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  1. I thought it was just a given that Rowell and Anderson were picks 1 and 2, and green given he was an academy pick for gws was probably always going to end up there, so realistically it seems Jackson was the only player on the radar for us.
  2. Interesting it was only really between green and Jackson at pick 3, young and others weren't even mentioned
  3. AFL also later clarified that the contract of any free agent move must be paid out in full even if the player retired, this doesn't apply to any other contracts, it started with buddy but now applies to all free agents
  4. Think they just forgot some punctuation "To Hell and back?"
  5. Was always a long shot, at least better to happen now and not after we pick him up
  6. Not sure y we are so into this kid, under sized ruck by modern standards and not shown enough as a key fwd IMO and those are speculative enough as is with high picks, surely we need a player like Hayden Young more, hard to see any return on this kid inside the next 4 years
  7. To classy for us, we will surely draft another honest inside mid. I look fwd commenting in the to why didn’t we draft Hayden young threads of the future
  8. Watched some highlights the other week, a lot of no look get it down the field 50 meter kicks, I’d like us to draft the best player who can hit a target on the lead from 30 meters with a flat punt
  9. Garbo

    Jack Martin

    Indeed it does, but like Luke ball he could put a price of 1 million for 1 year, and have a hand shake to play for 400 the next 2
  10. So long as he doesn’t come on big money or cost anything much in picks, don’t see why not. At minimum he ads to our depth, might even find a spot, would be an upgrade on the Wagners or Anb who are still on our list and play senior games
  11. How many players still have a question mark at 26 years of age and turn it round. I think what we saw this year is as good as it gets for him.
  12. Tigers got pick after there 2nd which is as high as you can go without been a first round comp, gws get end of 2nd round which is lowest 2nd round comp you can get. Ladder position makes them similar picks in the end but the contacts is suspect would be significantly different, I’m guessing 3 years and high 300 - low 400 for Tomlinson based on that
  13. Elliot signed a 1 year deal last year in the middle of his injury issues, he would be on a very reduced wage atm, I would be surprised if Melbourne has offered him anything exceptional it’s mainly just the security of time my guess would be something in the 400-500 range dependant on certain mile stones being reached
  14. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2019/10/02/crow-and-lion-attracting-interest-from-sydney/ Reports Lewis Taylor is on the move, hopefully the dees are making enquires as well, he would be a handy pickup especially if Elliot decides not to leave pies for dees, wouldn’t cost much either I would think.
  15. There is so much throw it on the boot and get it fwd 50 meters at under 18 level, none of it tells us who can hit someone with a bullet kick at pace in traffic, something we sorely lack, from what I’ve seen and read Kemp is the best bet but he did an acl, given no one at Melbourne expected to have a pick 3 I wouldn’t be against a gamble on him.
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