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  1. Really simple solution would be to hire whoever is the coach at the cats, they have kicked 137 goals 90 behinds this season and are so far in front of everyone else on goal kicking accuracy as to be quite ridiculous. As an example they kicked 21.7 today!
  2. This is what happens when you waste your opportunities for the first 3 quarters
  3. The guy that runs my daughters Auskick is really good at teaching children to kick properly, he may be an option if Goody gives him a call? 😂😂😂
  4. The tackle was simply awesome, the disposal after was atrocious
  5. The day we stop kicking it to the opposition repeatedly will be the day we destroy a team.
  6. It’s ok the umpires will just give you a warning for it, then the AFL will come out in support of the umpires claiming they made the right call in the spirt of the game, then the AFL will hand a whopping great fine to all the players involved in the pyramid scheme claiming they brought the game into disrepute.
  7. No wonder Cats are on top of the ladder atm 2nd most efficient going inside 50 and 1st by a long margin at converting according to afl stats tables.
  8. If that were the case, then that would be extremely short sighted by them because what they would have to give up would be like 1% of the available space and in return would receive significant financial support (provided that if let’s say 50% of what other clubs are receiving from various levels of government were available to us) to improve the entire park to whatever specs they/the local community wanted/needed.
  9. Was that before the golf course closed down? Because I can assure everyone there is stacks of space in that area, waaaay more than what we were looking at north of the G
  10. While I don’t think it will even be considered I’m amazed that the Elsternwick park option has been ruled out. I used to live an easy 2 minute walk from the place from 1988 to 2006 which included the period of time when we actually trained there whilst junction oval was off limits to us. if you jump on google maps and take a look at the place you will see the space available their is absolutely massive and it included a 9 hole golf course (now shut down) 2 footy ovals, tennis club, and a very large square of open fields. If the will was there, one would assume you work out a deal with Elsternwick footy club to upgrade the existing main oval to be MCG size and utilize a parcel of land that is currently the defunct gold course for the admin buildings and upgrade the whole parkland area for local use. Maybe too late however as council have plans I believe to do not a great deal with where the golf course was and then to tell the community how wonderful they are for doing it.
  11. Should just do that all game really, don’t worry about their other plans, just go with the one they used inside the last minute it clearly works
  12. [censored] em lets celebrate!!!
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