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  1. He will just miss the Hawks I’d say
  2. Rubbish. Surely our history on giving up on seasons has never really helped us. They need to show something for the rest of the season.
  3. Brayshaw is a point of difference, outside skill and pace which we have very little of and you want to trade him. God give me strength
  4. Yeah let’s trade a kid who is a gun for 2 developing players who might be guns or duds.
  5. I have 2 spare tkts for tonight’s game. Level 1 Ponsford stand. Free to good home. DM if interested.
  6. Flick SEN back on tomorrow and watch all footy shows again.
  7. Surely the players take responsibility for not coming back in the shape. I’m sure they were given clear instructions on what they needed to do. The clubs don’t need to baby the players, they are professional athletes. This falls on the players. In saying that I don’t think the story is 100% accurate. Roos has had an agenda for a long time about having more access to players and this just gave him another opportunity to push this point.
  8. Not sure it will happen but I like your thinking. Surely they have to throw things around a little
  9. He is a running machine, they could do a lot worse.
  10. I was feeling the same way yesterday but I’ll be heading to the G. The night is a great event and hopefully they put in more of an effort It willl be a very satisfying victory if we can get over the line.
  11. Who knew we had a fortune teller in our midst. When you get a chance do you mind letting me know the lotto numbers and who will win this years Melb Cup?
  12. Shuffling deck chairs. Replacing fringe players with fringe players.
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