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  1. Thank god we don’t have Demonland users selecting the side. Jetta has been subpar and Lockhart has been banging down the door and should absolutely be playing. Good call Yes we don’t have a second tall but both Hannan and Fritsch fly for the footy and play taller than they are. We always have too many blokes flying anyway. Tomlinson will backup ruck and Vanders will play wing when he does
  2. I reckon Jetta, Kozzy, Lockhart and Brayshaw from that extended bench Bennell clearly managed and not omitted
  3. Don’t be surprised to see Tomlinson chop out Gawny instead of T-Mac
  4. I could see a Jackson making way for a small because of the predicted rain eg Kozzy, AVB, Hannan for Jones, ANB, Jackson
  5. In : Weed, Kozzy, Lockhart out: Smith, Jones/Milkshake, Jackson
  6. If it’s as a forward I definitely would’ve had Bedford over Hunt???
  7. Anyone know if Hunt has been training with the forwards or the backs? Smith I know will be in defence
  8. B: Jetta - May - Lockhart HB: Salem - Lever - Harmes C: Tomlinson - Viney - Langdon HF: Petracca - Weideman - Melksham FF: Pickett - T.Mac - Fritsch FOLL: Gawn - Oliver - Brayshaw INT: Jones (Back/Mid), Bennell (Fwd/Mid), Vandenberg (Fwd/Mid), Hibberd (back) EMG: Bedford - Smith - Brown - ANB Bedford for Bennell if he doesn’t play
  9. Lol if you think Kozzy hasn’t done enough to be picked for R1 😂
  10. Do we know how Hannan is tracking? Would be handy for R1 Bennell and potentially Petty seem to be the only best 22 players unavailable
  11. So Lockhart in the side over Hore??
  12. Because North very rarely lose over there and we always end up losing by under a goal
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