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  1. On a related note, we should all pitch in to drive traffic to the MFC site as well - as it could have a later impact on sponsorship dollars if there's a severe dip in numbers. Set it to launch automatically with your browser perhaps. Keep on truckin' Demonland.
  2. I had started a very similar thread the other day. And then didn't hit send for whatever reason. I'm not okay right now. A million difficult things are all converging at once. So please ignore any bizarre posts or tetchy responses etc. I will be okay though. And I'm all ears for whoever wants to chat. Probably better at dealing with other peoples issues than my own. It at least provides a distraction. But I will also be open and frank in regards to myself. For better or worse, this is the community I'm probably most actively involved with. Best wishes to everyone, Ronnie.
  3. How's things mate? I'm stuck in Oz, my lady in Sri Lanka, and maybe my ma in NZ. I know I'm struggling to get it up at the moment. Apologies for the crass analogy, but I think if you took away the scars from last season then none of us would even bother to judge. Chris Scott was super-serene last night. Anyway, the season is over, and if the [censored] really hits the fan, there's a spare boat sitting there in Centrum that you're welcome to grab.
  4. Called a six-goal loss maybe a week ago (check the archives - @Pates can back me up), revised down from a four-goal win. Everyone was super-chuffed about no crowd - but footballers simply can't travel 4000-odd clicks across a continent and perform in an empty stadium against the home tenants - especially when their loved ones are at home and you can't even get within four square metres of the flight attendant, let alone achieve any mile high credits. Any criticism of the team or Goodwin right now is untoward and misguided. Imagine fronting up alongside William Wallace when you've been forewarned an hour prior by some weirdos called Bill and Ted (or Gill) that the land will ultimately be ceded regardless. Enjoy your next twelve weeks of freeeeedom from MFCSS my friends.
  5. Checking in from . . . Darwin! Was excited that for the first time in years I haven't had to make complicated calculations about when to set my alarm to catch the match. Then realised that it's being played in Perth while I'm in the Territory in what remains of the various Australian daylight-savings periods. Wasn't previously a fan - but thanks for setting up the game-day countdown clock Demonland!
  6. Shudders at the AFL live ladder: Collingwood Essendon Richmond Carlton
  7. Whoa - I thought you were a bot! This is like reverse Westworld.
  8. Cheers man - I forgot to consider the distinction between company and product (which share a name). The article is quite evasively worded - never fully referring to the drink. "Red Bull’s product has been used throughout the pre-season to assist with performance" I do believe they are referring to the drink, but if they're not then that is pretty dodgy in itself (falsely leading kids to believe sports-stars are using a given product for performance is not cool). The main thing: I may have gone off half-cocked. I was thinking of the near 30g of sugar per can and my own experience (a kick before an even bigger crash), but there could indeed be benefits for elite athletes. Quite a bit of literature out there in favour and against - and I'm not going to sift through it (along with determine who funded it). But, Burgess also referred to previous match-day use, and I doubt there would be much research into AFL-type conditions.
  9. This a great sponsorship pick-up but everything just got super-seedy. We just ditched gaming. This one feels way off. I won't bag the product, but in a high-performance sports arena? Seriously?: “Across a number of my previous clubs, we used Red Bull as part of our match day and high-performance programs,” Burgess said. “I believe Red Bull can provide our players with the ability to sustain energy throughout both training and, crucially, matches. “It’s a product I trust and when coming to the Dees, I wanted to introduce as part our program mix.”
  10. Tarax Club is our NT correspondent from memory. If you're reading this @Tarax Club, I'm currently stuck in Darwin if you know of somewhere the locals Dees' supporters go to watch? I doubt there's many more than 100 of us rusted-on up here - so should be within recommendations.
  11. Good thinking Demonland. Exclude the older folk who can't operate those fandangled new telephones and internet machine very well and rejuvenate our membership base.
  12. Skuit

    16 minutes

    Just to be clear - I'm borderline millennial and can't stand 20-20. I would also love to see epic six hour footy games.
  13. Skuit

    16 minutes

    Those bloody millennials again, ruining everything.
  14. Eh? Is there some two balls per customer limit that I'm not aware of?
  15. Scratch that. I refreshed the Google ladder and it seems to be randomised. Melbourne just moved up to 10th! Maybe this is how we can follow the footy this year if it's cancelled - just google the ladder every Sunday night until the last weekend in September.
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