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  1. As i put above put into youtube fallon fox mma fight even the opponent said that it was the hardest punch she ever got. Another point one of the williams girls played a man that was barely inside the top 200 tennis players they played a few sets and he won absolutely no contest i rest my case
  2. While i respect that you have an opinion what i will point out is that in the states in a pro mma circuit a trans "women" has been doing the rounds for a while and has been MANhandling (yes pun is intended) women not beating them by any skill just pure strength. I am not denying their humanity by stating that sort of thing should not be taking place they are suffering from a mental health issue which i do sympathise this. As a matter of fact i wish all trans and gender fluid people god speed in whatever it is that they choose to do to hopefully live a happy life. A big survey was done in the states of 1000 men and women throwing a baseball just average joes no athletes and only 2 women threw faster than the slowest men this is why we have mens leagues and womens league it is a simple biological fact that men are stronger.
  3. Thank god most people here are not buying into this pc rubbish. If he/she wants to identify as a women thats fine but to say we all have to change facts and warp reality to make her feewings better is rubbish. I guarantee if the aflw had an anonymous survey to the women if they are comfortable with a bloke playing a vast majority would say no. I do find it interesting that none of the aflw players have made any sort of statement about this.
  4. Anyone started the delist and trade thread yet?
  5. Anyone started the delist and trade thread yet?
  6. My last few games all humiliating losses essendons vfl side then 3 st kilda losses the sydney loss this year and now yesterdays. Bloody frustrating but losses like these show why the rebuild isnt fully complete and why there is still plenty of work to do but it will come together soon.
  7. Not ideal but managable lets kill em this qrt dees
  8. Yeh they stuffed jayden up. I saw someone in the community on the custom players tab make a much closer version
  9. Gday guys love your work am now a regular listener. I have a question for jayden Just wanted to know his thoughts on the new afl game. I thought they did not make him anywere near fast enough.
  10. Is anyone still playing ive been puttin a bit of time into online multiplayer and currently sit 73rd overall. Since the first update it has improved a bit the next patch will be out in the next week or so
  11. When was the last time we won a game without nathan jones?
  12. Online is quite frustrating if you get a few goals up people just have a sook and quit the game and you dont even get a win for it. I tried the be a pro mode i never have the ball passed to me even when i call for it. Unfortunately being a small studio they just wouldnt have the funds to make an nba or fifa like quality game the market would be very limited to mostly victoria and wouldnt get any overseas attention. Overall im happy with it but the original they did for ps3 is my favorite
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