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  1. Honey moon period is over. Time to perform Weeds.
  2. Loving the news on fritta and avb. We need them both fit and firing. Smith sounds like he is tracking nicely. I really hope he gets a fair crack it. And the new boys sound like up and about. Cheers for the reports lads
  3. See ya Frosty. It was always heart in mouth stuff, but you gave it all. I'll never forget that booming kick and run and gun coming off the back line.
  4. Had a shocker this year, no doubt. Has time on his hands, but needs to step up in 2020 or will spend his time at Casey.
  5. Thanks Chunk. Stuck with us thru some very lean times.
  6. Thrust into a position he was never ready for with Frank Grimes. Appauling by our club. That and his foot killed his career. Played some ripper games at the G in his 2nd year. Could of been a star. All the best Trenners!
  7. Gus not getting a vote says it all for me. 2019 was such a waste. 2020 needs to be a big year.
  8. We got rid of him because he didnt work hard enough. Was happy to be a good player and didnt want to put in the hard yards. Whether this was our fault (product of environment) or Jacks is besides the point now. He is gone and wont be back.
  9. In arguably career best form and is exactly the type of player we need. Get it done.
  10. As long as there is openess and honesty, this should be a good thing. I dont think anyone thought we would be anywhere near 17th after such a huge 2018. A lot of work to do.
  11. Will certainly be missed. Always came across as a genuine, lovable kind of guy. Condolences to his family.
  12. Hes cooked. Big pass from me.
  13. When he was hot, he had it. Thanks Jeffy!
  14. 100% win ratio. Never forget! In hindsight, he should of played 21 more games. Cheers mate!
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