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  1. If I understood Gary on SEN correctly and according to the entire time Champion Data has been recording stats that is. Him and Roo went on to talk about the complete disconnect of our mids delivering and our forwards scoring. Hannan, Mcdonald, Garlett, Spargo, ANB have apparently been the biggest drop offs. Melksham also mentioned, but he has been out for too long so isnt entirely fair. If that isnt a wake up call, then I dont know what is. We cant put that on injuries, it has to come down to skill and form. What the hell has happened?
  2. Watching the last half was more than enough... Prelim final to this pure s***e. Care factor is about zero.
  3. Zero chance of that. That would require Goodwin to actually have a plan B.
  4. Just end the 2019 season already. We are actually going backwards.
  5. Gawn, Viney, Tmac, Tracca....... days of old. Feels good man.
  6. 2 guys down or not, bloody GREAT win. Well done boys!
  7. These threads are getting more depressing as the year trickles on, much like our entire season. Injuries, poor form and just an all round bleakness to it all. I cant even bring myself to go to the game. 😩
  8. Thats about all I can muster. Rather go and enjoy the rest of my Monday. Nothing left to say about this team anymore that hasnt been said. Coaches and players have a hell of a lot to answer for...
  9. You could say this of just about every game this year. Same issues. Same culprits - yet nothing is changing, nothing is improving.
  10. We were one game away from a Grand Final last year. From that to this in less than a year.
  11. I thought Lever and May were gonna fix this guys?
  12. Might go mow the lawns. Hopefully we've switched on by the time im done.
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