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  1. Load of BS. Off to America for PD. Again, a load of BS. [censored] America. Jesus bloody Christ, go and get some [censored] PD from the Hawthorn Footy Club FFS, or Richmond, or West Coast. Imagine the furrowed, inquisitive brow of Goodwin when he has an equivalent 'leadership' course educated yank coach talking about how they drive culture and standards and all that other [censored] that flows out goodwins boring [censored], uninspired, 'leading' voice. The truth is, US professional sports franchises don't carry on with all this 'leadership' BS. Speaking of poor coaches, ran into Mark Neeld on the weekend. He is running the Geelong United Basketball Club.
  2. Yes...just imagine...a premiership...and the wooden spoon the year after..
  3. FMD, August 23rd, and we're in the news because of signing a failed coach to our coaching staff. How bloody exciting.
  4. greatest load of [censored] [censored] the game of footy has ever seen. when Dickwin announced there'd be two captains I was like: 'oh [censored], here we go, some new age, power pointing presenting, data collecting, done a bunch of leadership course [censored] degrees [censored], that probably can't coach a finger up his [censored]' Our very own Brendan [censored] Bolton.
  5. Wow. Haven't watched us intently for weeks because of how [censored] we are. Turned it on tonight ten minutes into second quarter. Same as usual. Gawn dominating. Frost busting his [censored]. Fritsch doing his best. Petracca trying, but ultimately failing. ANB being not good enough, scoreless quarter (happens all the time that one), zero clean chains of play, comical misfortune...yada yada yada...we all know the drill. As crap as I have ever seen us in recent times. Decimated by injury, decimated by lack of confidence, decimated by lack of talent, decimated by coaching strategy, decimated by lack of crowd numbers and decimated by completely [censored] up a massive opportunity to shine when we had our chance this year. I wasn't as bullish as others at the start of the year. At worst 8-9 wins I thought. At best 12-13. But this [censored].?
  6. God love ya Wellsy!!!! Laughed out loud reading this. In a good way.
  7. Why do some posters on here attack others for expressing their frustrations. We are a rabble. It is fact. We have won 4 and lost 10. Stuff the club at the minute. They deserve every bit of criticism they get. It's the way it works. Everyone complicates things. It's not [censored] complicated. It's about winning. When they lose like today, I and others like me, will always give them a spray. Of course there are legitimate reasons as to why we are not as successful as last year but I am just tired of supporting them and don't wish to hear any more excuses. It has always been fruitless. Always. It's heartbreaking. And here is another simple truth: we are a laughing stock in the AFL. We are pitied. Facts facts facts. So to all the do-gooding, bright side of life, positivity finding, excuse peddlers that respond to my post in a patronising way please just spare me. Keep your delusions to yourselves. I am not deluded. Our list is bottom 2, our position next year will be bottom 2. The club is in strife. Big strife.
  8. Same old [censored] coming out Goodwins mouth post match. [censored]. Has lost me.
  9. Thanks for the support mate. Poor old Billy is clearly not the sharpest tool in the box.
  10. Now now Billy. Settle down. Don't blame me. Just speaking truths. A little immature and bogan like to call me names. I think you need to mature a little bit before you post on here again. No one will miss you.
  11. Phark this footy club. Weak. Pathetic. Embarrasing. Laughing stock. What else? Umm... Shameful No I just think the terms weak, pathetic, embarrassing, laughing stocks and shameful ought to do it. [censored] them!
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