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  1. Heheh that’s quite a funny quip! Can’t wait to beat them this year 👍
  2. Super please this year we have practiced winning in the preseason practice games, think this will stand us in good stead come the season proper 😈
  3. Pleased to hear this Saty. Said during the season, if he went on the Gawn diet and exercise regimen during the off season he would become far more mobile and could potentially be a deep forward type plus forward 50 ruck. I think the club also said post season that they are looking to develop his forward work so hopefully we are seeing the beginnings of that 👍
  4. Agree on the sample size, but I think the point is still relevant. Many would think we would be cactus without gawn but the stats don’t seem to suggest that. At the end of the day I don’t think we need 4 ruckman.
  5. Last 3 years: Melb 69 Games for 33wins and 36 losses = 47.8% wins With Gawn playing 59 games for 27wins and 32 losses = 45.7% wins Without Gawn 10 games for 6 wins and 4 losses = 60% wins Given we have an excellent backup option already, plus a backup to the backup. And given our win loss ratio is better when gawn doesn’t play. Not sure a backup to the backup to the backup is required.
  6. Then we sack the club and start a new one from scratch
  7. Love this move, we all want the club to be brave and creative, well here it is! BOOM Also, somebody on trade radio said north may be looking to bottom out as have been mid table for a while. This may be one way they do that whilst improving their position next year to bounce.
  8. For sure, didn’t think about that. Hell make it three first rounders! PS For what it’s worth, I don’t want him to go
  9. Surely 2 first rounders give he played more games than Lever? jokes
  10. Other than height I made no comparisons between the two and their respective abilities.
  11. Not sure why we would delist a player who is contracted for next year? We would have to pay out his contract meaning it’s still in the salary cap, he’s ahead of other guys still on the list so if like this year we have injuries we have to select a player that is not as good as him, and if we get rid of him we have to find another player to go on the list who may or may not be better than him. I think the best option is for us is to attempt to develop him into the player we need him to be. Caleb Daniel is an example of a guy of similar stature (Charlie is actually 5cm taller) who has found a niche and I would think it would be in our best interests to work with Charlie to find his best role.
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