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  1. Margetts had a clear view of the Smith incident. Smith had clearly stopped playing & not expecting to be tackled. The tackler only needed to drag him down. He chose to pin the arms and slam his head into the ground. So is it bias, incompetence or very poor eyesight?
  2. About the bravest thing Rioli has ever done in a game. Vardy is only a placeholder for NicNat.
  3. Thanks. Out of interest, is that where South Melbourne home ground was located?
  4. Seem to be a lot of ovals around there regardless of the race track.
  5. Thoughts about the area behind Albert Park Lake. Scope for a bit of ' community facility development' there?
  6. Hore Frost Fritsch Salem Keilty Wagner Brayshaw Viney Jones Petracca TMac Melksham Hunt Smith Garlett Gawn Oliver Harmes I/C Preuss Baker Stretch Lockhart In: Preuss Baker Smith Out: Lewis Hibberd OMac
  7. 6 Melksham 5 Frost 4 Salem 3 Jones 2 Oliver 1 Hunt
  8. Interesting. Is this rule written somewhere? I'd like to read it.
  9. Have to disagree DubDee. The fact that dry areas are needed at all tells me different. Especially since I'm sure the caterers would prefer not to have them. I sit in a reserved seating dry area. I have seen enough over the years to know that policing of dry areas is lax at best. I know that the majority of drinkers don't cause trouble, but I also know families who don't go because they don't want to expose their kids to abusive, aggressive morons (drinkers or not).
  10. (Instigate trouble and get banned) + (retaliate and get banned) = less troublemakers and a better football experience. Also seems that bars at AFL games are exempt from responsible serving of alchohol regulations.
  11. 6 Harmes 5 Gawn 4 Hunt 3 Oliver 2 Hibberd 1 Petracca
  12. So Peter Jackson isn't that smart then?
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