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  1. Tell me you're not suggesting a needle regime there?
  2. How stirring a speech. Watched whilst doing dishes, eyes got glassy, blamed the Palmolive. Go well son.
  3. Unsure myself but please please please make it so - and goalscorer while ya there.
  4. Post game thread will be toxic but with this list, their ground and their umps - heads high
  5. Kinda funny reading some of these posts - like we're reigning premiers with one or two players on the injury list. I'm the most constipated poster but sheeeeesh gotta love the way we're playing spraying aside
  6. Would love a straight drop punt......yes!!!! Jeffy alleluia alleluia
  7. I think it's high time we look into the acult. I've seen posters up for a reworking of the brilliant 'Pet Cemetery' with original tagline (& disturbingly relevant to us) - 'they don't come back the same'.
  8. Seriously can we fly out one of those TV evangelists?
  9. 'Elbowett & Geelong both confident they'll either have nothing to answer for or will be successful again this week with an appeal.....
  10. Jeffy has given great service but maybe time to say thanks for everything.
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