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  1. Thread surely wins 'lander black-comedy post 2019 - by 22 lengths!
  2. Taking phone 'n copy of Grapes of Rath up to the throne - someone mind posting when it gets to the round when we came good please?........?
  3. We don't have a toenail clipping worth of what Tigers have. Not even a piggy.
  4. I really do hate Geelong & this game looks like it may well cheer me up some.
  5. Awfully sad news, has a few kids if I remember from Port Douglas holiday. Drive safe all 'landers.
  6. Like Mars & Earth, at extreme orbit, nowadays. The bit about the arrogant level belief during Bucks's playing days, and how they learnt to 'travel' - still strong at that club. Now back to bagging and boxing my velvet seat cushion & wool-lined leather gloves for the year.... .....thank Christ for Steve Smith.
  7. Thanks for taking me back to that Geelong final - club and supporters out in force - Geelong players and fans barely noticeable. Preferred the Dawks game for personal reasons but yep - all relates back to the building of a club cultural change (avoiding 'brand') we were starved of and begging for - for a lifetime now. Had Roos & Jackson stayed on another year each I think that just may have done it. Thanks again for the warm 'n fuzzies. Now back to the worry beads.
  8. I feel completely responsible - just as we go to 6-fa I get on and herald the new Australian test cricket era - we then go and run across the mark...... Psychological turn around needed for both codes now.
  9. Deary this is now looking like a Dees forth quarter.
  10. This is not the end of something but the beginning of yet another nightmare era for the club. Praise the return of Australian test cricket.
  11. I agree with lads on podcast: Round 4/5 next year we will know - and either act, procastinate or, as that pig of a man Alan Jones meant to say.....
  12. Our heart & soul yet simply not a captain.
  13. https://giphy.com/gifs/shut-up-breaking-bad-skyler-white-10RCqM2nZpdqOQ ...I'm trying to read the Carey article again
  14. I often find myself lamenting my own choices here: discotheques & amphetamines (all done in the best possible taste) perhaps the wiser move....
  15. I miss all the Preuss fans banging on about how well he was doing in VFL, astonished by him being left out. Let's face facts - we are so far off it at all levels.......
  16. Was such a huge part of our rise* from the mire. Leadership's a dirty word on 'land, but for a time we were building it. Felt like a destination club for a minute. *Edit - short lived.
  17. Meaningless thread unless we're talking coaching personnel.
  18. Is Goodwin running drills of handballing blindly out of defence? Also - We've had a season to sort some kind of system going inside, regardless of who's down there. Must hunt someone who is capable at the wheel - NOW!
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