brother Weideman - poor before injuries
  11. Jones - no longer relevant Viney - showed leadership today Gawn - our only champion Oliver - prolific not dominant Harmes - seemed half interested Petracca - only isolated involvement Lewis - tried until end Brayshaw - seemingly without purpose Fritsch - was all class Stretch - little to commend Hibberd - always looked susceptible Salem - disposals generally abysmal Neal-Bullen - couldn’t justify selection Melksham - disappeared when needed Hunt - was rarely noticed Lever - looked surprisingly vulnerable Spargo - continued schoolboy performance Kennedy-Harris - nothing of note Frost - passion and concentration Preuss - very little involvement Wagner - tried but limited Hore - careless and loose
  12. I suspect the underlying purpose is to obtain finance from the AFL to assist our search for a definitive home base
  13. Jones - was embarrassingly inept Viney - just a shadow Hore - loose and fumbled Frost - played with passion Hibberd - dispirited and clumsy Salem - slow and inefficient Brayshaw - continued downward trend Gawn - disappointingly didn’t dominate Oliver - tried but inefficient Harmes - merely plodded along Petracca - had a go Lewis - not the worst Stretch - a momentum killer Neal-Bullen - plenty of nothing Chandler - showed some endeavour Spargo - couldn’t justify selection Wagner - little to commend Lever - slow and loose Kennedy-Harris - was rarely sighted Fritsch - was rarely sighted Dunkley - miles from ready
  14. Chandler<> Kennedy ( the left footed ex Collingwood player whom we delisted a few years ago)🙄
  15. Plenty taking up the mantle 🤦‍♂️
  16. Jones - staggering into oblivion Viney - showed little leadership Oliver - prolific but irrelevant Brayshaw - better without helmet Fritsch - provided a target Salem - rarely took chances Gawn - probably broke even Harmes - played slow motion Petracca - always looked dangerous Wagner - little to enthuse Kennedy-Harris - showed some class Lewis - effective but limited Dunkley - far from ready May - brave and capable Lever - still finding way Hibberd - never appeared confident Melksham - one quarter game Frost - typical frosty game Petty - rarely looked likely McDonald - limited but tried Hunt - was hardly sighted Baker - lost in transit
  17. I actually believe Preuss is an above average tap ruckman already but needs to work on his fitness and agility. He’s only 24 (I think ) so his upside is immense considering most ruckmen, including Max, don’t really peak until mid to late 20’s. His attitude is impressive ,as evidenced by his best on field performance for Casey yesterday, despite having just been demoted. i think we’ll be raving about our twin peaks sooner rather than later
  18. Senior Demons JKH , Preuss, Melksham, Stretch and Hore all played well
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