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  1. Really cant be stuffed TBH, much like many of our players come half time. Hawks will beat us by 6 goals. Easily. Night folks.
  2. Yep, round 1 picks have worked out a treat for us over the last decade....
  3. Right in the magic underpants would of been the cherry on the icing, but beggars cant be choosers! 😋
  4. Decided not to go. Still have that foul taste from Saturday. Would love to see us come out firing, but I just cant see it happening. Id be surprised if we get within 7-8 goals of them. Gonna be a long year.
  5. After having a few slices of pizza and a few quiet refreshments.... Im really worried. As others have said, at least with Neeld we knew that the list was putrid and we had to wait for the inevitable "sweeping of the ****" to put it midly. Goodwin has players that can play. Brayshaw, Clarry, Gawn, Tmac, Salem, Jetta etc. They have proven that they have the know how and ability. What has happened from the highs of the finals (minus that loss to the Eagles) to now, at 1-4 is staggering. He doesnt know how to fix it - and this is our biggest issue. The defense is wrong - and the stats prove it. Far too easy to score against. Offense is wrong - getting the ball in there, but no one can mark it or crumb it. On top of the plethora of players that look unfit or injured and the basics of not handballing to a team mate in a worse position (this ****ing gets me every time) or lowering eyes and kicking straight or creating space and gut running..... we are in for a long season. Richmond is going to tear us apart and ol' Goody will be sitting in the box wondering where it all went wrong.
  6. Capitulated once again when game was in the line and winnable. We look slow Disposal is rotten. Zero plan to actually score rather than spray and pray. A coach who has no contingency plan. We are 1-4 Yep. Good times.
  7. Im seriously considering not going. That was just appalling to watch. Is it really gonna matter? Richmonds speed will tear us apart. Their mosquito squad is gonna be at half mast already.
  8. Not far from the mark there. So many people on the train with neeld era levels of disappointment.
  9. On the train. Thank @@@@. What an absolute disaster.
  10. I swear to god if i hear the words 'journey' or 'brand' coming outta goodwins mouth imma do a terry wallace.
  11. Anf the plethora of disgruntled mfc supporters leave the G in droves. Same shizen. Different day.
  12. We have ZERO effective ideas to get it in fwd. NONE. Game over. Seasin over.
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