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  1. Well as Melbourne supporters, we will be put out of our misery 10 minutes earlier.
  2. Nope, I was listening to Nirvana when that poor excuse for a song came out.
  3. I had to turn the live stream off to de-cringe from the music.
  4. Game day hey, I wonder if Willie packs some munchies for half time.
  5. He must be off the drugs, good on him.
  6. No, I will not be a member next year. The way I look at it is if I performed as bad at my job as this club has this year, I would be fired. So I don't see the obligation of supporting them next year. Earlier this year, I was thinking of getting out of Melbourne for the winter but the only thing that stopped me was the MFC being premiership contenders. I only had a 3 game membership this year and I was thinking about how many general admission tickets I would have to buy to see all the games that I would want to go to. Well in hindsight I made the right decision because I dragged myself to the MCG on Friday night to use up the 3rd game on my membership. I've already given my boss a resignation date in March next year and will buy a few Lonely Planet books in the coming weeks. Thus said, I hope next year to be somewhere on the other side of the world and here that the Dees are doing well.
  7. I'm starting to think Pert's another Trojan Horse given to us by The Filth like Dawes and the Prince.
  8. Speaking of the Beatles, maybe the players listen to Helter Skelter before playing games.
  9. Surely the AFL has fudged the 23,000 attendance for tonight's game. No way was the MCG 1/4 filled tonight.
  10. I left the game at half time and went home. If the players don't care then neither shall I. No membership next year, I'm going travelling instead.
  11. The Melbourne problem is the players and coach are all smoking out of the same bong.
  12. It looks like he's learning fast too. I'm looking forward to watching his development.
  13. I just popped in here to see if it's worth turning the TV on, thanks for saving me from a miserable afternoon guys.
  14. Even though we won, I'm still disgusted. That was a pyrrhic victory.
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