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  1. I think you’ll find they will be Wednesday / Thursday.
  2. I agree that he won’t be Captain next year but on a list of 42 players there is a place for him.
  3. Of course you do. Players can re-invent themselves and Jones will do this.
  4. Agee, Some people really have no idea. Salem hits the contest as hard anyone and has beautiful skills.
  5. Jones will and deserves another year. People calling for his head are a disgrace!
  6. I have heard Petracca is unhappy and looking at his options. I cant see us letting him go. Trac seems like an emotional kid and I think as long as we improve next year, he’ll stay long term.
  7. My main issue with Jenkins is that he is a 6”5 half forward flanker. He does not play like a key forward.
  8. You really have no idea.
  9. Every club besides maybe Hawks, WC and Pies are propped up by the AFL
  10. I have heard he will be retiring
  11. It’s a complete beat up. Read the last line of the article, where it says every club that receives funding from the AFL presents to the commission on a rotating basis. I assume we are just there to plead our case to retain pick 2
  12. Lets hope we have good early season form then to capitalise on this
  13. The group hasn’t been there for 55 years
  14. A bad season and you jump off, what a fickle bunch we are. Stay strong, the sun will come up tomorrow and the pre-season training reports will get you excited again.
  15. I wasn’t having a go at him, he has been enormous this year but it was a very average game by his standards
  16. Gawn did not dominate. His worst game for the year
  17. Great news. I’m looking forward to watching him go around on Friday night. Hopefully we can bag a win for the last home game
  18. May also be the reason why we have been linked to Keath from Adelaide
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