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  1. Ahahaha - Collingwood. Watch ye all he gloat is probably not in the bible. There's stuff about goats though. We've already shown ourselves as hypocrites on here. String up McKenna. Forget Kossie. Odds on we will have another one. Don't get too excited.
  2. Ablett 348 Selwood 298 Dangerfield 251 Jack Steven 184 Viney 121 Petracca 87 Oliver 84 Brayshaw 82
  3. Demonland logic entry #344: There are no crowds currently allowed in Victoria. There may be crowds allowed in Victoria later in the season. We play a chunk of away games now and are likely to have more home games later in the season. Ergo . . . ridiculous disgrace we have to forever play away AFL hates us St Kilda something lovechild Gil!!!!
  4. And maybe the limitations on contact training may help turn our attention somewhat to improving our skills.
  5. There is so much to play out in terms of fixturing this season that there's no need to go early with the outrage. Who even knows what the schedule will look like in a fortnight from now? In a way the AFL have backed themselves in a corner by going early on a 17-game season, with the expectation that every club would play each other once. It will create quite the puzzle over time. But they also made it clear they are happy to go deep into the year. I think we can expect a number of byes and staggered rounds. There's a very good chance we won't end up paying a mid-week match. Chances are that establishing further interstate hubs will require a two-week quarantine. That's time when we can play catch-up - meaning probably both us and a lucky Essendon will remain in Melbourne.
  6. I thought of something else unfair to get annoyed about. Were the fresh training restrictions due to McKenna's positive test or the spike in Victoria in general? Because the impact of those guidelines is likely to vary depending on playing style - such that harder contested teams like us are put out more than precision or fast running teams like . . .
  7. We geared toward and then missed our premature window last year. Now we have to wait another two-three years.
  8. Interesting to hear both yourself and Andy quite disgruntled on the matter. Where's @Nasher?
  9. While our best players are stacked in the middle, I would prefer to see this line go down rather than our starting forwards or backs. I know it's a list juggle, but our KPP stocks are dismal.
  10. I personally don't think there's a huge risk of contagion (my personal assumptive feelings don't count) but run a simple risk-reward-consequence analysis and it's a no-brainer the Dons should be stood down. Whether they forfeit or are accommodated to some degree, whatever. The former would be my decision in an already wildly compromised season. But right now I feel Gil is setting up a giant sword for him to fall on in his eagerness to push on. I haven't been paying a great deal of attention but the political reprisals of the Ruby Princess provides a pretty good example. Should Covid spread through Essendon, Carlton and Collingwood the season will be over and Gil will have a future date with the Senate.
  11. We were meant to play Fremantle on the weekend. And GWS last week. I think the sensible thing would be to hand us the points and move on, but then every other team has a gripe that we had a free win through the luck of the draw. And what happens if we miss out on the 8 by percentage? Season is compromised. It will become more compromised. But the notion that we've been put out to the point of exception because we happened to draw Essendon in a rejigged fixture doesn't play out across the board. We might get lucky that we played WC in round 1 and escape a WA bubble. Teams will be lucky or unlucky. I actually feel for West Coast but they'll probably get the benefits back two-fold. The season is meaningless. I'm going to take Max's lead. Frustrating, but you move on and front up to the next challenge. More games are better than less. And if we go anywhere it will be even more satisfying that we overcame the disadvantages. Go Dees.
  12. Sounds like the AFL will apply its MRP impact over act methodology in handing out a penalty, just because McKenna actually caught corona. It's worth keeping in mind for all those sounding off on here that two of our boys went to a house party - arguably far worse than what Conor did. And it's almost certain plenty of other players have breached the rules without being caught.
  13. Still happening. Laptop.
  14. binman. Why do we have a two-week quarantine period instituted almost all across the world if we assume anyone who tests negative is virus-free? I don't get it. Otherwise, we could just test people and let them go on with their lives.
  15. I proposed this in the intraclub thread and then tried it myself and it's incredibly complex and insightful. Self-quote sorry: "I no longer care about injuries (in terms of our season rather than the personal impact on players) so would love to see the teams divided evenly and let them go at it on the MCG. Maybe for the sake of entertainment in lieu of no football (the remaining fixtures for today just rub salt into the wound) we can run some captains' pick modelling between Viney and Gawn?" I did a coin-toss and Gawn goes first. Gawn: Viney: Gawn: Viney: . . . . I have no clear idea how this competition could run for those interested. Maybe we could nominate two avatar captains who have the final say and the rest of us debate each selection before it's made? My initial instinct was to stack the mid-field and select the best players, but then KPPs come into the equation and who might work best with who. It's definitely a challenge. Let's assume everyone is injury-free. When does Max go for ruck shut-out? Who do you think Viney thinks is the best alongside him in the middle? At what point do you build your spine while sacrificing your engine? It somehow gives some insight to the questions the recruitment department have to face. Anyone interested in playing?
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