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  1. Hey Wadda. I'm in Faja de Grande in Flores - the Western-most point of Europe - and it's absolutely stunning. Decided as such to take @Cards13 advice and give the game a miss. The first win I haven't seen live for over five years - the last while I was airborne. Cheers Cards. Still, by the sounds of it I'm not sure if I really do want to watch the replay.
  2. Skuit


    Honestly, this has to be one of the best spelling errors ever.
  3. I do actually think it's a personnel mix as well. I love them both and what they bring, but Viney thrives on intensity to push the ball forward and Oliver is a play-maker who hardly ever ends up at the bottom of a pack with the pill still in hand. Not a knock, but their strengths aren't exactly in holding up the ball. Brayshaw meanwhile has always unnecessarily released the ball in tackles - without the benefits of Clarry - and is currently our worst offender for banging it blindly on the boot (and with air). Harmes, who would have guessed it from his early days, is possibly now our most composed mid in this regard. An extra Salem would be mighty handy. The disposal has been [censored] but watch the first fifteen minutes v Fremantle again. We're not inherently capable of clean disposal - but by playing on at all costs the ball carrier puts himself under additional pressure and the intended receiver has less time to be in place/react. It equals poor disposal, and skill errors - dropped marks, poor defensive trapping etc. - at the next step. Yesterday's game wasn't an ordinary game of football, but something more along the lines of prison basketball. We just needed someone who could hold it up on occasion and control the tempo and I think we would have won.
  4. Hear hear. I felt we had them reasonably covered today despite getting hammered in the clearances. Except the chaos ball was contagious and we completely lost our composure - constantly playing on to disadvantage. (Posted these stats earlier: Last week kick to handball differential: 87. This week: 31). Fast movement is fantastic. From a mark, it's not going to be compromised by taking two seconds to assess the lay of the land and select the best option. But is it intelligence or immaturity? (Or personnel mix?).
  5. There was that awesome moment in the last where Frost and May both went up for the spoil and came down eyeball-to-eyeball and football practically froze. For a genuine moment there I thought we might all have something actually interesting to talk about.
  6. There's some crazy Portuguese parade going on outside. Seems about as organised as our forward line.
  7. Our kick to handball stats last week were 237 - 150 This week: 217 - 186. Season average: 214 - 154 We threw our bye-week tweak out the window. I doubt that was Goodwin's doing. Our players don't yet have the maturity to slow down.
  8. Contrary to your arrangement BBO she's the type who'd be far more likely to be handing out the jolly good spanking. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  9. Checking in from a castle in the Azores.* 5am wake-up call but the maid won't be around till at least the last quarter. I'll have to fix my own Irish whisky. *Please consider more of a collector's item than humblebrag.
  10. The name Stroobants is of Dutch origin in case anyone was wondering. Which I expect no one was.
  11. I'm going to go with draft picks. No, wait. What was the other option again?
  12. Coupled with the question at the presser which led to Goodwin's defence, Frost has also been described as maligned in the AFL.com write up. I don't think he's been maligned on here since the first couple rounds. How long do people have to not malign you for you to no longer be maligned? I don't expect footy journos to be across the precise form of every player league-wide - but if you don't know something then don't open your mouth or reframe the question.
  13. I've decided that Tim Smith hasn't received anywhere near enough praise for his contribution. 3.3 is possibly our highest number of scoring shots by an individual for the season? Keeps taking contested marks. This is a bloke is his 11th game. If he had a different back story/recruitment path he would be being lauded right now. Unfashionable but currently important.
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