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  1. Trac is doing everything in his final year of contract to get his price up
  2. They also did it in groups and not all together I believe
  3. Why is it alarming, some players are faster than others so no big deal.
  4. None as good as Young. If GC didn’t have the 1st 2 picks, Young would be in the discussion to be taken at 2
  5. I’m sure between the other 7 they can cover it.
  6. In fairness all these blokes were picked at 40 plus or on a rookie contract, so this list means absolutely nothing.
  7. Talent will take you many places and he would be the 3rd forward not the main man
  8. I disagree with the fact we don’t need a ruckman. Having someone develop under Maxy could only benefit a kid, particularly when he can play more forward than ruck. I wouldn’t take him at 3 because I think Young is a lock but I would definitely take him at 8 if available.
  9. Sam Frost can’t play forward or hit the side of a barn
  10. Maybe this is what we are angling for with the talk of Jackson, trying to get Freo to bite.
  11. We won’t get him even if we bid. Champion data’s rankings are usually rubbish. Caleb Daniel was ranked 1 from memory in his draft year
  12. Not sure I agree with that. serong is a gun! If he is available at 8, it would be a steal.
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