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  1. Retire: Maynard, Lewis Delist: Stretch, JKH, Keilty, J.Wagner, T.Smith, Garlett Re-contract: C.Wagner, Baker, KK, J.Smith, Frost, Dunkley, Lockhart, Jones Trade targets: Langdon, Papley, Cutler, S.Hill, Butler, Elliott, Newnes
  2. - Maxy is still a genius - Hore was a great find - Fritta’s last part of the year = elite - Petracca’s finish to the season - Frosty - Petty
  3. Our second pick will be pushed to probably at least pick 22 or 23 because of academy players. That's a fair swap for Langdon
  4. We were going to end up giving up pick 2 for Hill anyway which I wasn't comfortable with Happy to secure Langdon along with another outside mid and hopefully some forwardline scoring power
  5. Gawn out, Salem out Preuss and Petty in
  6. Frost made a blue. Fritsch did the right thing There's the difference. Players spray each other all the time, just not usually when their teammate makes a good play
  7. May and Oliver sprays not really comparable
  8. Can we please close this thread? If you are even asking this question you shouldn't be a member to begin with
  9. People who are doubting the Lever trade honestly frustrate me. Those 2 picks ended up being 10 and 19. That turned out to be Lochie O'Brian and Liam Stocker Who comes back from an ACL and is an AA calibre player straight away? A strong pre-season with Burgess working with him will do wonders. Lever is going to be a great player for our club for a long time. Seemed to be one of the few who have really had a dip in the last few weeks
  10. Gawn deserves the role If Lever could get in the park more I'd be comfortable with him sharing it with Max. He's been fantastic since coming back IMO
  11. Langdon and Z.Jones on opposing wings next year helps our outside run in a big way. Both have speed to burn
  12. Those disagreeing with this, far out Our current small forward brigade is U15s standard
  13. Please tell me your joking, my god. have you actually seen Hill play before? Saying we would get almost the exact same player in Karl Amon or Tom Cutler is laughable
  14. That's a ridiculous statement. We gave up picks 10 and 15 for him, not 2 and 5. Lever is a future captain
  15. Anderson will add to our forward mix next year Outside mids and forwards have to be a priority. I like Langdon. If we could secure him and Hill, along with 1 or 2 small forwards like Butler, Elliott, McDonald-Tippingwuti or Papley, that'd be ideal
  16. Kemp isn't slipping to the second round. His injury isn't a long term concern. Only players with injuries of that matter would slip from a possible top-5 to 2nd round.
  17. https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-07-23/i-fell-in-we-all-fell-in-theyre-not-that-good-former-club-great-slams-dees Stick this article on every wall in the club during pre season...
  18. Something that probably has been said already is that we have too many mids that want the footy Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney, Harmes. All great players, but all jump on the ball. None of them hold their space to get the handball GWS has always had the same issue
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