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  1. The saddest thing is you can SEE it happening before it happens - more often than not. Its this endless cycle that we never seem to break out from for more than a game or two. Reality is I am watching less footy and caring less (and less) as they weeks go by. This team has killed my passion.
  2. Whispy Watson just acknowledged on SEN that we are now the worst performing team since our prelim bow out. Yeah, we got smashed in that game, but at least we made it.... to now the worst team of the comp in a single season plus change. Let that sink in.
  3. Lets just put that down as ring rust. Cause if thats all we have, then its a long season ahead.
  4. Im just gonna put this down to Corona. Yeah. That will do. 😐
  5. There's more important stuff going round at the moment. Thst being said... Goody is lucky thetes no footy fir the next 10 weeks. That was a terrible start to 2020.
  6. To hell and back and back... Again The MFC story.
  7. Had more fun watching the old lady trying to cut in line at Costco this morning. She got roasted by half the line. In fact they would put up a better team than this.
  8. Harmes should never of been down back. Hes a tagging grunt. Leave him on their best mid.
  9. Forward entry looks like we are still playing 2019 season. Not the start anyone wanted. Pretty pizz poor so far.
  10. Great signing. He looks ripped and ready for a massive year.
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