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  1. Something that probably has been said already is that we have too many mids that want the footy Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney, Harmes. All great players, but all jump on the ball. None of them hold their space to get the handball GWS has always had the same issue
  2. yeah, not fully sold but I like Baker's game thus far. Actually thinks before using the footy
  3. I like the idea of Viney and Gawn co-captains rather than Maxy as the sole skipper
  4. The delivery to Weideman was horrible for the most part. He played well Hore was good too. McDonald is clearly injured.
  5. 1) Haven't got a read on Jones yet 2) Lewis will retire 3) No chance Spargo goes 4) Trade Brayshaw? must be joking 5) Agree on Stretch 6) I think Kolo is on a 2yr deal 7) Agree on Maynard 8- Agree on JKH 9) No chance Oscar goes. Need KPD depth 10) Undecided on ANB, was very good last year 11) Agree on Garlett 12) Agree on T-Smith 13) Agree on C.Wagner 14) Agree on Lockhart I'd add to delist J.Wagner and Guy Walker Also explore trading Petracca for the right deal
  6. Positives to take from the year: 1. Found a gem in Hore 2. Harmes is a star 3. Salem also a star
  7. Still not sold on Hunt as a forward. Agree with your other points though. Loving Hore at the moment
  8. We should target both Z Jones and Langdon to play on either wing Then Fritsch can play forward or back and we have a replacement for Lewis
  9. I was hyping Kolodjashnij up all pre season but seems I’ve got it horribly wrong. Bloke’s awful. Can’t find the pill
  10. The midfield was shocking defensively tonight, pretty hard to defend when the ball comes in so fast and the kickers have 15m of space
  11. So Stringer, Myers and Zaharakis are all playing? All 3 under injury clouds
  12. In: C. Wagner, Stretch, Preuss Out: May (inj), Sparrow, ANB
  13. Freo were hell bent on not trading him last season and he was contracted. comes out of contract at the end of this year and I know we’ve been targeting him for a few years now
  14. Watch this space - Ed Langdon from Freo
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