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  1. TMac barely mobile, hurts just watching
  2. Well much better, but would be very grateful if; - ball starts ricocheting into our hands & not there's (rub of green) -Weidermen takes a contested grab
  3. If there is a God - let my son see glory.
  4. Maybe his second quarter was everything left in tank.
  5. Bruce just willing Hunts shot to miss there. Get behind us.
  6. Bedrock somehow comfortable like an old leather shoe.
  7. So slow & so loose - reminds me of Fridays nights at 21 Century Discotheque
  8. Me also. Would love to hear a Perth-based 'landers take on both club cultures. One club seems to have fixed theirs, but no room for Jesse there. All the best to him.
  9. Why doesn't McGovern just start punching them?? Well within his rites.
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