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  1. Absolutely!!!!! What a bunch of grubs.
  2. Watching the Goodes doco and it is very sad what he had to go through.
  3. Personal opinion is that a bigger mid is a much better option than the smaller option. I think Anderson is nearly 190cm and is a goal kicker. Rowell from what I have seen is more inside which I think we have enough of.
  4. The kid is in his 1st season, give him a break
  5. I understand your sentiment but you are not recruiting players such as Jenkins on 800k a year as depth players. Your depth players need to be developed and I believe kids are the best approach here. Having T Mac and Weed both injured is unlucky.
  6. I’m not sure who will be available come the end of the season but getting C graders is not going to do anything to improve us except clog up the list. T Mac back in form and another pre- season into Weeds will make a massive difference.
  7. Jenkins is still under contract and Casboult is a liability.
  8. Kelly is worth more than Hill
  9. Silly season has begun! 🤦🏼‍♂️
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