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  1. This is a despicable attempt at humour. Show some bloody respect
  2. I still like the idea of bugg in our best 22. Brings that little bit of extra c***
  3. A few people on Big Footy seem to think Hunt will be involved in the deal. Either we are really bloody stupid or that guy is just stirring the plot..... god I hope it's the latter.
  4. I kinda think that Riolis bump was a good one. It was damn close to being dangerous but just got him low enough. Mitchell getting off is an absolute joke though.... open hand?!?!?!
  5. I thought he played a good match. Great to have another forward line option. Competes hard. We're a better team with him in.
  6. Alex Rance used to be a notoriously bad decision maker. *queue jibes about the hit on watts....
  7. Disappointing for sure but some posters on this site are very dramatic BOTH ways. We win and it's finals talk... we lose and it's an absolute disaster. Lets see how we bounce back. Hopefully some inclusions will bring some more grunt and experience and we can get a win against GC. We are such a young side. We've seen our best and it's great. We've seen our worse and it's bad. It's all about closing that gap this year and developing our players and our side for the future. PS Go Jesse
  8. Do yourself a favour.
  9. James Harmes could be a big smokey! Well i'm hoping so... I chucked 10 dollars on him at $151 before the season started
  10. Kicking a club while it's down sounds a little cowardly to me. Let's just beat them.
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