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  1. He looks porky, but that is just because he has a massive rugby chest, no worries about his shape
  2. Well i believe he is going to try train for the Xavier College 1sts, if not Oekleigh Chargers. He is a natural athlete, with amazing power and strength and can run like the wind. All i can say i think he will be a very promising player and I will make sure to go watch him play every week and keep you updated.
  3. Ive seen this boy play rugby and gee its excited, could be an absolute monster at the break down
  4. If they will be half as good as theyre dad ill be happy )
  5. Hey Demon fans, ive heard alot of talk from my son and his friends that Garry Lyons youngest son, Josh, has decided to have a crack at footy. At what I have seen, He is an amazing athlete, representing Victoria Numerous times for Rugby Union, Junior Rebels program, and have heard he is a natural at footy. Lets hope all goes well and ends up like his father !!
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