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  1. I agree with lads on podcast: Round 4/5 next year we will know - and either act, procastinate or, as that pig of a man Alan Jones meant to say.....
  2. Our heart & soul yet simply not a captain.
  3. https://giphy.com/gifs/shut-up-breaking-bad-skyler-white-10RCqM2nZpdqOQ ...I'm trying to read the Carey article again
  4. I often find myself lamenting my own choices here: discotheques & amphetamines (all done in the best possible taste) perhaps the wiser move....
  5. I miss all the Preuss fans banging on about how well he was doing in VFL, astonished by him being left out. Let's face facts - we are so far off it at all levels.......
  6. Was such a huge part of our rise* from the mire. Leadership's a dirty word on 'land, but for a time we were building it. Felt like a destination club for a minute. *Edit - short lived.
  7. Meaningless thread unless we're talking coaching personnel.
  8. Is Goodwin running drills of handballing blindly out of defence? Also - We've had a season to sort some kind of system going inside, regardless of who's down there. Must hunt someone who is capable at the wheel - NOW!
  9. Seriously - should that even be a question!? Rats had us singing once.
  10. Such a potentially talented list, now looking completely dissorganised and spud-like. 2020 looking business as usual. Curse continouth.
  11. Agree - Lewis & Bern were our only vocal gameplay leaders pre May.
  12. Watch the media tank turret slowly turn towards Goody now - he's now the sniper in tower in Saving Private Ryan
  13. This was going to be the year we gave Jones a fitting send off - now it's just protracted pain. Now struggling to tackle at stopages.
  14. Could have only been funnier were it a billiards game. Laugh or cry.
  15. Nobody bleeds or burns for the club more than Jones & Viney, nor deserves to lift silverware more BUT.........no I'm too scared here
  16. Planning on attending and pretending both sides are relevant. Squinting to make it appear stands are full. Tissues in ears to block out seagull squawking. Feel free to say hello.
  17. This pleases me greatly. Missed game due to a wave & sunshine feast on Sunshine Coast, replay, hamburger & beer will wrap day up.
  18. Go ask any Collingwood supporter
  19. Go ask any Collingwood supporter
  20. NOBODY communicating like Bernie or Lewis were the last 2-3 seasons - would Melkie perhaps find a voice?
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