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  1. Still not sold on Hunt as a forward. Agree with your other points though. Loving Hore at the moment
  2. We should target both Z Jones and Langdon to play on either wing Then Fritsch can play forward or back and we have a replacement for Lewis
  3. I was hyping Kolodjashnij up all pre season but seems I’ve got it horribly wrong. Bloke’s awful. Can’t find the pill
  4. The midfield was shocking defensively tonight, pretty hard to defend when the ball comes in so fast and the kickers have 15m of space
  5. So Stringer, Myers and Zaharakis are all playing? All 3 under injury clouds
  6. In: C. Wagner, Stretch, Preuss Out: May (inj), Sparrow, ANB
  7. Freo were hell bent on not trading him last season and he was contracted. comes out of contract at the end of this year and I know we’ve been targeting him for a few years now
  8. Watch this space - Ed Langdon from Freo
  9. Do they drop/rest Viney? He was probably our worst
  10. We could genuinely be an 0-4...
  11. In: May, Kolodjasnij?? (We are really lacking choice at the moment) Out: Viney, Frost
  12. Might warrant Preuss getting a game now. But on the contrary I thought Port ran us off our legs and including Pruess won't help with that
  13. We’re playing terrible and only 3 points down there’s a positive
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