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  1. Frost is a liability, as long as he is in best 22 we aren't going anywhere. Not to say he isn't in our best 22 however, just that if he is we wont be challenging for a flag.
  2. I remember watching him play a great game against us up in Canberra 2 years back, based on that I think he would be a great pickup, If it means one or both of the Wagners isn't playing it massive positive for to me
  3. The group playing for most of this year is effectively the same group that got top 4 last year. Clearly there are other factors at play, like the horrible off season and harder draw, plus other teams chasing us not the other way round. Our core team is still extremely inexperienced both in age and games we just need more time.
  4. I felt Jetta was on the decline even prior to his injury this year, I would be surprised if we went on after next year, we desperately need a small defender and a small fwd of quality
  5. You release we had 6 years of year on year improvement until this year, a league record. It was inevitable we would take a step back
  6. Jetta looks so far off atm, for a player who has been such a rock down back over the last 4 years or so it is disappointing. He looks slow and as such either giving away the free or just burned for pace, we basically playing a man down as a result. I know he isn't the only one down on form but we looked much better down back when he didn't play last week
  7. Don't agree with Shultz on all points but we do agree on the main one, Spargo is not quick people seem to always equate small with fast. he isn't slow just average
  8. Spargo offered nothing and was a late in for Lockhart anyway so that is the first charge I've been a supporter of Oscar for a long time thinking he just needed time, but last night he was diabolical, a witches hat would have been more effective. So for mine any one is an upgrade right now, Petty is the next KPD off the rack give him a few weeks till May is fit as he certainly can't be worse
  9. I hope everyone that said Jones was done, think about this next time
  10. Can we just celebrate the small victories we are no longer last on the ladder
  11. The bigger story is how Melbourne was not found guilty of tanking and simply bringing the game into disrepute given the evidence at hand which the AFL had the whole time. Clearly there was and are bigger things at play. If they lied on this you can just imagine what went on with the Essendon drugs saga
  12. Clark and bellchambers are both hopeless with the ball, let them play 2 like that if they want, it's to there own detriment
  13. It all started in the middle, gawn, gus, oliver and harmes were all beaten by there direct opponents. Until this is rectified everything else is window dressing. Unfortunately there no easy fix for that as that is our A team for the foreseeable future, Viney and Vanders when fit will help. Maybe we could use Trac in the middle more in the mean time or Salem who seems to be up and about. May in should help specifically against Hawkins this week, KK, Stretch, and Wagner should all in consideration to come in for 1 or both of Viney and Spargo as both could use a spell
  14. Time will be the proof if we got this one right, I felt we over paid for Melksham and Hibberd and let Watts go cheap at the time of those trades and am happy to say I have been proven wrong. I can only hope I feel the same about this in a year or 2. I would have liked to see us be involved in a few of these speculative trades like hawks have been with Scully or North with Hall
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