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  1. I like your thinking here Nev. Have had discussions with others about the importance of having leaders in each third of the ground which is similar the Hawks model in their prime. Totally agree on Gawn as captain and after hearing Melkshams interview after the swans game I could see him being a VC. The raw emotion in his voice was clear that he was crushed by the result (I never quite get that feeling from Jones or Viney), and just something about the way he spoke said to me that he could have something that we currently lack. If anyone hasn’t seen it, watch it here: https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-08-16/its-bloody-hard-melksham
  2. You’d imagine we’d loose the 8k we gained this year plus a few extras so I think your 10k would be pretty close
  3. So all in all there are 7 memberships in my family: - Grandma has an armchair membership as she’s 101 and watches from her armchair. Was a Fitzroy/Brisbane member but when Roos came to Melbourne she switched because she love him. Will re-sign next year - Dads sister is also and armchair as is in her 70s and still works full time by financial necessity. Will re-sign - Dad passed away in January at 66 years of age 😔. 9 game member. Will not re-sign - My 3 kids all kids members of various types. Will re-sign so they get their kids stuff and because my wife’s side all follow dogs so don’t want the kids to drift over to the dark side - I have a 9 game membership and will downgrade to 3 game as I work a lot on weekends, plus have kids sport and can’t be arsed with the effort when we play like s h I t e. Also want to be able to tell the person in the membership department how disappointed I am with the effort from the team this year because I know they do pass on the feeling from the fans.
  4. Except Preuss took Alir Alir our of the game completely last time and managed to kick a couple of goals too, so credit where it is due
  5. The most worrying thing for me is not that we keep losing, but that we don’t look even remotely like we are building anything for next year.
  6. Oliver should give himself some lip for that kick
  7. He can’t believe the ineptitude of the people wearing blue and red on the field.
  8. Can really see the difference between a top 2 side and a bottom 2 side so far... wait a minute!!!
  9. Not sure if it’s been posted anywhere so far but I found this interview on ABC with Gary Pert to be extremely informative: https://m.melbournefc.com.au/video/2019-08-12/on-the-radio-gary-pert
  10. And another to the turnover score stat to Collingwood
  11. I’m as annoyed as you rusty about where we sit however your shotgun approach to the issue may not be as effective as you think in correcting the situation.
  12. And our forward line is brimming with talent atm is it?
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