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  1. I was joking, but thanks for your support
  2. I’ve learnt my lesson and promise to only provide positive 3 word analyses even when everyone is crap... including the players
  3. Gawn - failed to dominate Viney - used ball poorly Oliver - rarely effective disposal Petracca - tried but limited Tomlinson - seemingly without passion Brayshaw - just a game Langdon - had little influence Salem - overrated and slow Harmes - loose and slow Hibberd - good first half Melksham - not team focused Hannan - tried but lacking Rivers - some costly turnovers May - steady and reliable Fritsch - couldn’t get involved McDonald - devoid of effort Lockhart - tried but clumsy Lever - no second efforts Hunt - had limited opportunities Pickett - occasionally looked dangerous Smith - lost in defence vandenBerg - far from ready
  4. Can’t handle the wet and windy conditions... oh wait
  5. On paper at least we have an elite back line and on all brigade, but our forward line is bereft of anyone trustworthy enough to perform well on a weekly basis. We CAN finish # 5-7 , but alarmingly if nobody stands up regularly to kick 3-4 goals a week, we are potentially a # 12-14 position side
  6. One lasting memory is of Brayshaw’s brave and thrilling intercept mark at Geelong when he was playing half back a few years ago.. it was inspirational and defining. Put him back there where he’s accountable and let Harmes resume his on ball role
  7. Gawn - our most vital Viney - was tagged out Jetta - far from convincing Smith - some crucial errors May - surprisingly poor disposal Salem - rarely instilled confidence Rivers - confident and exciting Harmes - not natural backman Tomlinson - will be important Langdon - some vital touches Melksham - was rarely noticed Fritsch - untypically poor disposal McDonald - just a shadow Jones - was rarely sighted Hunt - took his chances Jackson - raw but promising Neal-Bullen - little to enthuse Petracca - exciting and dependable Oliver - best on field Bennell - survived the game Lever - not overly convincing Brayshaw - rarely disposed effectively
  8. Conspiracy theory: It would have been our home game , likely without a crowd. With the alternating home team plan, Collingwood gets the spoils next year
  9. Jetta - looked painfully slow May - effective and talented O. Mac - was not embarrassing Lockhart - showed some promise Hibbert - disposals were costly Harmes - lost in defense Lever - an encouraging display Langdon - prolific but wasteful Petracca - classy but sporadic Thomlinson - had little influence Viney - former captain’s game Oliver - didn’t appear interested Gawn - was easily outmuscled Brayshaw - little to commend Neal-Bullen - couldn’t justify selection T.McDonald - played without passion Pickett - impressive debut game Melksham - was hardly sighted Brown - performance to forget Bedford - far from ready Spargo - embarrassingly inept performance Fritsch - never appeared likely
  10. Oscar has kept Darling to 2 possessions
  11. Despite the woeful first half, if we’re still in the game at 3/4 time, I think we’ll run over the top of them
  12. I might be wrong but I’m pretty there’s no hotel stays on this trip.. it’s a fly in/ fly out on the same day process
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