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  1. Geelong kicked 7 goals for the game, the backline did a pretty good job. Why would you replace any of them? give smith a chance, hr has played 2 games.
  2. They definitely won’t let Melb in, I dare say they may Freo to fly in and out
  3. We will just get to play them in Melb now.
  4. Why are screwed? We don’t have to travel and the tigers are struggling. Not a bad time to get them
  5. I’m with you, some of our supporters are a disgrace.
  6. What a surprise Gary Lyon being negative about Melbourne. All time [censored]!
  7. Hogan has done nothing at Freo and seems a shadow of his former self
  8. πŸ˜†πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ Oliver - backwards? Are you kidding me Lever - has played 6 games in 2 years Fritsch - When exactly had he gone forwards Jetta is getting older and was bound to slow down. T Mac had his best year under Goodwin
  9. TMac just needs to stay deeper and make a contest and let the smalls get to work. Kozzi and Trac look so dangerous
  10. This is a complete rubbish view. Every club in the land will be fundraising after the events of this year. There is no way the club could have been prepared for the events of this year.
  11. I just purchased a jumper, doing my garage up into a man cave and the jumper will look great In there
  12. Out of interest what does that cost?
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