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  1. Our half-back line is going to look like an 80s porn film. I'll refrain from making any fisting jokes.
  2. I have a question if anyone can help as to the live trade rules. I understand that following a bid, the concerned club will then have a brief opportunity to trade picks. The question is: after that window (or even during), are teams then permitted to withdraw their bid?
  3. Having scooped the Demonland Crystal Ball award in the general predictions thread for 2018 (and then being controversially robbed in 2019), I've now stepped up to the high-stakes tables for extra-specificity in forecasts; Mitch Hannan in 2020 will continue a long MFC tradition and claim the AFL Mark of the Year, currently sponsored by Toyota, if not edged out by a fellow teammate or some mild controversy. Take it to the bank. Edit* don't literally take it to the bank.
  4. Dunkoles. One of the oldest existing socks known to man - excavated from an ancient Greek colony in Egypt and clearly designed to be worn with sandals - fittingly bares a colour-scheme not dissimilar the oldest existing footballing club known to man. Embrace the heritage DubDee - socks n' sandals was basically the first ever snow-boot for blue-bloods
  5. Previously cold to occasionally lukewarm, I'm now fully in support of poaching Martin from Carlton. The surprise inclusion of Bennell has left me ravenous for more, a return to my lower socio-economic youth when at Christmas I would tell myself that presents didn't matter - until I unwrapped the very first gift, and then instantly bored of last freebie and caught in the grip of a capitalistic frenzy would be immediately desperate for fresh stimulation. Who gave a [censored] if the parents couldn't afford it?
  6. Only third session in and we're already burning the training threads down.
  7. I'm actually pleased that after years of Jones coming back early (from what I can recall) he's having a well-deserved break. I think most of us have moved on from any expectation that he will have an impact next year, but being free of the captaincy (and it has been a pretty tough tenure) and finding a fixed role might see him rejuvenated for a final tilt in 2020.
  8. Opinions are more like genitals. Only half the world wants to impose their peculiar ones on others.
  9. Quick heads-up Engorged. For the visually challenged on here (which going off the regular reminiscings I would estimate at about two thirds of the DL members), I've often thought that your profile pic would look remarkably similar that of Laughing Goat's. Probably a bit confusing for the old-timers in the context of this current discussion.
  10. Originally answered 'I like puddles and boobies'. Became a true connoisseur over the years.
  11. How about, 'I like swimming pools and [censored]'?
  12. Assuming Ding really is who he says he is as depicted in his profile pic - then in my experience being confronted with a fake spider could lead to all sorts of harm, particularly for briefly amused karma-baiting bystanders.
  13. Should have set off alarm bells when Petracca picked the jelly and then asked for seconds.
  14. “I picked the big fluffy ball and it just looked really appealing.” See ball get ball. Takes first option. Plenty to learn here Ding.
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