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  1. I think we should be thinking about working out something where we get the majority of our facilities tied in with the redevelopment of the great southern stand: https://www.austadiums.com/news/news.php?id=649 Then we just need to figure out training ovals, is it possible we could get 1 session per fortnight on the MCG and the rest at Goshes?
  2. Totally agree, but no soup was referring to 2017 as if we we struggled without him, which we did not. As good as Gawn is, it’s not the main factor in whether we win or loose (unless we need him to kick the winning goal, in which case we will loose). He’s been epic in a number of games where we have been well beaten in the past two years, so obviously our foturnes don’t rest on his shoulders. When you loose the best ruckman in the game, you change your approach to ruck contests. Instead of assuming you will win the contest (and set up around the ball accordingly), you assume you will loose the contest and again set up accordingly. We have been beaten by teams with C grade ruckmen this year because they have simply taken the tact of “just crash into Gawn as hard as you can and our midfielders will shark his tap”. It’s a tactic that workes, and we did it in 2017.
  3. I absolutely love Gawn but I don’t believe that we would be stuffed without him. In 2017 the facts are this: - When Gawn played we won 53.8% of our games (7 wins/6 losses) - When Gawn didn’t play, we won 55.5% of our games (5 wins/4 losses)
  4. Olympic park sports medicine based at AAMI park has sport psychology services, as I understand it a few of the players go there.
  5. I’m 100% with you on this Skuit. Some people can’t get over the fact the Preuss is not fit. It really doesn’t matter if he plays deep forward like you have said because he will only need to move about 1km for the whole game which suits his current level of fitness. I don’t ever recall Lockett being considered fit, I know Preuss is not a scratch on the great man but as you have pointed out he disrupts the opposition and creates opportunities for our other forwards. Let’s remember he comfortably beat Aliir Aliir who is a super athletic specimen of a human being 👍👍👍
  6. Wonder when someone will teach our guys to kick straight? 20 scoring shots each down by 25
  7. I like the idea of playing Hunt one out in the forward line then just getting it down their quickly.
  8. Every comment on here is anti Melbourne atm, with good reason I might add.
  9. The good news is we are guaranteed not to lose next week 😀
  10. Probably not, we haven’t really been able to do it all season.
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