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  1. Give it another few weeks and people will not tolerate the destruction of everything to 'save lives'. If this goes on for even 3 months then there will mass civil disobedience. First to mass will be football fans united to demand the government call off the collective social suicide for our own good plan which is working a treat. I'm elderly...over 60 ....I would rather die than see my club go under.
  2. Our local league football presidents have met (YJFL) and said the AFL can't tell them what to do. They are being guided by the chief health officer brett sutton who says community sport can continue. Good on them. They are planning to start the comp on May 3. Same with VAFA and NFL, EFL and more. Tonights game was a big success. All afl players played all of their junior and nab /tac cup games in front of (next to) no one...that is probably 10 years of footy in empty grounds....before they made the big time. No big deal.
  3. I tried to watch the Superbowl but the sheer quantity of nauseating ads/commercials made me want to smash something. I have similar feelings when the AFL trash our culture and traditions.
  4. Hunts goal in Alice Springs.....unbelievable ..........and I was at Princes Park when Malcom Blight kicked his massive goal from the centre.
  5. Darren Bennett at Windy Hill...last quarter . .......whenever it was......(.long ago)....I was behind the goals. Bennett kicked 4 or 5 goals from the 50 or further out. Each was a massive torpedo that went through post high....it was the most awesome display of power kicking I have ever seen.
  6. Turns out there was a whole planet of aliens who were Demons supporters and they only came to celebrate. Melbourne membership goes to a record 2.3 million in 2021 with a new category, intergalactic membership.
  7. yep I was there with my dad a Richmond supporter. He was trying to get me to barrack for the toiges. In the early 60's the Toiges were a basket case. I would regularly rack off from the Punt Rd game and dash across the grass to the huge noise coming out of the mighty G to watch the all mighty Dees and then turn up back at Punt rd at the end of the game. By 1963 it was all over, the Dees were the power team of the comp and Dad had given up trying to convert me and I had my first Dees membership card in my pocket.I have it framed with my 1964 membership card and all the 64 finals tickets. Yeah Dean staged it, Mother Dean, that what dad used to call him, don't know why.
  8. Love to get your preferred option DV, how many tennis courts do we need? Presumably owned by the state govt and leased to tennis australia? (or something like that) How to get it...? The Punt rd options we just buy.
  9. The triangle of land at the S E corner of Goschs. This can be greatly enlarged by putting the freeway off ramp that connects to punt rd underground. There is any amount of money available for tunnels at the moment so lets go for it. Another solution for those nay sayers ..ie it would be too expensive, well we could do it with pick and shovel. We have 40k members and we could all volunteer, bring a wheel barrow and shovel each, it would only take a a couple of weeks with 40,000 of us singing the club song and digging.
  10. And there are a number of occult signs in the picture. Note the goal posts in front of the Ginger bread (witch) house are back to front with the point posts on the inside and goal posts outside.
  11. The ads and commercials and promotions are utterly nauseating. I will still go to the pub to watch it on Fox rather than watch in the comfort of my own home and suffer brain damage.
  12. The triangle of Land at the back of Goschs bordered by Punt Rd and Citilink...why are are we not trying to get that? You could build a big building there without much opposition....? I mean like 6 stories no worries. Plus you could build over the on /off ramp that take citilink traffic on to punt rd. This building if you have a look would be as big as the space currently occupied by the Holden centre. ......and the Holden centre is not 6 stories. Goschs is a great place to train and as close to the G as you'll ever get. I like Goschs a lot.
  13. A six storey building in Yarra Park is an impossibility. In the drawing I have seen this 6 story building extends beyond the rail line into Yarra park and would eliminate the playgrounds that are currently there. A big building like this would be a total eyesore and as much as I love the club I don't want to see this building towering over Wellington Pde and blocking the view of the ground and Park......nobody does except....us? Frankly the whole idea is an embarrasment and I just can't understand how this can be seriously entertained.
  14. The Yarra Park proposal really has not one chance in hell of ever getting up. Really as much as I would love to be in Yarra Park. We would be better off looking to build at Goschs and stay there. If we could demolish AAMI Park that would be ideal. Surely it is clad in flammable aluminium or something. There must be some genius who can work out how to build at Goschs.
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