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  1. Anyone have Chris Scotts number?
  2. Players dont seem to care, why should we?
  3. Talk about the "journey" we are all on and building a "brand" or such similar ****
  4. Wants to see just how bad we can be from every possible angle.
  5. No pride in that jumper out there. Simple as that. Goodwin and Leadership have a lot to answer for.
  6. Doesnt explain whats happening between the ears.
  7. Im not far behind. Seriously wondering why I am paying a membership at this point.
  8. Cant blame this on injuries. This is just inept, heartless footy.
  9. Lawns... And im not even drinking....😮
  10. Trade value would be rock bottom.
  11. Boy am I glad I decided to stay home and do the laws.... Terrible footy.
  12. Who reckons Mcgovern is at half mast a week out thinking of all those interceptions?
  13. Keilty, Omac, Jeffy and if we are gonna call a spade a spade Tracca and Gus deserve to be dropped.
  14. A wins a win, but... Was an absolute spudfest from go to wo. If Goodwin spins this, out comes Terry Wallet spray about spewing up.
  15. Can I like this twice please. F me.
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