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  1. 6 - Gawn (easily our best and the hardest trier) 5 - Salem ( classy despite most others being so inept in defense) 4 - McDonald ( held the competition’s best forward to 3 possessions and 1 goal) 3 - Hore ( showed unDemonlike promise ) 2 - Hibberd ( blanketed the dangerous Martin effectively) 1 - Melksham ( disposals were effective and advantageous)
  2. Jones - was embarrassingly inept Viney - rarely found teammates Gawn - dominated the centre Oliver - many meaningless possessions Brayshaw - same as Oliver Melksham - showed some composure Stretch - a momentum killer Salem - steady and skilled Harmes - showed little sparkle Hore - still learning craft Lewis - painful to watch Neal-Bullen - not a forward McDonald - looked more comfortable Frost - 3 excellent quarters Fritsch - no second efforts Smith - just a plodder Garlett - failed to impress Petracca - disappointing yet again Hibberd - impressive new role Lockhart - was rarely sighted Weideman - inept and unsighted Hunt - not a forward
  3. McDonald has to go forward this quarter... no point trying to reduce a loss
  4. Petracca eating pizza at 1/2 time🤦‍♂️
  5. Spargo is a primary schoolboy Petracca is a prima Donna Melksham is useless McDonald is unsighted Weideman is hopeless The Wagners are amateurs Jetta and Hibberd are liabilities Lewis is dumb
  6. Yes, but name a better player🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Not saying much but ANB was clearly our best player today
  8. Lewis and Jetta are probably the 2 slowest players on our list, other than our ruckmen It would be suicide to bring them both in against one of the quickest sides in the competition
  9. Not sure why there’s so much vindictiveness here towards roaming Brian, I found it entertaining and informative
  10. Jones - he’s not dead Viney - bullocking as usual Gawn - dominated the centre Hore - improved with confidence Frost - an important component O.McDonald - fortunately rarely required T.McDonald - provided a target C. Wagner - was rarely sighted Oliver - great second half Salem - calm and collected Petracca - reward for effort Hunt - pace was important Brayshaw - quieter than usual Harmes - better second half Fritsch - some important touches Preuss - had an impact Melksham - needs to improve Stretch - far from convincing J. Wagner - strong defensive effort Weideman - an intelligent footballer Hibberd - not as dynamic Spargo - did just enough
  11. With the Sydney ground’s surface in a dangerously poor condition, would it be in the club’s interest to demand the game be abandoned and the 4 points shared ?
  12. Jones - devoid of leadership Viney - devoid of confidence T. McDonald - making up numbers O.McDonald - never imbued confidence Jetta - career worst game Hibberd - just a shadow Brayshaw - only shining light Gawn - should have dominated Harmes - merely a tagger Oliver - couldn’t hurt opposition Hunt - an opportunist’s game Fritsch - reduced to mediocrity Petracca - tried but failed Lockhart - limited by size Salem - was shown up Melksham - had limited involvement Weideman - disappointing yet again Kolodjashnij - was rarely sighted C.Wagner - had few tricks J. Wagner - was he playing? Frost - a limited footballer Neal -Bullen - continued underwhelming season
  13. He may not be in form currently, but Tom McDonald possesses the right attributes too
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