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  1. 6 Viney 5 Lockhart 4 Frost 3 Oliver 2 Gawn 1 Smith
  2. Maybe you can remind them where that kid Rowell is going if Carlton finish last.
  3. I have never seen security at the MCG do much apart from stand around looking bored. I often wonder if they know, for example, what the MCG conditions of entry are. I'm sure that if security had been more proactive at all venues over the years there would be a lot less bad behaviour now.
  4. Well she had the option to go to Geelong when Hickey & Cranston did. She chose to re sign with us. That's loyal enough for me.
  5. Slightly off topic. See in the HS today a Richmond cheersquad member banned for calling an umpire a green maggot. Getting really precious now.
  6. Too bad this guy doesn't qualify. Looks fit enough.
  7. Saw him at a club function after he retired (remember Jimmy's fan summit?). Having a beer with Rod Grinter in the members.
  8. Margetts had a clear view of the Smith incident. Smith had clearly stopped playing & not expecting to be tackled. The tackler only needed to drag him down. He chose to pin the arms and slam his head into the ground. So is it bias, incompetence or very poor eyesight?
  9. About the bravest thing Rioli has ever done in a game. Vardy is only a placeholder for NicNat.
  10. Thanks. Out of interest, is that where South Melbourne home ground was located?
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