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  1. Agreed. Time to bring our best and brightest home. Agree no ‘old boys’ but he is clearly talented. We need all the help we can get
  2. I also like Lever as a Captain. He seems understated and thoughtful, and I think we are far from seeing his best that he demonstrated at Adelaide. I have always respected Trent Cotchin as a player, as he is the person who I would imagine at Richmond does the right things when nobody’s watching. And his behaviors were accentuated by colleagues like Edwards and Grimes. In saying that, I am not sure we have a player to that level on our list.
  3. Yeah I don’t think that’s helpful. They are right, and I was horrified in seeing that. Not that it happened, but as they have correctly stated, it just keeps happening and exacerbates a known fault in our list profile. While I feel Healy isn’t necessarily the best commentator, Roos noted it as a learning opportunity and Lyon clearly has the passion and anger we all share. I welcome this focus and scrutiny. If we are to have any chance to change and improve in 2020, we need to realise what’s going wrong.
  4. At 5pm today, I would have taken a 16pt loss and the effort we showed. Now I just feel empty, because we gave that away. And don’t worry, Michael Christian will give Jetta a Nobel Peace Prize and a Happy Meal for that Smith tackle. No suspension there, my friends...
  5. Sydney appeared employ a lot of NRL tackling styles, which were fair and I wouldn’t have minded it if it was Preuss Almighty or Trac doing the same. It just added to the pride I felt watching the game that our boys, especially Clarry, got up and hurt them where it counts. The scoreboard.
  6. Glad that this has come up. Bruce is kinda a sacred cow when it comes to commentary, and probably justifiably so. Go listen to some of his early work. He is right up there with anyone else to do it (I’d put him up against Clinton Grybas and Anthony Hudson in that regard.) Unfortunately, whether deliberately or unintentionally, he has become a cheerleading shadow of his former self, and he clearly has favorites. Buddy is definitely one, of course Cyril and Poppy.. in fact, in retrospect, go listen again to the highlights of our game vs Hawthorn in the finals. His ongoing “gee that helps” commentary with every Hawthorn goal sounded like barracking. Oh and he commentates via questions to his co-commentators “gee, that was good play, eh?” I think he is almost close to making BT tolerable, and that says something...
  7. I am honestly floored by that Cunnington decision. He is a serial offender on that point, and it’s why I don’t think much of him as a player. If that’s what he thinks is physical play, he’s a pretty bad example for his younger team mates. I'm happy to cop the May ruling, it was careless and without malice, but he had priors. He should have known better, despite what did or didn’t happen. Hopefully this is like Lewis’s bad early run with us, since then he’s been a model citizen. Unfortunately, given this is an AFL and umpire related function of our game, the rules will always change. I thought we were going to be tough on punching? Guess not.
  8. I think that Infinity is a likely option. Given that their logo has disappeared from the 2019 polos to date, but were on the 2018 polo sleeves and also on the front (replacing IG until they extended their partnership recently) during the National Draft. I think its nutting out the length and dollars, and waiting for a good media opportunity. Whether its Infiniti, i don't know. The Infiniti black and white colour scheme would look great on the back, replacing the orange block of ISelect.
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