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  1. Doubt anybody’s in need however Telstra have released 50% off Tickets for the Semi-Finals this Friday and Saturday night. Friday 14 September 2018 Hawthorn vs Melbourne 7:50 PM Category 6 $25.00 Category 7 $17.50 https://www.telstra.com.au/thanks/sport/afl?access_token=Zi2iainKvFQX7VTH7QpnEwslqm21
  2. Got lucky clicked at 8:52, Chrome Browser, 8:55 Mobile Phone.... still spinning Mate at work clicked 8:58 boom in....
  3. May have been mentioned but first I've heard.... source claims CP5 and family (namely mother) not entirely happy with club at the moment, specifically handling of finger injury, doctor appears to have not realized the seriousness of the issue, mother had to step in and then eventually rushing back into side...
  4. I posted this a while back and respect that is was deleted so disappointed it’s surfaced
  5. Source hinted at Brayshaw but not as reliable as last year
  6. Can't wait for this guy to be captain. Jack was a guest of my sisters for Stakes day along with Jesse, Christian and a couple of the Geelong boys. She speaks highly of Jack. He arrived 15 minuets early for any interviews, got involved with everything that was asked of him and then sent her a thank you message the following day. Just a straight up professional.
  7. Rockcliff meet with Roos last year to talk about his future and football in general. He walked away ultra impressed with Roos and the MFC. Unlike others here I won't be surprised when we pick up Tom.
  8. Doubt we will get this early sorry guys, sightly larger ramifications
  9. Weideman came in for Dawes and nearly did the week beforehand against Gold Coast
  10. Are these the links you're after? NAB: Power v Demons Q1 NAB: Power v Demons Q2 NAB: Power v Demons Q3 NAB: Power v Demons Q4
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