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  1. 1 bloke just played off in a GF and the other hasn’t been on the park for 3 years.
  2. Not a star but a very serviceable player who is very accurate in front of goal.
  3. Roughead, Nic Nat, Buddy, Josh Kennedy, Riewoldt are all fairly solid. In the last few years we have seen Ben King, Charlie Curnow, Harry McKay and Aaron Naughton.
  4. I believe this may have been the case a week ago as Green was a chance but not anymore from what I’ve heard
  5. Jackson Serong (hopefully still available) Anyone’s guess
  6. I wonder why he is sliding. I have seen him picked top 3 or 4 all year and now might slide to between 8-10. Serong looks like the other one who is sliding.
  7. Or take a chance with a kid who could be a once in a lifetime player.
  8. Buckenara knows nothing, he is not in the system anymore
  9. I have heard Jackson is a lock at 3 but pick 10 is well and truly open.
  10. You take the best player in the early picks, you don’t pick on positional needs. If the recruiters think he is the best player at 3, then pick him.
  11. Bennell is still very much a high risk and may not get on the park
  12. Jackson is in a completely different league in bball compared to Trac. Jackson was the best player for Australia in an under 17 competition
  13. Jackson has still got so much upside. The bloke was completely focused on bball up until age 16
  14. I think he is a ruck first and a 3rd tall forward. Very quick, athletic but not a great contested mark. Does add X factor
  15. Not sure he is getting picked for his kicking
  16. Weed was injured for most of his draft year and they are completely different players. I’ve heard today Jackson will be the one at 3.
  17. Trac is doing everything in his final year of contract to get his price up
  18. They also did it in groups and not all together I believe
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