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  1. I realise R50 stats vs US in individual games, rather than teams' year averages, are more relevant (ALL 17 other teams were ahead of us last year in R50s against total points scored, but that reflected (partly) us not letting it GET to the D50 in the first place?) However, that depth of analysis is beyond me! Hence my "the eyes have it", with simple (simplistic?) stats to support it...
  2. Sorry if the second of my paragraphs following is a subject of other threads. I like the idea of us getting in that 'recent playing/leading Hawksness' (and Yze) as much as anyone, particularly given the characters and cache of those mentioned. And I read Jordan's comments about us (including Goodwin) as sufficiently positive that he at least wouldn't warn the others off. Their interest might also depend on who we get to replace McCartney and whether they can see learnings value there. BUT, I think fixing our issues should be the driver of who we get to help address them. The guys in this thread MAY be suitable (thoughts?), but their might be someone BETTER (thoughts?) Our eyes alone tell us the big issues - by themselves but also as far as the 'craft' that Roughhead, Lewis and Hodge have - seem to be 1. delivering the ball into F50, both to a player and to a player in a good place, and 2. grabbing it and using it when it gets there (along with 3. having a 2nd and 3rd string forward line for much of the year - but they can't help with that! - and 4. turnovers - who CAN help???) Supporting our eyes - and it's just a simple selection - we rank 5th for I50s, but 11 and 12 teams respectively are ahead of us for R50s and R50s against total points scored, and we rank 1st for ratio of behinds to goals.
  3. Glass half full view - well, a bit more than half full, I reckon, compared with Harriet Cordner's assessment on the club website anyway: The goal kicking was a mixture of MF's assessment and a bit of rushing, plus (am I imagining it?) the women haven't yet picked up the nuance of 'kicking it around the corner'? Set shot kicking was pretty good. Also the Tassie Kangas scored 2 flukish checksides out of packs, an over-the-back to 'Mo', and 'on the break' more often than not. HC's assessment of lapses from the game plan ring true in this latter. So the tale really was in the tape of the 14 scoring shots to 11. MFC impressive with some fast move and receives forward of the ball, notably in the final Q. Some strong marking, too. I think HC's assessment that the game has gone up a notch is right on - kicking pretty good, play-on, overlap and speed impressive, attack at the ball and tackling fierce as from the beginning but happening more often. Can't name names, sorry - not familiar with them (yet?) and the Fields are hard to see across, particularly with these old eyes!
  4. GWS today, please: 1) In quality (definitely!), if not (quite) in quantity, the Tiges' drought is deliciously worse than ours. Must be preserved! 2) The sooner GWS get their 'inevitable' premiership, the sooner they're into whatever it was befell the Doggies this year. 3) For no particular reason, just general 'meh' (and possibly that 0.5%), I feel the AFL's 2017 (AFLW excepted) warrants an all-non-Vic GF ...semi seriously...
  5. Noting the discussion about ruck duties this week, any chance Geelong will again use the non-contesting they employed against North in the last quarter? If so, we'd need a ruck division smart enough to counter it (e.g. quick hands to grab and give). Jake might be less qualified here than alternatives.
  6. The club is organising a tour group (cost $1450 single, only a handful of places left? - contact Michael Gallenti, 96022122) They'll be staying at the Chifley Alice Springs Resort if you want to go separately but catch up with like-mindeds...
  7. According to the May 1858 first written rules, the 'behind' posts, or 'kick-off' posts as they were then called, were 30 yards from the goal posts, and so would not be seen in the view depicted in the painting. These posts were relevant to the play in the case that the ball was kicked "behind" the goal posts; hence the eventual reference to 'behind' posts, I guess. In those first rules, the two captains decided the distance between the goal posts, so, in fact, the distance to the behind posts was codified before the distance between the goal posts! How both distances morphed to their current (and equal) measurement is a whole other question
  8. ...who went one better than CS by actually being on this earth for ALL our premierships! And her predictions were more personnel- than team-focused, foreshadowing the arrival of our Famous 5 and our (now not so) Secret 7. Neither of them particularly snotty-nosed, though. Who is, on our list? p.s., Bitters; I went to Wikipedia to reminisce about the author of my childhood, and stumbled - with some consequent shock - on the following (if it gets past the censors, and I think it should, being in the public domain anyway). I thought it might appeal to you?... 'Her love of tennis included playing naked, with nude tennis "a common practice in those days among the more louche members of the middle classes".'
  9. But back to CS Lewis, who fell just 10 months short of being on this earth for all 12 of our premierships and seems to have been, from afar, a Fuchsias/Demons fan: his writings foreshadowed what it would, but now might soon, be like for Demons fans for the 60-odd years after his death...'A Grief Observed', 'The Problem of Pain', 'Surprised by Joy', 'Miracles' and, finally, 'The Business of Heaven'.
  10. I've come back to this thread after a break of a few days and note that the above reported correspondence with the club was about the fact of a white strip, whereas the OP seemed more about the design of the (now given) white strip. At near midnight I haven't got it in me to review ten pages, so: Did anyone write querying how the adopted (and three-quarters-unacceptable) white strip design was arrived at? Or propose some of the evidently 'better' ones. And what was/were the answer/s?
  11. 'Hoppy' and 'Balls' were our opposing coaches for 'Play On The G' last year. Apart from their friendly rivalry being one of the event's many memorable aspects, their involvement is also another small insight for the OP's theme that they happily put in the time - at the mid-week training session at Gosch's, on gameday, and in the post-match festivities - for what was, unashamedly, a Club fund-raiser.
  12. Article in this morning's SHun had the additional comment from Angus that he was trying to keep his head out of drills. An understandable stance but problematic for him? Any evidence in training so far? Article also elaborated on his training with neighbour Jonesy; that training, and keeping up, with super-trainer Jonesy would drag him to higher levels of endurance. So, ditto, any evidence in training so far? Impressive recovery by Mitch K, seven months from his injury. I add my thanks to Demonland's eyes, ears and keyboards at Gosch's.
  13. I say the following given posters' responses to the worthy OP, which indicate a healthy - and fairly evident, it seems - following of our Club by its past players: My sense is that a couple of specific things make it seem that the Bullies were 'better' at this than us: 1. The presence and feelings of their past players became public as they surged to the granny and responses were being sought by the media; and, 2. The Bullies' sizeable and recent run of near misses gave those feelings and responses extra 'substance'. Might we not look forward to similar from our past players, at least when factor 1 occurs? (we haven't had the 'pleasure' of factor 2)
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