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  1. Watched early part of training. Jackson showed skill and determination both in tapping ball in ruck situations as well as at ground level. This was a solid season including all of the ruckman involving continuous repeat situations. Pruess also impressed covering the ground muck quicker than last year. In match situation I was impressed with Rivers. His disposal was good. Gus left early. He appeared to be rubbing his lower back
  2. The AFL works in strange ways Essendon heavily sanctioned and falls to the bottom of the ladder. Rewarded with pick one. Melbourne crippled with injuries and fall to the bottom of the ladder. Reward push back their draft pick. It would only happen in the Afl
  3. It doesn’t help when we only have six day breaks for both N.T. Games when both Adelaide and the Eagles had Extended breaks. The A.F. L. Do not give Melbourne any favours
  4. We have had trouble keeping players on the field due to injury and recovering from surgery. Dave Misson has already indicated he we be moving on at the end of the season. Should the change be made now. Appointing a new fitness head now would allow time for that person to get to know the players and their needs thus allowing for a more thorough preparation for our next pre season.
  5. What Eddy wants Eddy gets. It is no surprise that we have lost the Queens Birthday. We have over time made this into a marquee match with high exposure and great revenue potential of course Eddy now wants it. Let them throw it in with all the other benefits Collingwood seem to be given. While we are out it let them go to Geelong or play a Sunday night game. No that will not happen because Eddy doesn’t want it
  6. I have watched Jake since primary school and I have not doubt about his ability, dedication and application. Jake will be a gun for this club and a great mentor to others.
  7. Is the trading of Jack the precurser of the announcement of a new sponsor?. Expect to see Cheap as Chips on the back of our jumpers. This was a poor decision and probably the worst trade in history.
  8. I have stood in front of the statue of Norm in the avenue leading to the G before each game and asked him to lift the curse. On Sunday before the Richmond v St kilda game I again went to visit him. It was quite unnerving. As I stared up into his face a huge black cloud passed behind him and appeared to surround him. Within moments the heavens opened. It worried me that much that I called my wife and told her. Next time you walk by observe his hands, his fingers are making the missed it by that much symbol. Collingwood buried the wobbles at Vic Park maybe every supporter needs to stop and talk to Norm on they way to the G.
  9. We need home games against high drawing Victorian based clubs. Each year we only get four home games against vic teams with many of those being StKilda, Western Bulldogs and North, often at Etihad. When was our last home game against Essendon or Geelong? Imagine home games against these clubs plus Richmond, Collingwood, Hawthorn and Carlton. This woul be a draw to nearly match that of Collingwood and even Eddy would be envious. More importantly a draw against a handful of the drawing clubs would generate cash, extra members, greater live Television exposure and just maybe we will no longer have the need to sell games to the N.T. To survive.
  10. Yet again a Melbourne player is the put into a situation were they are the victim but suddenly are the villain. Oliver was struck by Schofield but was labelled a diver and Schofield was allowed to walk with not even a fine. Now Oliver is verbally confronted by a person that should not be allowed to attend a match but now Ollie is at fault for standing up for himself. Enough is enough. It is time the club comes out on the front foot and demand that action ins taken against this so called supporter. What is wrong with Carlton supporters. The language used in regards to Lewis was disgraceful and that was in the MCC section. It was fitting that the final act that destroyed Carlton was orchestrated by Lewis himself.
  11. It is great that the AFL has shown some strength by appealing the Houli decision but has been negligent in not appealing the result of both cases. Last night the tribunal had painted itself into a corner by only giving Houli two weeks for a frightening and brutal act. How could they then give Schofield two weeks for an incident that was so minor in comparison. Schofield's act was careless and stupid. He did strike Clarry but if they gave two weeks for the first hearing and they had no where to go. The Houli decision directly influenced the second case and both cases should have been reheard. But of course the rights of a Melbourne player and his reputation appear to have no importance to the power players at the AFL. It was great that our coach stood up for Clarry and our medical staff.
  12. I know I am quoting myself but the verdict tonight is further proof. Yes now you can elbow a Melbourne player and it is his fault. Yes the agreesor is the victim and the player on the pointy end of the elbow is the villain. The media has set agendas but it always seems Melbourne is on the receiving end.
  13. Schofield is clearly the innocent victim here. Clarry clearly threw his chin onto the end of Schofield's elbow and then took a dive worthy of a gold medal at the Olympics. Yes Clarry was hoping to achieve the impossible of receiving a free kick at half time. The devious Clarry also collaborated with the medical staff to ensure that the MRP would impose a ban. Further to this plan Clarry employed the use of social media to manipulate football chat forums to convince the Weagles to challenge and add an extra week. Well done Clarry, so far so good. Only one more phase for this epic to transfer into reality.
  14. Demon 77 just ask your Essesendon lot to recall the 2000 GF and look at how their players go about business. Do not back down. I would have let fly as well. Demon supporters and the club will no longer be bullied. Attacking you at work for supporting a team is bullying and unacceptable. You now feel how Clarrry is feeling. The victim is apparently at fault. Go Dees
  15. Last week I said you can hit a Melbourne player and get off. Now it appears you can elbow a Melbourne player and it is his fault for falling down.It has been claimed Clarry was staging for a free even when frees were not on offer due to this being after the siren. If Schofield had kept his elbow down the issue would not have happened. Who is the victim? Obviously Schofield. Maybe Clarry is soft and should take up playing cricket.
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