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  1. Because North very rarely lose over there and we always end up losing by under a goal
  2. Getting the Suns, Dockers and Crows as doubles is really good somehow we also got 3 Friday night games? Only negative is playing North in Hobart AGAIN
  3. We should threaten to bid on Henry at 8 so Freo trade us 10 and 22 for 8 then pick Weightman at 10 (and Young at 3 or Ash at 6)
  4. An alternative is to pick him anyway and have him sign a 1 year deal in hopes we can convince him to stay after that time. For those who follow NBA, could be a Paul George/OKC scenario (yes I know how that has turned out)
  5. I feel like we’d need to outbid Carlton in order to sway him to be a Demon and given the reported $600-750k Carlton are offering, I’m not too sure how smart that is. just remember guys that next years free agent class is STUDDED. Daniher, Jeremy Cameron, Whitefield, Zac Williams, Grundy and Robbie Gray off the top of my head
  6. I reckon GWS will get 26 from North for Bonner and then trade us 6, 26 and 2020 1st for 3
  7. Regarding list spots, 3 alone wouldn’t get us the 2x top 15 picks we are looking for. 26 would need to be included, so our number of draft picks wouldn’t change
  8. Not sure how but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see us involved with ESS/SYD/CARL in regards to Daniher and Papley to somehow snag 5 and 9
  9. Not sure why the arguments. We were a basket case this year
  10. We'd need to include more picks. Maybe give Hawks our 2020 2nd and pick 47 Then trade pick 6, 22 and 2020 3rd for Langdon and Hill?
  11. Hypothetical - would people trade Brayshaw in a straight swap for Brad Hill
  12. Next year is a weaker draft with a tonne of acandemy and f/s players Given they'll likely be a top 4 team, the pick probably gets pushed out into the 20s.. no deal for me
  13. Ian Hill just re-signed We should get involved with 6 but not sure what else they can throw in that would satisfy. Be good if they got another pick inside 15 somehow.
  14. Absolutely zero chance we make a bid at 3, I think Hawthorn will use their pick 11 before he gets bid on. Combine results are often overstated
  15. yeah not even a little bit of me would want this
  16. He also keeps insisting that Jenkins is a better option for clubs to recruit than going after guys like Daniher, Cameron, King
  17. Yep sorry realised that after I posted Definitely would need to remain in the top 12ish in the draft is we're giving up pick 3 for Papley. Maybe Sydney split pick 5 with GWS and give us say Papley and 11 (GWS) for pick 3 and 40 Then maybe they trade pick 3 and a second rounder to Essendon for Daniher? Just a thought They end up essentially trading Papley and pick 5 for Daniher and pick 18
  18. Lol Is that you Clarko?
  19. 3 and 30 (Frost) for Papley and 9
  20. I want Ash and Stephens. Getting involved in Daniher talks and securing 5 and 9 would land us both of them. Not sure how we get it done, we’d have to sacrifice several other picks going out as well
  21. Don't agree with you there, been said several times that he ideally would like to stay in VIC
  22. I feel like Mahoney's comments involve things that he wouldn't have said if he wasn't confident about Elliott "We've got a 3-year deal in front of him", "we think we're a chance" Just a hunch
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