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  1. The latter may be true - as I'm currently in Morocco where Ahmit is a perfectly acceptable name.
  2. Fancy being 201cm at 17 years and still not the tallest teenager named Deakin Pereira living in Melbourne . . . I thought we were being cat-fished - but I think that dude's name in the link is Dau Akol and the photo has been mixed up. And that Mrs Pereira was incorrect in stating that Deakin P wasn't pictured above (overlooking the wider shot). Now I can sleep peacefully. Except for the remaining question of why everyone is now named Deakin . . .
  3. This isn't a business case. This is you simply highlighting the fact that business operations tend to be worth more than the people heading them. They wouldn't otherwise be businesses. The bolded bit is a highly flawed assumption, which is why people are paid to make actual business decisions in the first place. A business case would outline why replacing Goodwin would stem the bleeding. And then there are further factors beyond that again. What you describe as a sunk cost, others may view as an investment. Ditching that investment would then be a truly sunk cost, which business leaders would consider when mulling over that option.
  4. MFC: Pleasant fluff-piece about new recruits eating some marshmallows with some senior players. Demonland: We're firing all our captains and have already ostracised Bennell from a playing group!!!
  5. Why would anyone bother with this (bolded) if your scenario is in fact the case? And what was so apparent that gave rise to this rather detailed speculation? And what's this familiar path you speak of? Lumumba? Or another instance? Also, what's a manual agreement? Sounds like a (censored) in the parking lot.
  6. On that note AmDam, do you know anyone in the hunt for temporary accommodation? Next week I'm heading to south Morocco for a couple of months. Hot-weather conditioning.
  7. I can't fully contribute, as outside of the MFC I barely follow the football anymore. But can you show your workings Fifty-5? I would have thought Gawn is both our best player and the best ruckman in the league (at least best tap-ruck). First picked. Then you have Moore ahead of both Grundy and De Goey for the Pies regardless. Is it that you rate Moore/Witts so highly? Or you're not sold ruck impact? I think pairing Gawn with breaking mids such as Danger/Dusty would be phenomenal. Surely there would be another sufficient enough player from GC and CHB/back-pocket cover to avoid the Gawn sacrifice? I appreciate that it's a balancing act but Sexton could take the GC spot. Billings goes out. The Saints are then the problem?
  8. Mystery injuries of the week resolved: some silly bugger must have erected one of these at Gosh's . . .
  9. Given Bennell's previous poor attitude, it's likely he was invited to the camp but told the club to get stuffed.
  10. Not certain it was from Monday, but I recall someone mentioning he walked off the track 'grumpy'.
  11. This is a bit disheartening. We need May focused this year if we're any chance of success.
  12. I didn't think it was the forward-line stupid, until I had a werridee moment and penciled in following hopeful forward line: Bennell Jackson Pickett Fritsch Tomald Petracca (Yes, Meksham - but he and Trac can share runs through the middle).
  13. Safe Picket? Wouldn't it be considered innovate if it bucks a century-old custom? I really don't intend this to be provocative (and it's not directed at you PF) - but I wonder how many people who feel so strongly about dual captains also feel the same way about single parenting. For such a mundane issue, there's almost something evolutionarily biological in the passion it provokes.
  14. I think in Bennell's case your MFCSS is focused on the wrong issues at hand. He's now a paid employee of the Melbourne Football Club and we have first dibs on him up until around mid-March - it's now up to Harley/his body (the two areas of legit MFCSS concern - although no-one here seems to be getting carried away). Still, it's worth reading the first few pages of this thread and then randomly somewhere in the middle for the lols.
  15. I'm not sure that Luke will gain much from having Kozzie as a leap-frog partner
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